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Sumo Paint Online Image Editor 2021

Jul 18,2019 - Sumo Ltd (Free)

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The Sumo Paint application is one of the most advanced web image editor and painting tools as it has more than a hundred features available for its users. You can start the application from your web browser directly without the need of installing anything.

This software is one of a few self-contained online image editing sites that boasts its in-house community in addition to its image design, creation, and photo editing features. It has a vast palette of tools to choose from and has more shape and layering choices than other paint-oriented image editing Web apps. It can be used from Windows, Mac OS X or Linux operating systems. The only requirement for Sumo Paint to run is Flash Player must be installed.

Sumo Paint’s interface is well organized and has several tabs that are arranged by function range. If you need to adjust levels, brightness, saturation, color balance, temperature or automatically optimize your work, simply click on the ‘Adjustments’ tab. If you need to undertake any layer-related tasks, such as functions, filters, layers and image proportions you just navigate to the ‘Layers’ tab.

Sumo Paint’s import and export options are fairly limited. That having been said, you can open photos and images saved from your computer or from a site URL, but you are unable to share your work directly from the interface to any social media, etc. You can, however, save finished images and photos to your Sumo Paint account or computer and emailed accordingly.

This software is almost as capable and equipped as its software-based counterparts for paint functionality and image design and creation. Sumo Paint is both expansive and comprehensive. It is easy to use, has a feature-rich interface that can be navigated by users of all levels of expertise. Unfortunately, This software lacks the photo-sharing and social networking site integration functionality, which some of its main counterparts have.

Sumo Paint is a solution that is somewhere in the middle, as it is a feature-rich graphics designing tool that can be used from the confines of your google chrome browser.

Sumo Paint Image

Sumo Paint Features

Key features include:

  • Brushes: The software includes over 300 high-quality brushes in its brush galleries. Some of the brushes are even animated! You can also create your own brushes.
  • Shape Tools: It has the best shape tools. You can create different shapes very fast with our innovative shape creators.

sumo paint Shapes

  • Community: Sumo Paint online community gives feedback to your publicly shared images. You can also participate in our contests and events online.
  • Offline creativity: You can use Sumo Paint offline. All the work can be saved to your computer in sumo’s file format which also supports layers and layer effects.
  • Symmetry: You can also create beautiful symmetrical creations. Experiment with symmetry points, gravity, and modes to get exactly the result you want.
  • Gravity: Gravity option smoothest the drawn line to curves, making it easy to create abstract and beautiful artwork. You can also combine gravity with symmetry.
  • Gradient Editor: The gradient tool has a beautiful collection of present gradients. You can quickly edit the gradients hue, saturation and brightness directly in the gradient editor.
  • Layer Effect: Sumo Paint has full support for the standard non-destructive layer effects. The layered effect includes drop shadow, inner shadow, glow, bevel, etc.
  • Sumo File Format: Sumo file format supports layers and layer effects. It uses a powerful, non-destructive compression algorithm to keep its file size to a minimum.
  • Perspective Mapping: The Perspective Tiling filter maps the image on an endless plane of tiles.
  • Cube Designer: Wrapping image around a cube. There are tons of attributes to mess around with. You can rotate the cube and change its proportions, target lighting, etc.

