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Jul 23,2019 - Planner 5D UAB (Free)

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Planner 5D is a simple to use app that enables anyone to create beautiful and realistic interior and exterior designs in 2D and 3D modes. Moving into a new house can be quite an enthralling experience since you have the possibility of giving it exactly the feel you image would best fit your personality. And while there are professionals who can do that for you, it never hurts to come up with your own suggestions.

An application such as Planner 5D is for Home & Interior Design which offers you to help in this regard, enabling you to create eye-catching designs you could use as a starting point for your own home.

Planner 5D Download For PC

Planner 5D Home & Interior Benefits

Fun and approachable home designer

You need to know that this is a Store app addressed exclusively at Windows 10 computers, so you should not try to run it on any other OS version.

Other than that, there is no need to worry, since the program comes with an approachable user interface that lets you explore your design skills.

Packs a rich set of interior and exterior design items

The program provides you with a rich library you can browse through in order to find out what your home would look like in a multitude of scenarios.

The program includes a rich library letting you customize both the interior and exterior of a home whose rooms you get to adjust to your own liking and visualize both in 2D and 3D.

You can exercise your imagination and choose the windows, doors, partitions, stairs, columns, gates, fences, and roofs that seem to resemble the ideal you have in mind.

Lets you set the mood of the rooms as well

As for the interior, all sorts of furniture can be selected, with beds, tables, chairs, curtains, blinds, rugs of all shapes and sizes is available. Even electrical appliances, toys, plants, musical instruments, and people can be added to your simulation in order to make it look as realistic as possible and inspire you in your design quest.

Regarding the exterior, plants, pools, garages, and more can personalize your project, with the number of choices being quite admirable.

In any case, once you consider your project complete, you can take a snapshot and store it in case you want to explore it later on. What’s more, you can save it to your PC as an image.

Intuitive Store app packing a rich catalog

On an ending note, Home & Interior Designer software is a fun tool for users who want to start materializing their architectural ideas. This software acknowledges users to create great simulations, providing you with a generous toolset.

Stunning Steps to Create Home Design

Layout & Design

Use the 2D mode to create floor plans and design layouts with furniture and other home items, or switch to 3D to explore and edit your design from any angle.

Layout & Design

Furnish & Edit

Edit colors, patterns, and materials to create unique furniture, walls, floors and more – even adjust item sizes to find the perfect fit.

Furnish & Edit

Visualize & Share

Use the Snapshots feature to capture your design as a realistic image this adds shadows, lighting, and rich colors to make your work look like a photograph.

Visualize & Share

Planner 5D Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
This software is free to download. It does not contain as many features as more advanced design programs.
Two and three-dimensional views provide a more thorough design perspective. This software is necessary to purchase the complete package in order to download additional items.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10 OS is required for this software
Touch Integrated Touch
Equipment’s Keyboard and Mouse
Version Version  11 of DirectX
Internal Memory 2GB RAM is required for this software
Hard disk space 1 GB Disk space is required.

Planner 5D Features

HD Visualizations
Use the Snapshots feature to capture your design as a realistic image this adds shadows, lighting, and rich colors to make your work look like a photograph.
2D/3D Modes

Experiment with both 2D and 3D views as you design from various angles. Arrange, edit and apply custom surfaces and materials.

4000+ Item Catalog

Explore our project gallery and browse our content. We have something great in store for everyone in our user-generated library.

Item Editing

Apply custom colors, patterns and materials to furniture, walls, and floors to fit your interior design style.


Be a part of a growing community. Upload and customize projects. Get inspired by designs created by other users.

Planner 5D Kitchens

Screenshots of Planner 5d Home And Interior Design

Official Video Intro Planner 5D Interior Design

Video Preview of Planner 5D for Windows

Planner 5D Home Design Software FAQs

How do I export a 5D Planner?

Exporting Projects to PDF (Web) Print
  1. Open the project you wish to have as a PDF file;
  2. Zoom in/out so everything that you wish to have in your file is visible;
  3. Click Share -> Print;
  4. You’ll get a new page with the plan. …
  5. In the system pop up choose Save to PDF instead of actually printing the image.


What is Planner 5D used for?

Planner 5D is a tool that lets you design your own apartment, office or any other room in a simple-to-use app and experience your dream interior through virtual reality.


How do I change room size in 5D Planner?

To change dimensions of an object (a door, window or furniture) you need to tap on it, pick Edit -> Size and set an appropriate width, depth and height. Just like that with a couple of clicks, you’re already creating your own, unique design!


Why is Planner 5D important to interior design?

Because Planner 5D encourages students to think creatively about the way they tackle real-world issues, it helps develop their problem-solving abilities, together with cognitive skills such as a spatial awareness. Planner 5D brings students together to work on project-based activities that produce real results.


How do I delete a room in Planner 5D?

Any room can be easily deleted. Just pick the room you wish to delete and click the right mouse button in the centre of it. Then choose the Delete option.


Planner 5D Home And Interior Design Overview

Planner 5D Home Design Software

Planner 5D App Download

Technical Specifications

Title Planner 5D Home & Interior Design For Windows
File Size 1 GB
Requirements Windows 10, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2008 64-bit, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows 9x, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 2012, Windows 2008, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit
Language English
Available Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Freeware
Date added Wednesday, August 22th,2018
Developer Planner 5D UAB


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