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Teen Patti Gold Free Chips, Extra Bonus And Other Features Review

Apr 29,2022 - Moonfrog (Free)

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Teen Patti Gold is developed and launched by Moonfrog Lab, which is aimed at Indian mobile gamers. The availability of languages (Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi) and the number of game mode variations are what make this game so exciting.

The 3 Patti Gold game is available for Android and iOS devices to download and install. It runs smoothly over any data connection and looks great on 2G.

3 Patti Gold is the ideal choice if you want to experience Teen Patti in a way you’ve never experienced before.

We can play poker with Teen Patti Gold, a card classic that is unquestionably one of the most popular in the post-Internet era. We also have some less well-known poker games or variations (like AK47).

The application is excellent, but it is not available in Spanish. We can use Facebook to log in. Furthermore, I recommend it because they will give you a number of coins that will help you get started in the game. They will not post anything on Facebook without your permission, nor will they use your data, because that is not your source of income.

Well, playing poker in a social setting If we want to talk to the other people at the table, we have a conversation. Fortunately (or unfortunately for some), we can write anything other than the predefined messages that the application marks us with. As a consumer of this type of game, this feature is not much appreciated because people are frequently distracted by chatting, causing the game to slow down.

A game, whether it’s Poker or something else, must be played with ease. VIP and private tables are available. We can send gifts to other participants, add people as friends, invite people to the table, block or send private messages, as is customary in these types of applications. Other types of tables become available as we progress through the levels, as do others that use a more powerful currency (that is, with more money). On the other hand, we can set up private tables for playing with friends. We will determine the minimum amount to play as well as all other options.

teen patti gold

Teen Patti Gold Features

Enjoy 3 Patti gold game free for pc with real players from around the world. Play with anyone, anytime, anywhere in your language.

  • You can play in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and Telugu. All in the same game.
  • More teen patti gold free chips and Free to play
  • Teen Patti gold free download and get 1,00,000 chips FREE.
  • High Daily Reward: Get up to 1 Lakh (1,00,000) free chips every day.
  • More free bonuses than any other game.
  • Play live with real players from around the world, anytime, anywhere in the language of your choice.

Variety Of Card Games

Teen Patti Gold allows you to play card games online free with your friends. You can play in your language Choose between English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, and Telugu.

Variations: Play 3rd Card Joker, Muflis, AK47, Hukam, Royal variations. More variations are added regularly.

The new interface is easier than ever: Teen Patti has never looked this good. Stylish and immersive gameplay. Chat and Gift: Fast chat and exciting gifts make the game lots of fun with other players.

Private Room: Play with your friends in the privacy of your own table. Works smoothly even on a slow Internet connection. Teen Patti Gold works on any data connection or WiFi. Yes. It works great even on 2G. No Real Money is involved. Learn how to increase your internet speed.

Play Poker, Desi Style: Teen Patti Gold is an Indian version of Poker played with 3 cards, and is also known as Flash or Flush. A Teen Patti table can have up to 5 players. Winning depends on your cards and moves.

Ranking of the cards from high to low are:

  1. Trail or Set (three of the same rank)
  2. Pure Sequence (straight flush or run)
  3. Sequence (straight or run)
  4. Color (flush)
  5. Pair (two cards of the same rank)
  6. High Card

How to Win Teen Patti Gold Extra Bonus?

Teen Patti Nights: 3 Patti gold extra bonus free to win 1 Lakh chip if you are among the top weekly winners. Play a private table and the top 10 players with the most numbers of games played every week will get 1 lakh chip + 20% extra bonus on all deposits next week.

 Welcome Bonus:- Enjoy 2 welcome bonuses on your 1st and 2nd-time registration. Get a 100% welcome bonus up to 1 Lack on your first login. Get a 200% welcome bonus up to 2 Lack on your second login. You can get more on 1st registration, we will provide a lucky draw coupon and select one lucky winner and give a gold coin. Hurry up, it’s a limited day offer, and grabs the deal now.