sumo paint cube designer

  • Liner Blur: In the Linear Blur filter the blur effect gets more intense as the distance from the center increases. This lets you easily mimic the “depth of field” effect.
  • Lightning Effect: This filter creates cast light and shadow effects across the image, treating it as though it were a flat surface. The light source can be rotated freely.
  • Reflection: Realistic reflection on a rippled water surface. The reflected object can be rotated freely and the qualities of the water and the reflection can be altered.
  • Advanced Setting: The brush tool is packed with multiple advanced options. The possibilities are practically endless: auto orient, auto-size, gravity, scattering, random rotate, etc.
  • Sphere Designer: Sphere Designer maps the image into a surface of a 3D sphere.
  • Mosaic: Turns the image into an assemblage of geometric shapes. The effect’s interface features 24 beautiful mosaic patterns with many controls.
  • Animated Brushes: It introduces a new approach to digital painting. Instead of just drawing the same brush, you can use animations as brushes.
  • Ink tool: The ink tool is a unique feature of Sumo Paint for creating realistic ink impressions. The tool has controls for adjusting the ink’s wetness.
  • 3D brushes: It has dozens of great theme brushes. Some of the themes in Sumo Paint’s brush galleries are splatter, trees, butterfly, fur, alphabets, etc.
  • Auto Smoothing: The brushes tool uses a real-time Bezier-curve algorithm, which softens the curves and reduces bumps and unwanted linear angles. The effect is especially noticeable with large brushes and fast strokes.
  • Color picker: This software color picker has a typical layout with the usual HSB and RGB controls. You can also import/export accurate hex values to/from your image.
  • Gradient Fill: Choose from this software great collection of gradients to create a gradient fill on the shape tools. There are many templates for you to choose from.
  • Bitmap Fill: It’s possible to use Sumo Paint’s massive brush libraries to generate a bitmap fill on the shape tools. You can also upload your bitmap file.
  • Selection tool: Sumo Paint’s selection tools are fully undone support. The selection tools include Lasso, Rectangular Lasso, Magic Wand, Elliptical selection tools.
  • Text tool: The Sumo Paint’s rich text editor uses the true type fonts installed on the user’s local computer. The text object can be scaled at the same time.
  • Warp transform: In addition to the basic free transform tool, Sumo Paint features warp transform mode. With Warp Transform you can create waves with 3D effect.
  • Curve Adjustment: Similar to levels, the curves tool can take input tones and selectively stretch or compress them using any number of anchor points.
  • Level Adjustment: Levels tool can take input tones and selectively stretch or compress individual color channels with black, white and midpoint controls.
  • Filter Control: Many of the Sumo Paint’s filters have a special control screen which enables you to set the effect’s center point by just dragging the control handle.
  • Layer Support: it has full support for layers, layer effects and layer blending modes. Sumo Paint Pro enables to have up to 100 layers with layer effects
  • Clone Stamp tool: Clone stamp tool enables real-time drawing with brush shapes. You can set diameter, opacity, and flow and use all the advanced brush effects.
  • Profile statistics: Sumo Paint Pro subscribers have access to a detailed statistics page about their images, views, and comments plus an amazing 3D gallery for public images.
  • Zoom tool: the Zoom tool and zoom window support up to 1000% zoom level.
  • Select pixel: Get all the pixels selected from the layer easily with select pixels option.
  • Line tool: Simple tool for creating lines. Combined with layer effects, shape trails and some filters it can be a very powerful tool.
  • Swatches: Swatches panel with color picker makes the color selection very easy.

Swatches feature

  • Crystallize: Crystallize any shape, photo, drawing with this fast and smooth algorithm.
  • Dithered Poster: Perfect filter for creating artistic photos. You can select the colors and depth for the effect.
  • Blur tools: Use the blur tool to create motion effects or just smooth the edges. The blur tool is a must-have in any image editor.
  • Shape Trails: Shape trails for the shape tools burns the shapes to canvas every frame to create a motion effect.
  • Smudge Tool: Smudge your image with many options, to make it like an acrylic painting.
  • Liquid Waves: Liquid waves can liquidize any image to smooth waves.
  • Triangular pattern: Another crazy filter for doing tiling graphics.
  • OS goodies: Sumo Paint Pro has some nice features which are not available in the online version. For ex. drag and drop for images and local storage for settings.
  • Ripple: The fastest and the most beautiful ripple effect done with live preview.

sumo paint ripple

  • Bump making: The Bump Map filter displaces the 2d-surface creating a great sense of depth/detail. It features a beautiful lighting effect to give the surface a more realistic look.

Sumo Paint Benefits

  • Sumo Paint is a reliable software that can be implemented with a single click.
  • Its interface presents a comprehensive set of photo editing tools that you wouldn’t expect to get for free.
  • It provides a deep explanation of how the tools work making it easy for beginners to get started with the application.
  • The application gets your creativity flying by allowing you to sketch and draw with unprecedented touch and style
  • It presents an exciting set of tools and features that support high-level photo editing.
  • Its variety of brushes, brush effects, and brush styles make a good impression on any digital artist. Every simple feature provides tons of options.
  • The ability to edit pixels with this software makes it stand out in the echelon of free image editors.

Sumo Paint Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
This software is a convenient online tool Many features require a paid account
It has a range of tools and filters Its required flash. application
Anyone familiar with art software will be at home Lacks support for plugins
It is an intuitive interface Exporting images can be fiddly

System Requirements

Deployment Cloud Hosted on Premise
Supported Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad,Mac, Web-based
Processor Intel Processor

Official Video Intro Sumo Paint Software

Sumopaint in a minute

Sumo Paint Software Overview

Technical Specification

Version 2021
Languages Multiple
License Paid Version
Developer Sumo Ltd


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