AVS Firewall Software


AVS Firewall is a specialized third-party security software solution that enables users to control the access to and from their computer while also helping them to get rid of various banners and pop-up elements while browsing the Internet or using applications that have embedded advertisements in their interface.

The application provides users with all the components they need to secure, protect, create profiles and rules, monitor their connections, control their PC status, view the history of connections or attempted connections and adjust the security level depending on the user’s needs.


AVS Firewall Picture

AVS Firewall¬†enables users to protect their computer against various unauthorized access attempts such as hacker attacks or severe malware threats. As mentioned above, users can adjust the app’s security level to their needs in order to be more or less restrictive with their computers or connections, protecting it from malware effectively. Rules can be defined individually for each application and users can specify precisely which connection should be used and when.

AVS Firewall enables the end users to control their external and internal traffic as well and provides them with notifications every time an event occurs. Programs that try to connect to the Internet from the computer this app is installed on are detected automatically and notifies the users about the attempts. Logs that keep the history of all the attempted connections can be accessed, as well.

AVS Firewall is not only a full-featured firewall but provides additional features to protect your privacy against attackers. Prevent that tracking services on web sites analyze your surfing habits. The firewall prevents calls to statistics and analysis services on Internet pages, which log the user behavior in the background.

System requirements

  • Processor: Intel / AMD compatible at 1500 MHz or higher
  • Administrative permissions for program installation and activation
  • Internet connection to activate
  • Sound card
  • 512MB RAM




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