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Dec 3,2022 - Google LLC (Free)

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If you have the “Google Earth” Pro edition, you will have the ability to investigate locations and present your findings. It is possible to import site plans, property lists, or customer locations, and the view that is produced can then be shared with a customer or a colleague. You also have the option of exporting images with a high resolution for use in documents or on a website. On the official website, you can find a more in-depth explanation of all of the functions.

Importing GPS data is another option available with this software. It’s interesting to note that additional data like pulse, heart rate, speed, and altitude are taken from Google Earth as well. Additionally, Google Earth includes its very own web browser in the package.

The pictures and other geographical information of the entire earth is brought directly to your computer desktop via Google Earth Pro. Explore enticing destinations like Maui and Paris, as well as things of interest close to home like the restaurants, hospitals, and schools in the area. This software places all of the geographical data in the globe at your disposal by utilising the power of Google Search in conjunction with satellite imagery and map data. You may search for schools, parks, restaurants, and hotels, as well as fly from space to your area by typing in an address and immediately zooming in using Google Earth. Other features of Google Earth include the ability to fly from space to your neighbourhood. You may save and share your searches and favourites, get driving directions, tilt and rotate the view to explore 3D topography and buildings, and even add your own annotations to the map. You may get the offline installer for Google Earth Pro for your PC by going to the site and clicking on the box that says “free download.”

You can explore an extensive library of tours, videos, and imagery that have been created by the tool and supporting partners. These can range from discovering shipwrecks on the ocean floor to zooming into 3D cities around the world.

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Google Earth Pro: Detailed Descriptions and Key Points

Imagery in 3 Dimensions: Experience 3D flying over the entirety of major urban centres.

3D Trees : Visit 3D parks, neighbourhoods, and forests to see trees rendered in three dimensions.

Representations of the Past: Across the use of historical pictures, you can travel through time.

Ocean Explore: The ocean to greater depths with Ocean’s in-tool trips.

3D Buildings: Explore famous sites, cities, and buildings all in stunning three-dimensional detail.

Mars: Discover a new planet while looking at pictures provided by NASA.

Sky: Explore the cosmos and learn about faraway galaxies, constellations, and more.

Moon: Educate yourself on the moon, and keep up with the Apollo missions.

US Presidents: Learn about the history of the Presidents of the United States and visit their birthplaces.

Changes in Climate: Participate in guided walks that focus on the effects of climate change.

The Greatest People on Google Earth: Discover the ways in which people are using the app to improve their lives.

Hubble Telescope: You can fly through space to view these incredible images, or you can browse them here. Setup for Google Earth’s offline installation can be downloaded here.

Favorite Places: Explore fascinating locations recommended by influential people from all over the world.

UNESCO: Take a stroll through natural and cultural attractions without leaving your chair.

Liquid Galaxy: Create your very own galaxy to fit in with your surroundings.

How do I get Google Earth to work?

You can start exploring right away with the free platform on PCs. Google Earth is not a small programme because it stores a lot of information. Satellites take pictures of the Earth from space so that people can see it as a whole and in detail, including the coordinates of where the cursor is on the map.

You can see Earth set against the vastness of space filled with stars. People can see the globe from any angle by holding down the trackpad or left mouse button and moving the sphere in the direction they want. See the icy parts of the North and South Poles as well as the rest of the world.

Can Google Earth show me my house?

Using satellite imagery to look at Earth from far away may make the planet seem manageable, but people can zoom into the landscapes to see how big and detailed the world really is. The app has made it easy to find things. If a user wants to see what their house looks like from above or from the street, they can type their address into the search bar and be taken to that page.

The software quickly sends the viewer to where they want to go. You can see the landscape in 2D or 3D. By switching between these two points of view, a person can tilt the view and see a place in three dimensions. The 3D view brings up mountains, trees, buildings, and other things.

Using the arrow keys, the trackpad, or the mouse button, people can move through the realistic landscape. When users get to their favourite places, they can click on the icon of a person to open the software’s street view features. The map will show them light blue lines and dots that they can follow to get to that close-up view.

When members of the Google Earth community click on a blue dot, the software takes them to that spot and gives them a 360-degree view of that point. People can see the sweeping scenes with the blue lines and use the arrows to move along the set paths.

Can I use Google Earth even if I haven’t downloaded it?

Downloading Google Earth will give you the easiest experience. Due to the huge amount of data in the platform, opening Google Earth through a link in a web browser will cause it to slow down. The app is good at responding quickly to prompts and loading locations, which means there’s more beautiful scenery to look at.

Is Google Earth Showing Real-Time Views?

Google Earth is a very impressive app, but it doesn’t take photos or videos in real time and show them. Google Earth lets you see how maps have changed over time, which is an interesting feature. There are aerial, satellite, street view, and 3D images in the set.

Not all of the pictures on Google Earth were taken by Google. The community can look at photos that people who use the software took in certain places. Also, people can upload photos of their own experiences to the platform.

Create customized maps

The programme lets users change the way their maps look. You can find this feature in the “Projects” tab. Choose the button that says “New project.” You just press the pencil icon to name and describe the arrangement. Then, you go to the search bar to look for a good place to include in this presentation. Under the name of the destination, there is a button that says “Add to project.”

When users choose to add that site to the project, they can give it a title and choose the right project from a dropdown menu. To finish adding that place to the presentation, you have to press the “Save” button. People might find a place they want to add to their project while looking at the map.

The “Placemark” feature lets people put a pin in a certain location. When the placemark is dropped, a window will pop up asking what the point is called. Each of these different places can be changed within the project. You can add descriptive text, personalised marks, personal pictures and videos, and so on.

You might also want to change the places’ default views into organised shapes, lines, and street views. Changes to projects are saved as they happen. If that doesn’t work, you can try sharing the creation with other people by clicking the “Share project” button, entering the email address you want to send it to, or copying the link that can be shared. By clicking on “Present” and then the arrows, creators can move through their presentation in a smooth way.

Virtual field trips on Google Earth

Users can choose a guided tour from “Nature,” “Games,” “Layers,” “Street View,” “Culture,” “Travel,” and “Education” under the “Voyager” tab. People learn about new parts of the world through these trips. Teachers use this feature to show their students more about planet Earth.

Explore the world of computers

Google Earth lets you virtually move around the whole world to see amazing street and 3D views. The programme has a lot of tools for making things, like making presentations more personal. This app for exploring can be used for free on PC, Mac, iPad, and Android devices.

Google Earth Pro Alternatives

People can look at maps of Earth with ArcGIS, Bing Maps, Wander, and QGIS. Google also gives away free versions of Google Earth Engine, Google Maps, and Google Earth Pro. QGIS is free, just like all of the Google software listed above. Geographic information systems from ArcGIS, Bing Maps, and Wander all have paid versions.


Google keeps the platform up-to-date by adding to the “Voyager” category, making the user interface better, etc. People can go to their website to look at their terms and privacy policy.




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