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Best Free Cloud to Cloud Backup Software- MultCloud

Cloud-to-cloud backup (C2C backup) is the process of copying data from one cloud service to another. The second cloud service backup serves the same purpose as an off-site backup.

Cloud-to-cloud backup is critical for businesses that use software-as-a-service (SaaS). Although SaaS vendors backup their customers’ data, any system can fail, and restores can be difficult if the backup software used by the SaaS vendor is fairly basic.

As more software applications are delivered as services, the number of vendors specialising in C2C backups for specific applications is growing. The C2C provider manages both the backup software and its implementation for the C2C customer in this scenario. C2C backups are typically performed automatically, with no human intervention. If data is no longer available through the SaaS app, customers can restore it from the target cloud.

In this article we will discuss MultCloud, one of the most popular cloud-to-cloud backup services.

What is Cloud-to-Cloud Backup?


A cloud-to-cloud backup is a method of copying files from one cloud storage service to another for data protection. Backups that are stored on another cloud serve the same purpose as local backups.

Cloud-to-cloud data backup is important for teams and organizations that rely on software-as-a-service applications such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox Business, etc. SaaS users back up their own and customers’ data, but the backup software they use is fairly basic and easy to fail, making restoration difficult.

As more software applications are offered as online services, more users are trying to do cloud-to-cloud file backup for these services. Typically, a cloud-to-cloud data backup operation is performed automatically without manual intervention and all the backups can be restored to the source cloud whenever the user wants.

Why Need Cloud-to-Cloud Backup?

Cloud-to-cloud file backup offers several advantages for IT departments and organizations with massive data.

  • Cloud-to-cloud backup is a more comprehensive solution because it protects users from many potential and unexpected cases of data loss.
  • The backup and recovery operations can be performed more quickly and easily because no manual processes like downloading and uploading are required.
  • As an online service, backed-up data can be accessed from almost anywhere at any time.
  • Because cloud-to-cloud backup generally performs online, it is not susceptible to ransomware attacks against the team and organization.

Best Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Service – MultCloud

To easily backup files between clouds, you will need to find a great service that doesn’t require you to download or install anything but can give you the highest data protection with the most reliable cloud-to-cloud data backup operations.


Among all the C2C backup services, MultCloud could be the most professional one that offers a well-designed web interface to gather all your cloud storage services together in one place. And it provides Cloud Transfer, Cloud Backup, Cloud Sync, and Team Transfer for one-key cloud-to-cloud data transfer without any risk of data loss.

You can use the Cloud Backup function to backup Dropbox to Amazon S3 and other 30+ leading cloud storage services within 3 simple steps. And MultCloud uses 256-bit AES encryption for SSL to full-time protect your data backup process so there’s nothing to worry about.

For automatic cloud-to-cloud backup, you can choose daily, weekly, or monthly plans as the Cloud Backup schedule for MultCloud to offline and automatically backup data between clouds. Since the data backup process is operated by MultCloud, your bandwidth won’t be lost no matter how large the data is.


What’s more, MultCloud can store up to 1000 versions of each backup task for you to directly restore to the original cloud or delete a specific version according to your needs.

How to Do Cloud-to-Cloud Backup in MultCloud

Step 1. Go to MultCloud on your browser and create an account.

Step 2. Click the “Add Cloud” button and choose a cloud icon to follow the pop-up guide to add the cloud to MultCloud. You can add other cloud storage services to MultCloud as well.

multcloud c2c backup

Step 3. On the Cloud Backup page of MultCloud, choose a cloud or files and folders in it as the source, then choose another cloud or a cloud folder as the destination. Then click “Backup Now” to let MultCloud backup files from one cloud to another immediately.

multcloud for files and folders quick backup

Step 4. When the task is done, you can restore your backups from the “Task List”. Just find the Cloud Backup task and click the three-line icon. Then choose “Restore” and follow the pop-up guide to select a backup version to restore.

restore your cloud to cloud backup from the task list

If you don’t want to or only want to backup files with certain extensions, you can use the File Filter in “Options” to let MultCloud ignore or only backup files with these file extensions.

More about MultCloud

MultCloud offers 5 GB of free data traffic per month for free users to transfer data across clouds. And it is also a free backup software. If you need to back up a large amount of data between clouds, MultCloud offers various subscription plans for you to choose from, including 100 GB monthly, 1200 GB yearly, lifetime unlimited plans, etc.

As a MultCloud user with a premium plan, you will get superfast backup speed, more cloud-to-cloud traffic, and more helpful features like 6 advanced one-way cloud-to-cloud sync modes.


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