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WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software Driver For Windows

Jul 23,2019 - Broadcom Corporation (Free)

3.97 MB (Safe & Secure)

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software is a driver management utility that will provide the basic driver support for various devices on your PC and laptop. This software package is known as one of the best ways to reliably update your PC with the latest stable drivers for a wide array of OEM Bluetooth devices.

This software  your Windows OS has not managed to automatically install stable Bluetooth drivers (which is an occurrence that can commonly happen with various obscure Bluetooth items who in some cases carry no official branding or are intentionally sold by scammers without branding and easy driver support), then WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software should be one of your first steps in trying to make those devices functional.

Connecting devices without having to hook them up with wires and through various hardware gimmicks usually mean establishing wireless technologies like Bluetooth, which is quite common especially when it comes to mobile phones.

Computers and peripherals can also be controlled through wireless connections, but in order to achieve that, a dedicated utility is a must-have. WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software is one such tool that aims to provide a means of attaining the goal of interlinking various devices on the fly.

This utility will enable wireless connection between devices with regards to cell phones. PCs and peripherals. Designing the Bluetooth association and different settings can be effortlessly done because of the committed wizard that shows an arrangement of guidelines to manage you through the entire procedure.

In the sphere of wireless networking, Bluetooth is among the technologies that you’re very likely to come across. On the flip side, Bluetooth was meant for portable equipment and associated applications. Intended to be utilized with USB or worked in connectors, this program will encourage the information exchange between two PCs or a PC and a cell phone, for instance.

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software Download For Windows

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software Benefits

Works with both adapters and USB-compatible devices

Designed to be used with USB or built-in adapters, this program will facilitate the data transfer between two PCs or a PC and a mobile phone, for example. What it actually does is download and install the appropriate Bluetooth software for a connected device.

As soon as you start it, WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software will try to recognize the adapter if it is turned on, validate it, then it begins the procedure that retrieves the appropriate software and installs it onto the computer.

Quick and painless configuration

Once all the setup finishes, you may have to reboot the system in order to be able to use all the features of the software. Configuring the Bluetooth connection and other settings can be easily done thanks to the dedicated wizard that displays a set of instructions to guide you through the whole process.

With all the settings adjusted properly, you can now transfer files between any devices that can be interconnected via Bluetooth. There are several applications you can use if you simply go to the installation folder of this Bluetooth Software.

Installation and Use

This software comes in a single installation package created and updated by Broadcom, carrying inside of itself both control utility and a wide array of drivers for an incredible number of supported Bluetooth devices, wireless communication protocols, codecs, and services. WIDCOMM Bluetooth Program can handle all sorts of Bluetooth devices, including wireless adapters, audio headsets, game controllers, input devices, wireless microphones, and many other Bluetooth-powered peripherals.

Upon starting this app, it will immediately scan your space with an active Bluetooth adapter, and try to establish a connection and pair with any discovered device. The entire procedure is automatic and consists of four separate steps, all showcased with their own workload bar like Detecting of Bluetooth Device, Validate Bluetooth Device, Download Bluetooth Software and Install Bluetooth Software. Upon the successful installation, you will be required to reboot your system once to take full advantage of all the newly-installed Bluetooth features.

The simplicity of this approach can be especially useful when trying to establish a wireless data connection between PCs (desktop or laptop) and modern mobile devices. While the transfer speed of Bluetooth technology is not fast, it can save you a lot of time and troubleshooting that is often required to enable tethered data connection. Also, many users today prefer cable-free experience.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Freedom from cables Limited range of some devices
Interaction between a wide range of devices Potential interference if devices are too close together

System Requirements

Bluetooth Device USB plug-in Bluetooth wireless adapter

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software Features

  • Single-click solution for adding Bluetooth functionality to PCs.
  • The easiest way to detect Bluetooth devices and make them fully functional.
  • Optimized for use on all modern Windows OS, both on desktops and laptops.
  • Support for all types of Bluetooth devices including headsets, game controllers, microphones, and more.
  • Establish a wireless data connection with the mobile device in seconds.
  • Regularly updated with the newest drivers.
  • 100% FREE

Device Information

Screenshots of WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software

  • BlueSoleil
  • GNOME Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Stack Switcher
  • Toothpicks
  • Blueman
  • Blueberry

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software Overview

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software For PC

Technical Specification

File Size 3.97 MB
Languages English,Italian,French,Spanish,Polish,Chinese,German,Japanese
License Freeware
Developer Broadcom Corporation


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