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Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Download 2016

Sep 15,2019 - Microsoft Corporation (Free)

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Microsoft SharePoint 2016 download is a powerful application that allows you to share documents and other resources inside an organization. Large companies can use this tool for improving productivity by using a single interface for sharing documents, presentations, user information, and intelligence.

Microsoft SharePoint is a platform to support collaboration and a content management system. It is a central web-based portal. It allows groups to set up a centralized, password-protected space for document sharing. Documents can be stored, downloaded and edited, then uploaded for continued sharing. SharePoint offers such a wide array of features that it is very challenging for any one person to be an expert across all the workloads.

Community-related features enable any user to learn about their colleagues by reading the Profile pages and to share their interests, favorite links, or projects on their own page. A very useful feature is the contextual search that allows you to find documents, links, and people that might be useful for your endeavors.


The server is closely integrated with the Office suite and allows the users to open documents directly from the server and save their work to SharePoint. Two or more users can use the same document and even make changes at the same time. The collaborators are able to view the changes while communicating with each other which helps them save time.

It is divided into three separate areas:


The term collaboration contains a very strong theme for SharePoint. It means bringing people together through different types of collaboration, such as enterprise content management, Web content management, social computing, discoverability of people and their skills.


Microsoft SharePoint 2016 download is also about bringing this collaboration together through interoperability such as the capability to build and deploy secure and custom solutions that integrate line-of-business data with SharePoint and Office. Integrating with wider web technologies, or deploying applications to the cloud.


Microsoft SharePoint 2016 download is also a platform that supports not only interoperability and collaboration but also extensibility, through a rich object model, a solid set of developer tools, and a growing developer community.

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The cloud introduces new App models such as

  • New ways of developing, deploying, and hosting SharePoint applications.
  • New forms of authentication through OAuth.
  • New ways of data interoperability using OData and REST.

The developers that want to use this platform can take advantage of the available project templates and web technologies in order to create flexible websites and applications. The APIs included in the SharePoint package allows you to customize the implementations for a certain organization structure of requirement.

When multiple users have access to a complex sharing platform, the network administrator needs to implement a security policy in order to maintain control over its content.

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 download Software Features

Office Integration:

Microsoft Office is, by far, the most commonly used business productivity software in the world. The office has always been about automating tasks and providing people with choices in how they get things done. Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 provide users with seamless integration of capabilities that span across Client and Server, often without users even realizing that both are involved.​

Anywhere Access:

Mobile work isn’t just for the sales force anymore. Today, most businesses support telecommuting, and they expect employees to be “always on, always connected,” even when they are away from the office. SharePoint 2010 offers a diverse set of capabilities that extends people’s access to resources and allows them to be productive regardless of the tools or devices they have available.

Driving cost efficiencies and accomplishing more with the same resources is possible through the consolidation of business productivity solutions onto SharePoint 2010. The ability to deploy any of the integrated capabilities and new enterprise-class management tools to the intranet, extranet, and Internet sites, as well as the choice of on-premises installation or hosted services, paves the way for optimizing IT resources and significantly lowering the total cost of ownership of business productivity solutions.

User Interface:

To allow people to interact with SharePoint’s rich set of integrated capabilities in an easy and intuitive way, the Office Ribbon UI has been implemented in SharePoint, providing users with a familiar and contextual experience that drives their productivity even further. This user experience is enhanced by additional technologies that boost usability and by the ability of all users to easily edit and publish SharePoint sites.

Microsoft Office SharePoint team sites provision from SP

Platform Consolidation:

The rich set of integrated capabilities for business collaboration provided by SharePoint 2010, in addition to its enterprise-scale manageability, will enable more customers to retire niche solutions and focus new solutions on SharePoint. This will accelerate their ability to drive efficiencies, allowing IT departments to achieve more impact with the same resources.

Deployment Choice:

Nowadays, IT is required to support scale agility, allowing its business collaboration platform to be scaled up and out quickly, based on changing business needs. Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Software provides IT with the flexibility of choosing whether to deploy on-premises or in the cloud, thus enhancing its ability to support any given scenario while optimizing resources and remaining relevant and efficient.

Developer Productivity:

In alignment with SharePoint’s approach of doing more with no additional resources, investments like integration with Visual Studio 2010 will enable customers to rely on existing programming expertise to enrich the SharePoint platform and increase the quality and ROI of their investments.

Data Connectivity:

A major advancement in SharePoint is allowing users, regardless of their technical expertise, to interact with line-of-business data, surface it in their SharePoint sites, analyze it, and make updates to be reflected in the external data source itself, such as ERP and CRM systems.

Composite Solutions:

Enabling users to address specific business and collaboration needs, while relieving IT from the need to be involved in all changes to the platform, is made possible through a rich set of tools and features that allow users to create no-code solutions and to deploy those solutions in an easy and secure manner.

IT Productivity:

With business collaboration and productivity becoming instrumental to success, IT departments are required to do more with no additional resources. With SharePoint 2010, robust management tools enable IT to multiply its impact and achieve a higher degree of effectiveness with the same resources.

In times when business volatility is on the rise and time-to-market is key, SharePoint 2010 enables all users (end users, power users, designers, and professional developers), to customize the out-of-box platform and deploy solutions that will enable them to address specific business needs more quickly and more effectively. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 includes tools and capabilities that allow businesses to maximize the impact of existing investments and knowledge, and to provide all users with bi-directional interaction with line-of-business data. These tools and capabilities make it possible to shorten the time between recognizing a business need and delivering a business productivity solution to address it.​

Microsoft  SharePoint 2016 download  Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Highly Customizable Expensive to License and Host
Central Storage Poor Search Capabilities
Integration with Microsoft Office Complicated Setup and Maintenance
Build Multiple Layers of Sites Requires Employee Training
Detailed Document Management SharePoint Is Slow to Adapt
Central Storage

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 2003/ Windows 2008/ Windows 2003 R2/ Windows Server 2012

Official Video Intro Microsoft SharePoint 2016

New SharePoint innovations

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Overview

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Download

Technical Specification

Version 2016
File Size 3 GB
Memory 16 GB
Language English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
Processor 4 Core
License Free
Developer Microsoft Corporation


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