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How To Get Around An Instagram IP Ban

Travel photos and expertly curated feeds are pretty much the only things on Instagram. The platform is enjoyable and makes connecting simple. Additionally, celebrities are on Instagram.

When your Instagram IP is suddenly banned, it can be quite upsetting. You’re happily scrolling through pictures and videos one second, and then suddenly you’re locked out.

The prohibition may hurt and even be unfair. Is there a way to avoid it then? Let’s examine each method you can use to circumvent an Instagram ban in more detail.

Why Did You Get Banned?

Instagram curates everyone’s posts, accounts, and comments in an attempt to better control the user experience. You may be familiar with bans for hate speech and bullying. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Meta aims to protect users from other harmful aspects of social media use like scams and predators.


You might be wondering how this resulted in Instagram deleting your account.

The following actions will result in an Instagram ban:

  • All of the positive and negative trust score factors are examined by the platform. The duration of your account ownership is a factor in the positive action camp. If newer accounts carry out specific actions, they are more likely to be banned.
  • If you receive too many engagements (likes, follows, etc.) in a short period of time, your account may be penalized. If you like too many posts, follow too many accounts, or buy followers, Instagram may suspect spamming activity.
  • Spam comments on other people’s posts are another dangerous practice. Despite the fact that some users and influencers enjoy leaving random comments on posts to promote their own accounts, doing so excessively can get you banned.
  • Additional devices are another warning sign. If you use all three to like, comment, and post in a short period of time—say you have a tablet, smartphone, and computer—you risk being banned. Be cautious because this behavior might point to a spam account.
  • You’ve been warned before about a particular behavior, and you disregarded Instagram’s requests. Before banning a user’s account for violating Instagram’s Community Guidelines, the offending user receives a warning.
  • Using bots and third-party software is another behavior that will result in account suspension. The platform was created exactly how Instagram wanted it, so their attempts to be manipulated make them unhappy.
    It’s also crucial to consider the IP address’s characteristics. The most reliable IPs, according to Instagram, are mobile IPs, followed by residential IPs. The last items on the list are public and proxy IPs.

To get a clear idea of why someone may get an IP ban, negative trust scores need to be considered as well.

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How to Bypass the Instagram IP Ban Using a VPN

Instagram will prevent the user from using the service after taking action against an account. In order to accomplish this, the account must be closed in addition to being blocked from further use. This indicates that Instagram will block the account’s associated device.

You could get a new phone, use a proxy, or use a VPN to change your IP address in order to get around this ban. Although purchasing a new device is an obvious choice, it might not always be the best course of action. The only options left are a VPN or a proxy server.

Using a proxy is one of the more affordable solutions, but they’re not very secure and there’s a chance they won’t work.

However, using a trustworthy VPN service might be the answer. By masking your IP, a VPN adds another dependable choice.

There are many VPN services available, but not all of them can outperform Instagram. Remember that Meta owns Facebook and Instagram, and they have sophisticated tools for detecting when users are attempting to conceal their IP addresses.

It’s a good thing that some VPN services also have thorough protocols. For instance, ExpressVPN is frequently the solution of choice for Instagram users who are subject to IP bans. They create software for the iPhone, Mac, Windows, Android, and extensions for Chrome.

To get around an Instagram ban, follow these steps:

  • Activate the VPN on the restricted device. We’re using ExpressVPN for our example.

Activate the VPN on the restricted device. We’re using ExpressVPN for our example.

  • If you’re using a mobile device, download the VPN app. Then, select a location.

If you’re using a mobile device, download the VPN app. Then, select a location.

  • Click the power icon to initiate the VPN.

Click the power icon to initiate the VPN.

Now launch Instagram and register a new account as usual.

Remember that ExpressVPN does not provide a residential IP Address, so this solution might not last indefinitely. Your new account might be suspended if Meta finds the IP address of the data center or the constantly changing address.

You Might Just Try Waiting

The fact that the Instagram IP ban is frequently only temporary is one of its key features. You can choose to wait out the ban if signing up for a VPN seems difficult or prohibitively expensive.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will eventually alter your IP address. Although you might not be able to predict the exact date, all ISPs eventually alter their policies.

Try switching to using your mobile data connection for a while if you want to avoid the procedure. In many cases, mobile network operators can reassign IPs to users much more quickly.

The best course of action, however, is frequently to wait for the Instagram ban to be lifted because it shows that you have complied with all of its rules.

Additional FAQs

How Long Do Instagram Bans Last?

You’ll typically receive a 24- to 48-hour Instagram ban. However, the ban may be easily extended and is based on all of your subsequent actions.

Even though a few days may not seem like much, if the absence goes on for a while, users may start looking for other ways to rejoin the platform.

What if the Instagram Ban Was a Mistake?

An Instagram IP ban will always hurt, and it occasionally may seem wholly unjustifiable. What if all you did was show your friends a few more likes on pictures than usual and heap praise on them?

Fortunately, you can argue your case to Instagram if you believe the ban was unjustified. When you are banned, an Instagram window will appear on your screen to let you know that you are “temporarily blocked.”

You’ll notice a message warning you that you’ve been abusing a feature. However, the message might also mention that you can contact them if you think this was an error.

Therefore, you have two options: “Tell Us” or “Ignore.” If you choose “Tell Us,” Instagram will take into account your argument that the ban was unjust.

What Is an Instagram Shadowban?

You may be familiar with the infamous “Instagram shadowban” if you’re trying to grow your Instagram following. It’s what many Instagram creators worry about, and it does happen occasionally.

In essence, this kind of ban exemplifies Instagram’s efforts to censor particular kinds of content and accounts while keeping users in the dark.

Even though you can see it on your grid, if Instagram deems a piece of content to be unacceptable for some reason, it won’t appear on anyone’s feed or discover page.

Remember that Instagram hasn’t publicly acknowledged that they do this on purpose despite the fact that this enforcement has been criticized for a while. However, there is a ton of anecdotal proof.

Can Instagram Permanently Disable Your Account?

Yes, Instagram can and will disable or deactivate your account in certain situations, to give you the quick answer. How do you find out if your account has been disabled, then?

You will receive a message if you attempt to log in. For instance, copyright infringement may result in the deactivation of your Instagram account.

It’s possible that you unintentionally shared material that was against the law. Alternatively, the deactivation may have occurred because the material you shared contained explicit sexual or violent or illegal activity. Finally, Instagram may temporarily disable your account if someone reports it so that they can examine your activity.

Remember that these kinds of bans are distinct from bans on your Instagram IP. Both the causes and the effects differ from one another.


Instagram is a huge platform, and users are expected to abide by strict rules. On the one hand, the rules aren’t always obvious, and the user might occasionally suffer an unfair ban. On the other hand, users who heavily rely on third-party programs to expand their accounts might be breaking a rule that is specifically forbidden.

However, not all is lost. If you’re patient, the ban will end in a few days, at which point you can try a different approach to expanding your account. But if you need to get back on the platform quickly, a trustworthy alternative VPN service might be your best bet.

The Instagram ban is a significant inconvenience overall, especially for those who take their online presence seriously. It’s not an insurmountable issue, though.


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