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Heimdal Security Software For PC Download 2.5.314

Jun 18,2019 - Heimdal Security (Free)

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The Heimdal Security is proactive and multi-layered security for your business to prevent next-gen malware, ransomware and other enterprise threats and explore a proactive security suite designed to protect your home and your organization’s most valuable data.

This security software is the champs of the “Most Educational Security Blog” grant in 2016, assigned for Anti-Ransomware Solution of the Year at the 2017 Computing Security Awards and Winners of the “Counter Malware Solution of the Year” at the 2018 Computing Security Awards.

Since 2011, we have been driving the battle against cybercrime, growing new innovations and giving insight to ensure more than 5,000 organizations and 600,000 clients against cybercriminal assaults and information security breaks.

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Heimdal Security promoting group likes to gloat that their product is the “most dominant, most progressive security suite” ever to be fabricated.


Benefits of Heimdal Security

  • Security: The cutting-edge Thor Vigilance suite offers probably the most developed malware discovery capacities of any item available. I was quickly inspired that it captured the majority of the examples I tried, including large-scale infections, malware pieces, and a Trojan. The on-request examining device enables clients to browse seven one-of-a-kind filtering techniques—which is the most extensive scope of alternatives to date. The rundown incorporates a speedy sweep, which filtered my indexes in less than five minutes, and functioning procedures examine which checks every single running procedure for dangers.
  • Constant, Deep Level Packet Inspection: The “Dark Layer Guard” include was similarly extraordinary. This highlights an ongoing, two-way traffic filtering motor that screens all DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS bundles. The instrument can prevent suspicious parcels from transmitting when they are identified. I had scarcely introduced Premium Home when it hindered an outbound association inside Google Chrome to, a known malware source.

Heimdal Security Pro

Features of Heimdal Security

  • Vector Detection: This utility monitors gadget to-framework correspondences, which are profound dimension forms inside the framework (like infections endeavoring to degenerate the framework firmware). This “second-age location” layer guarantees to get rid of malware strains that different items miss by examining for dangers to the framework’s equipment.
  • Education Centre: To keep clients up-to-speed on cybersecurity news, Heimdal Security has incorporated an instructive module in the item. The asset partitions itself into a few valuable learning tracks, for example, “Cybersecurity for Beginners” and the “Windows 10 Security Guide”.
  • Ease of use: Installing Thor requires downloading an installation file from the website and allowing it to begin a definition update. Once installed, a tool called “Heimdal Agent” launches the main dashboard. The program is well-designed and the dashboard puts common features like the “Quick Scan” tool available at the click of a mouse. Users are also able to choose between three skins for the user interface (UI).
  • Protect your computer from 2nd generation malware
    Nowadays, 75% of cyber-attacks are brand new and unlisted in antivirus databases. They’re also designed to sneak past your antivirus and infect your PC.
  • Sanitize your Internet traffic to block malicious traffic: You don’t need help when your computer is already infected. You need it not to happen in the first place!
  • Keep your apps up to date automatically and silently: Software updates are a hassle. No doubt about it! They can be distracting or downright annoying. Thor Free makes updates hassle-free by automating them.
  • Closes critical security vulnerabilities in your software: Outdated applications include many security holes that cybercriminals exploit in their attacks. Don’t let your vulnerable applications expose you to cyber threats.
  • Install new apps safely, with one click: Thor Free helps you avoid confusing, risky websites, spyware, adware, and toolbars when looking for new apps to install.
  • So simple anyone can use it: Thor Free is incredibly simple to use, no matter your age or PC skills. Every 2 hours, It scans your computer to see if any updates are available.

System Requirements

User permissions during execution


Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor 1 GHz Processor
Memory At least 250 MB RAM
Storage Space Up to 400 MB of disk space
CPU Usage At least 3% of CPU usage when blocking a domain, up to 10% when opening the Heimdal™ Agent, and up to 40% during a scan
Required Permission Local administrator or domain administrator permissions (if the computer is domain-joined) during installations
.Net Framework Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 (or above)
Internet  Access Internet access with the following ports open to traffic: port 53 (to apply the DarkLayer Guard DNS 127.7.7.x), port 80 (to filter traffic over http), port 443 (to filter traffic over https)

Technical Specification

Version 2.5.314
File Size 921.6 KB
Language English
License Free Trial
Developer Heimdal Security

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