Top 10 Best Benchmark Software For PC

The Benchmark software can check the performance of the PC no matter about your pc is new or old. The Windows benchmarking tools allow you to assess whether your system runs poorly or has above-par performance. In fact, a good PC benchmark app can tell you about the rank as well as the performance level of your system. Most of the benchmark apps allow configuring the hardware changes through it without any issue. Through a benchmark app, you can easily tweak the hardware to make a big difference in many ways.

In this tutorial, we are having some of the best benchmark software for the PC. You can use these system performance test tools to know more about your system as well as to tweak system performance.

10 Benchmark software


Novabench is a free PC benchmark software to quickly test the system. Anyone can easily use it know as well as compare the performance of your system with others. Performing tests in minutes, the tool is quick to run and give optimum results. Starting from GPU and CPU tests, the tool offers Direct3D 11/Metal graphics with OpenCL compute test. With the comprehensive tests, the Novabench GPU benchmarking software also performs memory transfer speed with the disk read as well as write speed.

Download Novabench

Unigine suite

The Unigine suite has been the go-to benchmarking software for graphics cards for years. If, for example, an overindulgent overclock has the possibility to damage your GPU over the long run, Unigine engines will make sure they benchmark and stress-test the GPU to ensure maximum performance and stability. It also allows users to test varying degrees of detail, so any GPU—budget or otherwise—can be tested using the software.

Download Unigine Suite

PCMark 10

PCMark 10 comes with a comprehensive set of tests. Each of them covers a wide variety of tasks to give you a detailed report of your system. A great CPU benchmark software for beginners and moderate Windows users. PCMark 10 comes with industry-standard PC performance coming with relevant tests, which reflect the demands of modern work.

Easy to install and run coming with no sort of complicated configuration, the tool comes with great features. It allows you to know about the system performance both for modern office as well as for home users. Overcome the dilemma of choosing whether Accelerated or Conventional benchmarking mode used in PCMark 8 with PCMark 10. The new and improved working of the benchmarking test takes about half the time of PCMark 8.

Download PCMark 10


Sisoftware is an information and diagnostic utility for Windows users. It is capable of providing diverse kinds of useful information and details about your system’s hardware. Evaluate the speed of your hard drive, removable storage as well as file storage of your computer through the tool. With the benchmarking tool, you can easily know whether you have over-clocked your desktop or laptop. Use the tool to confirm and know your system is working correctly or not.

Run the benchmarking tool for knowing the difference in the speed as well as the performance of the system after the upgrade. The regular checks and benchmarks from the tool allow the user to reduce strain on the system.

Download SiSoftware


CPU-Z is a freeware CPU benchmarking tool for your system allowing you to know significant details of the system. Know about processor name and number, codename, process, package, cache levels with the tool. The details regarding the mainboard and chipset are also available as well through the help of this tool.

Download CPU-Z


RealBench is another example of real-world CPU benchmarking. It uses four tests, all involving rendering in some capacity: Image Editing, H.264 Video Encoding, OpenCL, and Heavy Multitasking.

You can upload your findings to the RealBench website to compare where you stand with other benchmarked hardware configurations. Possibly the best aspect of RealBench is that it simulates a regular course load; no stress testing to push your CPU to the max in order to gauge its performance. Although, of course, stress testing is also an available feature in RealBench.

Download Realbench


Serving as an all-in-one tool for benchmarking, 3DMark allows you to find the right test for your PC. Scanning your hardware automatically as well as it recommends the best PC benchmark for the system, perform the right test every time. You can choose the tests that you want to install and access the tests that you want. The benchmark tool gives detailed charts showing you the CPU temperature, clock speed, and frame rate.

Explore your PC performance limit and changes the resolution as well as quality settings to make the benchmarks more as well as less demanding. Recommending you the best GPU benchmark software for your system, you can easily compare scores with other Windows as well as other devices.

Download 3DMark

MSI Afterburner

Not exclusive to MSI graphics cards, MSI Afterburner is the best live monitoring GPU tool around. Afterburner allows users to overclock and monitor their software in one program.

It tracks every parameter you need to chart graphics card parameters: clock speed, temperature, RAM usage, fan speed, and CPU usage (by core). You can also save and activate overclock profiles at startup, so you’ll always be overclocked at the outset.

Download MSI Afterburner


FutureMark provides high quality benchmarking tool for your GPU. Downloadable through Steam, you can use a free demo version of 3DMark’s paid software.

The 3DMark Basic Edition, equipped with the DirectX 12 benchmark Time Spy, should more than meet your needs. 3DMark scores are also some of the best indicators of GPU performance around.

Download Futuremark


Piriform’s Speccy is a nifty little system information utility. Its mission is to collect and display more detailed information about your hardware and its performance than is offered by Windows, even the latest versions. It shows the brand, model, version, driver, file, location, capacity, operating condition, and other data about your system’s CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphics card, disk drives, optical drives, audio, peripherals, network, and operating system. It even displays the temperature of compatible hardware.

Download Speccy

These are the Best Benchmark Software for Windows

It is important to access hardware performance in order to if you see any system lag or decay in performance. Anyone can use the CPU and GPU benchmarking software for Windows to get an idea about the system’s performance of the system. Through the help of a good PC benchmark software, one can know the shortcomings of the system. Gauge hardware performance without any trouble through the benchmark tools. A simple GPU & CPU test over the system once in a while is important. Get the best in your performance as well as in the final benchmark score with these tools.


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