Refer and Earn:- Send refers code to any Facebook, or Whatsapp friends and relatives, if your friends and relatives download an app with your referral code. The worth of 5 Lack chips will be credited to your account. Thereafter, every 4 hours 10,000,  bonus chips automatically released to your account. October festive bonus also goes into your account. If you win a game from 16th to 19th Oct, you will get the amazing offer of the festive month 1 CR free chips for playing the game on a daily basis.

Lucky daily winner:- Lucky daily winner offer, here is another chance to get free chips on a daily basis, this is only for our regular customer. With this offer, we provide daily basic free chips to play the game with an attractive bonus and reward. Become a millionaire by playing regular online 3 Patti game and win life 1 CR free chips weekly.

Note:- A player can be a winner in any one category at a time. If a player wins more than one category, best of all will be chosen. A player can be a winner in either one category, then the next level or second category winning chances is more. Management reserves the right to disqualify any player from the winners list at any time if any suspicious activity, is found and the decision will remain final.

Some Other Useful Tips To Win More In Teen Patti Gold

In India, nothing beats Teen Patti card game in terms of popularity. Every other Indian plays the card game at least periodically, at parties or on special events such as Diwali. With the digitalization of teen patti gold online, an increasing number of players are resorting to the game to keep themselves interested and profitable.

Whether you are an expert or a newcomer to the game, you will need a solid plan and execution to outperform your opponents and win large. Sounds tricky, doesn’t it? Not if you use the tried-and-true tactics we’ve listed for you.

1. Play with small: For maximum winnings, give yourself a long run when playing teen patti real cash. Begin with small wagers and progressively increase your stakes. This will let you to increase your bankroll and play more hands. Simply said, the more hands you play, the better your odds of winning. The approach works well for both experienced players and newcomers, keeping them from depleting their bankroll in a matter of a few hands. Raise your best only once you’ve gained control of the situation.

2. Don’t underestimate your cards: There are no bad cards in Teen Patti game. It’s an engaging game in which you must guess the cards of your opponents. Players frequently act rashly, folding or boosting bets at the drop of a hat. Every now and again, you’ll see a player fold even if they have a better hand than you. Here’s your chance to win a hand even if your cards are weak.

3. Play blind: Blind is Teen Patti’s real charm. It’s a wager made without seeing your cards. Make as many blind bets as your bankroll and judgement will allow. When you accomplish this, you raise the stakes for all of your teammates. When the stakes are high, players allow their emotions to overwhelm their decisions, making them easier to interpret. Those who have a bad hand are more likely to fold, leaving the table open for players who have a good hand.

You can now place additional bets in a more convenient and secure manner. If table limits are low or hands begin with minimal wagers, the blind bet has little impact on your bankroll. More information on the ENV Media study on blind bets in Teen Patti may be found here.

4. Play with no emotions: In Teen Patti online game, being predictable reduces your chances. Your teammates are quick to notice patterns in the way you play your game. Assume you have a horrible tendency of giving up too soon with bad cards and raising the stakes when you get a good hand. Competitors will find it out as the game progresses, denying you the advantage. Teen Patti’s golden rule is to remain enigmatic and ready to spring a surprise.

5. Keep an eye on the game even if you fold: Too often, players will fold a bad hand too quickly and divert their attention to something else. That’s understandable given that they have no stakes in the game to keep them interested. However, it is a poor strategy that prevents them from gaining an advantage. When you remain vigilant even after you have surrendered your cards, you tend to gain awareness of your competitors’ style of play. The cues gained thus aid in improved strategy for better rewards. More information regarding the study can be found at ENV Media.

