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How To DM Someone on TikTok

TikTok users can communicate in a variety of ways, including through direct messages (DMs). There are nevertheless restrictions on who can send direct messages.

TikTok’s meteoric rise is something to behold. There are numerous features available as you learn more about TikTok. You can, of course, post a video, share someone else’s video, make a duet video with your favorite creator, and so on. However, one of the more straightforward expectations of social media platforms is your ability to communicate with others.

If you’re wondering how to dm another TikTok user, this article will explain how and teach you some other cool TikTok tricks.

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging is a private way for two users to communicate. In contrast to comments, the “direct” part implies that it is not available for others to see. You can choose whether or not to use direct messaging on social media. Some people prefer not to disable it entirely because, after all, you can always ignore whomever you want.

TikTok, like all others, provides this option. So, if you’re wondering how to send someone a TikTok DM, this is how you do it.

Things To Know

There are a few things you should know before diving into our TikTok DM tutorials. TikTok has its own set of DM rules that allow users to better control who can and cannot message them.

The first thing to know about TikTok DMs is that you must be friends with your recipient and register your phone number in the app in order to send messages. The idea behind this seemingly strange policy is that it reduces spam. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, where you can send a message to someone who isn’t a friend (though it will go to a ‘Message Requests’ inbox), TikTok doesn’t always allow you to send messages.

DMs on TikTok

The second thing to mention is that TikTok has banned messages for users under the age of 16. (although this may vary by region). To protect younger users and avoid potential lawsuits, the company took steps to prevent minor issues.

If you get an error message, make sure you used your phone number when you set up the app. You can obtain a temporary phone number, but you may later have difficulty accessing your TikTok account.

Check your internet connection next. A poor internet connection can make it difficult to send messages on TikTok. If you’re currently using WiFi, try switching to cellular data. Read this to fix the mobile network error you are suffering from.

Furthermore, TikTok’s anti-spam features prevent you from sending too many messages to too many people in a short period of time. While messaging limits have never been confirmed, following too many people at once will result in an error. As a result, we can assume that some users are sending too many random DMs in a short period of time.

There are several ways to send a TikTok DM. Let’s go over them both.

Send a DM Using the Inbox Icon

  • When you open the TikTok app, you’ll see an inbox icon at the bottom. Press it, and that will lead you to the activity page.

DM Using the Inbox Icon

  • At the top right corner, you’ll see the icon for direct messages. Tap the icon.

DM Using the Inbox Icon

  • Now, you’ll see a list of people you can message. Select the one you’d like to message or use the search bar at the top to talk to a user not listed.

Select the person

  • Compose your message. Then, tap the arrow icon in the lower right corner.

Compose your message

You will be notified when the recipient responds. You can also check for new messages by tapping the Inbox icon at the bottom of TikTok.

Send a DM Through a User’s Profile

By going to the user’s profile, you can send a DM in two ways. First, if you both follow each other, a Message button will appear. If the user follows you but you do not follow them back, you will need to take some additional steps.

To send someone a DM on TikTok who you follow (and follows you), do this:

  • Tap on the Friends icon at the bottom of TikTok and type your friend’s name in the search bar at the top.

Tap on the Friends icon

  • Tap on your friend’s profile. Then, tap Message.

Tap on your friend’s profile. Then, tap Message.

  • Type your message and click the Send icon in the lower right corner.

If you don’t see a Message button, you’re most likely not following the other user. If that’s the case, you’ll need to take the following steps to send a DM:

  • Go directly to their profile page

Go directly to their profile page

  • At the top right corner, click on the three dots.

At the top right corner, click on the three dots.

  • A panel will pop up. Select the option to “Send message.”

A panel will pop up. Select the option to “Send message.”

How to Opt-Out of DMs

TikTok gives you more control over your inbox than other popular social media platforms. In addition to simply blocking unwanted users, you can configure your settings to only allow DMs from specific types of users.

You can choose to accept messages from ‘Everyone,’ ‘Friends,’ or ‘No one.’ To adjust these settings, just do this:

  • Go to your profile page

Go to your profile page

  • Click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.

Click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.

  • Select “Privacy.”

Select “Privacy.”

  • Select “Direct messages.”

Select “Direct messages.”

  • Choose the option from the list that best suits your needs.

Choose the option from the list that best suits your needs.

Remember that even if you set this option to ‘Friends’ or ‘No one,’ those you’ve previously interacted with can still send you messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stop just one person from messaging me?

As previously stated, you can disable the DM feature entirely. However, this does not narrow it down to one or two annoying users; turning off this feature means no one can message you. It’s understandable to wonder if you can only prevent one or two users from sending you DMs.

The only way to accomplish this is to completely disable that person’s account. We have an entire article about it here.

Can I DM Someone On TikTok Without A Phone Number?

No, unfortunately. To use all of TikTok’s features, you must have a phone number. However, you can enable the feature by using a Google Number or another temporary phone number resource. Just keep in mind that using this option may cause problems logging in and recovering your account in the future.

If you receive an error code when sending a DM to someone stating that you require a phone number but already have one registered, contact the TikTok support team for assistance.

Does TikTok Have Read Receipts?

No. Users can read messages and respond without the sender being aware. There is no feedback to the user indicating that you have read or intend to respond to their messages.

How Do I Message Someone Who Isn’t Following Me?

Regrettably, your options are limited. You could leave a message for another user by commenting on one of their videos. Commenting on someone’s video is the most efficient way to communicate with them.

Another option is to look for links to their other social media accounts in their profile. Most users, for example, link their Instagram accounts. If you see one, tap it and send a message via Instagram.

Finally, look for a Linktree in the user’s profile. If you’re attempting to contact a large creator or business, their Linktree will most likely contain links to external websites or social media. Send a message on one of those platforms if they do.


TikTok’s recent meteoric rise, while fascinating, raises some concerns. Because the majority of the app’s users are very young people, primarily underage children, the company has strict community guidelines in place. Direct messaging is included. You can block a user from sending an inappropriate message in addition to not being able to DM anyone who isn’t following you.

Go to that conversation, click the three dots, and then select “Report” or “Block.” This will forward the disputed message to moderators for review, as well as prevent the person from viewing your profile or contacting you in any way.


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