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Master PDF Editor Software For Mac OS Download 5.7.90

Jan 28,2021 - Code Industry Ltd. (Free)

29.6 MB (Safe & Secure)

Master PDF Editor For Mac is a Free PDF Editor for Mac software that easy to use application for working with PDF documents equipped with powerful multi-purpose functionality. With this software, you can easily view, create, and modify PDF documents. The application enables you to merge several files into one, split a source document into multiple documents, and also comment, sign, and encrypt PDF files.

This software offers you the possibility to open multiple XPS and PDF files and make your own annotations with minimal effort.

Master PDF Editor Software For Mac OS

Besides allowing you to insert notes to your documents,  Master PDF Editor can also be employed to quickly preview, print, sing, or encrypt PDF or XPS files for security reasons.

Free PDF Editor For Mac Software

Master Free PDF Editor For Mac Software Features

  • Modify text and objects: With the Best PDF Editor App, you can add text with any formatting to a PDF document or edit existing text. You can also insert images to the document, select and move objects, change the size of objects, save images to a file, and copy objects to the clipboard.
  • Annotate PDF documents: Powerful annotation tools such as Sticky Note, Measuring tools, and Shapes, as well as the enhanced editing capabilities provided by the Strikethrough, Underline, and Highlight functions, will make your work easier than ever. Create unique Stamps and use them when reviewing the document or making a note of its status.
  • Create and fill in PDF forms: With the program, it is very simple to edit the various elements of interactive PDF forms such as buttons, text fields, checkboxes, and more, as well as implement event handlers for predefined user actions. Automatic calculation and data validation with JavaScript is supported.
  • Optical character recognition: Optical character recognition allows the ability to search for text fast and efficiently, as well as to edit scanned documents and documents containing images.
  • Operations on PDF pages: It supports both the merging and spiting of PDF files. It enables you to easily move, remove, insert, and rotate pages in PDF documents as well as change their size.
  • PDF Bookmarks: Create, edit, and remove bookmarks. Add bookmarks for specified pages or paragraphs to allow fast document navigation and efficiently look up information.
  • Virtual PDF printer: Master PDF Editor is installed as a virtual PDF printer, allowing you to easily print any documents from different applications supporting printing (e.d. Microsoft Word / ExcelOpenOffice).
  • Digital signatures: Check digital signatures, create new ones, and sign documents with a digital certificate. For PDF documents, a digital signature is the equivalent of the handwritten signature on paper documents, so the recipient of the signed document may be confident about its authenticity. *In order to use this function it is required to have a digital signing certificate.
  • Create PDF documents: PDFs can be created straight from paper documents using a scanner. It allows you to create documents from existing files, create empty documents, or insert empty pages into an existing document.


This software also allows you to add buttons, checkboxes, text fields as well as predefined user actions. It includes enhanced editing capabilities that will help you with your work. It comes with built-in support for image file (BMP, JPEG, and PNG formats) insertion within your own custom PDF documents.

Pros And Cons of Free PDF Editor Software

Pros Cons
Easy to use software This software limitation is watermarked on output.
This is cross-platform software.
User-friendly interface to view, edit,


How to encrypt PDF files on a PC?

To protect a PDF document with a password, open the PDF document you want to protect, then click the File > Properties menu. This will bring up the Document Properties window. Switch to the Security tab.

By default, a PDF document uses no encryption. Click the dropdown box and select Password encryption there. A new window will pop up, Password Security.


PDF documents can be encrypted with two types of passwords.

The first one is a password to open the document. If you just want to share the document with another person and don’t want others to be able to open it, you most likely need a password to open.

The second type is a permission password. A permission password allows only the selected actions and prohibits all others. So, for instance you may create a password that allows viewing and commenting the PDF document, but does not allow printing or editing.

Adding a password to open the document

Enable the Requires a password to open the document option in the Password Security window. Then enter the password in the first box and re-enter it in the second box. Click OK to save the security settings.

Next time this document will be opened in any application, a password dialog will be shown. For instance, in Master PDF Editor the open password dialog looks as follows:

Adding a permission password

Enable the Permissions option in the Password Security window. Enter the password in the first box and re-enter it in the second box. Then select actions that are permitted. Deselected actions will be disabled in this PDF document. Click OK to save the security settings.

Now, changing the permissions of this document will prompt for the correct permission password.

System Requirements

Operating System Mac OS X 10.12 and higher version
Processor 64-Bit Processor.

Master PDF Editor For Mac Overview

Technical Specification

Master PDF Editor Software Download
Software Name Master PDF Editor Software For Windows V 5.7.10
File Size 31.1 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free Trial
Developer Code Industry Ltd.


Master PDF Editor includes enhanced editing capabilities that will help you with your work. It comes with built-in support for image file (BMP, JPEG, and PNG formats) insertion within your own custom PDF documents. It also integrates advanced form creation capabilities, as well as the option to help you encrypt or sign your documents with extreme ease.


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