6. Take advantage of bonuses: Online Teen Patti casinos offer casino bonuses to entice players. According to, bonuses are free cash and other money-saving incentives that tempt you to play Teen Patti at a specific casino. They can be Cashable, Sticky, or Clear Play Bonuses. You can cash out the cashable bonuses, which explains the name. You cannot cash out the sticky bonuses, but you can save them to play for longer in the hopes of winning big. You can cash out the Clear Play bonuses at any time, regardless of whether you complete the minimum T&C. Take advantage of bonuses to reduce your betting costs and enjoy a longer run at Teen Patti.

7. Practice makes a man perfect: Teen Patti is no stroll in the park. To make money, you must outperform your opponents with your ingenuity, talents, and confidence. There is little doubt that these qualities develop with practice. The more you practice, the more you will improve your game awareness, strategy, and execution. Remember the old adage, “practice makes perfect.” It’s time to put it to use for Teen Patti’s benefit. Make the most of the free Teen Patti online games at to keep yourself entertained.

Teen Patti Gold Rules from Developers MoonFrog:

  • Ante (Boot): Ante or the boot amount that must be paid by all the players that are playing before they are dealt with the cards. This amount is equal to the minimum bet that the game allows.
  • Blind: In Teen Patti Poker, a player can either look at his card or play blind without looking. The person betting blind will pay only half the amount of what a person bet who has seen his cards. There is a limit on how many turns you can bet while staying blind. It all depends on the stack size of the table. After that limit, the person is forced to see his cards.
  • Chaal (Call): The amount that is paid by the players who have seen their cards.
  • Fold (Pack): A player can fold his cards if he thinks he doesn’t have a good hand. The fold is basically quitting the game for that round.
  • Side Pot: A side pot is basically a show between the two players. A player can request the previous player (player who played last) to do a side pot if both the players have seen their cards. Side pot will only happen if the previous player accepts the request. If he rejects, then the player playing will be asked to pay the amount that the previous player bet. If the player requesting the side pot has a better hand, then the other player will be forced to fold his hands and vice-versa. But, if the hands of both the players are the same, then the player requesting will be asked to fold.
  • Show: When there are only two players left in the game, then both the player has the option to show their cards. If a player show’s his cards then the opponent is forced to show his and the winner will be decided. The opponent has to pay the amount equal to the previous betting before showing his hands. If the opponent refuses, then he has to fold his hands.

Do Not:

  • Use third party software, scripts, or bots, to access or play Teen Patti Gold in any way. (See below)
  • Attempt to get free chips by clicking links from unknown sources or people promising free chips – this will get your account phished or hacked.
  • Use profanity or language that discriminates or maliciously targets another individual in any way. This includes your profile picture.
  • Create more than one account to play Teen Patti Gold from or store chips – all accounts will be banned! (See below)
  • Lose on purpose as a means of transferring chips – we can easily track this and you will have your chips taken, and banned! (See below)
  • Sell Chips! Under NO circumstances is anyone permitted to sell chips.
  • Attempt to buy chips from ANYONE other than Teen Patti Gold.
  • Click on links that claim to give an extra bonus.
  • Share your Facebook password with anyone. Teen Patti Gold does not request for your Facebook password under any circumstance.

Chip Transfers

Losing hands-on purpose at the table to send chips to a friend (or yourself on another account) is a violation of our Terms of Service and is aggressively enforced through account suspensions and/or banning.

Multiple Accounts

You are allowed 1 account per social network. In addition, you cannot use multiple accounts to try to accumulate free chips (aka chip farming). This behavior is easily detectable and will result in all your accounts being suspended and/or banned.

Chip farming/Scripting

Using scripts and manual processes to abusively accumulate free chips is not allowed and will result in your account(s) being suspended or banned.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Once chips have been granted, we do not offer refunds. If your chips have not been granted for whatever reason, please contact us and your chips will be granted immediately. In case we are unable to grant you chips, your refund will be processed from our end within 7 working days.

Special Note: This game is intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win online 3 Patti real money or exciting prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.
Developer credit: Moonfrog


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