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5 Minute Solution of Google Play Store Error Checking for Updates

Nov 27,2020 - (Free)

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Frequently getting the notification of google play store error checking for updates? Then leave your headache behind and read the entire article to get the ultimate solution. When Google play shows such errors, it can’t update any android applications. Then some of us get scared of whether this issue can be solved without losing any data. But it is not a big deal to get worried. In this article, we have provided some easier yet effective methods to solve this app update error problem.

Error Checking for Updates on Google Play Store

What are the problems that cause the “Error Checking for Update” issue?

In the wake of accepting various reports from numerous clients, we chose to examine the issue and formulated a lot of answers for the fix to totally. Additionally, we investigated the reasons because which Google Play Store Checking For Updates Error is activated and recorded them as follows.

Corrupt Cache: Certain information is reserved by all applications to build execution and abatement of the stacking times. This information can once in a while be ruined which can keep certain highlights of the application from working appropriately.


Corrupt Data: at times, certain information identified with the application may get ruined because of which this mistake may be activated. This information is typically recovered now and then so there isn’t any information misfortune on the off chance that you erase it.

Web Connection: Make sure that the association that you are utilizing is steady and that there isn’t an intermediary or VPN dynamic. Since, if the association is recognized as shaky, the refreshing procedure may get deferred.

Space for Storage: The refreshing procedure can likewise be wrecked if there isn’t sufficient space accessible on the portable. In this way, it is prescribed to let loose some space if there is under 200MB of space accessible.

Corrupt SD Card: at times, the SD card inside the versatile can forestall the refreshing procedure from working appropriately. Hence, it is prescribed to briefly evacuate the SD card and check in the event that it fixes the issue.

Playstore Updates: The issue can likewise be caused because of the failing of an as of the late introduced update. The update probably won’t have been introduced appropriately which may have debased a few highlights of the application.

Time and Date: If the time and date on your device are different from your local time then google play may throw this Error.

Google Play Store Error Checking For Updates: 6 Methods to Solve

Method-A: Restart Your Phone

Sometimes Due to the android system’s problem, the Google Play Store shows errors in updating apps. For this, you need to restart your phone. Press and hold the lock/power button of your phone until a pop-up dialogue box comes. Then tap ok to restart.

After your phone has finished taking a restart then go to Google Play and start checking for updates.

Method-B: Check Your Network Connection

Check your network whether your device is getting a proper connection or not. Sometimes due to poor internet connection, Google Play can not check for updates. In that case, turn off your data connection/broadband connection and turn it on after some time.

Method-C: Make sure Your Data connection is working

Ensure that you have access to a stronger and proper internet connection. A Wi-Fi or data connection that isn’t faster enough may stop the adequate functionality of your Google play store. Check if you have any alternative Wi-Fi connection to check the issue.

If you have a dual SIM smartphone and using data plans on both the SIMs, changing the active data SIM can help you get a proper result. Cellular data connections can considerably vary. It may be a good idea to opt for a stronger Wi-Fi connection and try checking for the updates and find if it works for you.

Method-D: Check your SD Card

Micro SD cards can sometimes play with your connection and downloads. So Unmounting your SD card and mounting it again can resolve some of the issues Here are the steps to do it.

Method-E: Uninstall Play Store Update

The recent update to Play Store may have developed and introduced a few glitches. In such situations, it would be advisable to uninstall the latest updates to the Google Play Store. Here’s how to do it:

  • Launch Android Settings
  • Look for the Apps or App Manager
  • Scroll down and look for the option, Uninstall Updates.
  • You may be asked to confirm whether you want to restore Google Play Store to the factory version. Confirm if asked.
  • Your Play Store app should now be back to a version that is shipped with.
  • Check if the issue is resolved and the app store can now check for the updates and install them

Uninstall Play Store Update

Method-F: Using Android Settings Option

You can solve the problem of Google play error checking for updates from the android settings option. Follow these steps serially for the greatest benefits.

Step-1: Go To Settings
Go to the android settings option from your android apps widget. The icon of this option is like a small gear. Also, you can easily find this option by scrolling down the navigation bar of your android phone.

settings icon

Step-2: Tap The Apps/Applications
After you enter the settings option, scroll down, and you will find apps/applications. Tap it to enter.


Step-3: Find & tap Google Play Store
Entering into the apps, you will see many apps here. Find the Google play store apps and tap it.

Google Play Store in setting

Step-4: Tap Clear Data
Inside the Google Play Store, you will see some options like in the image below. From them just tap the clear data option.

Clear Cache

Step-5: Tap ok to continue
After tapping the clear data when a dialogue box pops up then you have to tap ok to complete the method.

Delete App data

In some cases, only clearing the data of Google Play doesn’t work. To avoid further interruption, you have to go back after completing step-5 and go to the google play service which is right above the Google play store (shown in the image below). Here, tap manages space option then continue with the same process as step-5.

Google Play Services

After reading the method-F, some of you can have a misconception that you will lose your data, or you have to sign in to your Gmail again. But the good thing is that you will neither lose any data nor you have to sign in to your Gmail again. This method only clears the caches of your android device and nothing else.

In the case of method-A, method-B, method-C, method-D, and method-E don’t work then it can be ensured that method-F will work. Hence, you will not receive notifications of Google Play error checking for updates anymore.


Each method is the quickest, effective, and also experienced one. So, you can try them without any second thought and then check for updates of your valuable apps without any restrictions.


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