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Pixlr Photo Editor Software Free Download For PC 2021

Mar 27,2019 - Ola Sevandersson (Free)

141 MB (Safe & Secure)

Pixlr is a free online photo editing suite that is split into three different apps that have been built from the same engine. Simply pick the one best suited for what you need and away you go.

As Pixlr is a web service it provides a solid platform to work from. You can combine image design and paint tools with photo editing. The interface is intuitive with a gentle learning curve, so users of all levels of expertise will be able to navigate it with few issues. If you want to create an image, layer one image over another, or use a variety of effects, filters, and level adjustments to transform photographs, Pixlr can do it all.

Pixlr Photo Editor

Pixlr Editor mimics native photo editing apps such as Photoshop. The structure and design of this technical editor allow you to seriously edit images. The interface looks familiar with toolbars along the left-hand side and top. Along the right-hand side, you have a Navigator, Layer Controller, and History. The top bar is equipped with layers, adjustments, and a stack of filter options.

Pixlr Express gives you a simple service with some neat features. You can start from four points; Browse, Open URL, Webcam, or Collage. The interface is simpler than the Pixlr Editor. You have six different editing tools to choose from: Adjustment, Effect, Overlay, Border, Sticker, and Text.


Next up is Pixlr-O-Matic. This is the simplest version of the app. It has the least amount of features, but, is arguably the most fun to use. You start by selecting your image, then you change the effect/distortion of the picture by choosing from a massive range of effects. Then you can change the border to finish.

All three parts of these apps are well developed and have been designed with a specific purpose. If you need to edit your next masterpiece or even make a great cover photo, Pixlr is a great choice because no matter what platform you access the web app from, you still get the same standard, uniformed Pixlr experience.

Overall, Pixlr is a very functional photo editing suite, with everything you could possibly need. The interface is easy to use and the tools are varied as your imagination. This software is really a perfect example of an app that hits all the right notes and provides a great, free service.

Pixlr features

  • Variety of filters and effects.
  • Custom Brushes.
  • Customizable user-friendly interface with movable and scalable windows.
  • History window for quick undo/redo.
  • Free-hand crop, move, super-impose, and interpolate images and rotate and remove entire canvases.
  • Create photo collages easily with a variety of preset collages, grid style, customized ratio, and background.
  • Instantly adjust the color of your photo in one easy click using Auto Fix.
  • Use Double Exposure to create an array of effects easily with layers and adjustable transparency.
  • Create cool photo effects using Stylize (pencil sketch, poster, watercolor and more).
  • Effortlessly remove blemishes, red-eye, smoothen skin, or whiten teeth with simple tools.
  • Bring out the color with Color Splash effect or add impact with Focal Blur.
  • Choose from a range of effect packs to give your image the look and feel you want.
  • Adjust the tone of the photo with overlays – amplify the tone, cool it down, or add surreal shades.
  • Easily add text to your photos with a variety of fonts to choose from.
  • Finish off your editing process with the right border – pick a style that suits you.
  • Keep things fresh with our growing release of additional effects, overlays, and border packs.
  • Keep track of your favorite effects and overlays with the Favorites button.
  • Crop and resize images quickly and easily before saving.

Create a New Image

Screenshots of Pixlr Photo Editor

Official Video Intro Pixlr Photo Editor

How to use Pixlr X - Easy Graphic Design

Pixlr Photo Editor FAQs

Does pixlr save your photos?

You’ll be prompted to either sign up or sign in. Once you’ve created a Pixlr Library account, you can save your images in folders and create new folders to house sets of images.


Can you use Pixlr without WIFI?

Pixlr can be used online and offline; it is available as a web app, as a mobile app, and as a desktop app.


What are the pros and cons of Pixlr editor?

Pros: Probably the biggest advantage Pixlr X has is its simplicity. It provides an intuitive interface with most of the basic tools you’d need for simple editing tasks. You can use it immediately without even having to create an account. 
Cons: It lacks some handy tools like clone and healing.


Is pixlr for free?

Pixlr is a totally free-to-use image editing tool on the web. There are no hidden charges and users can employ it even for commercial use. This makes it a cost-effective solution especially for freelance artists and small businesses. Pixlr can run on any browser on any operating system.


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Pixlr Photo Editor Overview

Pixlr Photo Editor Download For PC

Technical Specification

Version 2021
File Size 141 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Ola Sevandersson


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