Top 10 Best Game Hacker Tools for ANDROID with or without Root

These are the best game hacker/cheating apps, memory editors and modding tools for Android Games both online and offline. Some of these require your Android device to be rooted to hack a game, and other hacker apps require no root at all. – However, all these apps are free to download for everyone! NO ROOT version of this list.

The list of Top 10 Game Hacker App:

  1. Game guardian
  2. HackerBot
  3. SB Game Hacker APK
  4. Freedom APK
  5. Lucky Patcher(No Root/Root)
  6. Bots / Macros
  7. Cheat Engine
  8. Creehack APK
  9. Game Killer / Gamekiller APK
  10. GameCIH APK

Top 10 Game Hacker App downloads and details as below

1. Game Guardian:


One of the best memory editors and Android game hacking apps to date. It offers what you would expect from a good value scanner, plus a lot of extra functionality, such as speed hacks, and scanning for unknown values. If you are looking for anything that comes close to a Cheat Eingine for Android phones and emulators, then this is the app that you are looking for.

It is relatively easy to use and completely free. However, some very basic knowledge of how values in games work is useful, especially if you are trying to sue the extended functions or are trying to come up with your own hex value edits. At the moment the Best Android Game Hack App out there!


  • Scanning for Values in all relevant types (DWord, Word, Float and Auto Detect). We recommend using auto and if that does not work go through all of them one by one.
  • Scanning for encrypted values that are multiplied or otherwise hidden from being found normal value to value scans.
  • Time Stop Speedhack to inhibit values from changing during the scan (toggle)
  • Stealth app is installed automatically that is basically a copy of GameGuardian with a randomized name in order to avoid detection when hacking online mobile games.
  • The perfect program to get unlimited money, skill points, score ect in your favorite single-player mobile game.
  • Advanced tools for experienced game hackers to calculate Offsets and find Memory Values based on offsets.
  • Dozens of languages to choose from. Anything you could ever need really.
  • Advanced filters for scan results.
  • Runs on x64 and x86 devices without issue.
  • Time Jump Feature allows us to speed up the Android system clock and skip time in a lot of games.

Download Game Guardin

2. HackerBot APK


HackerBot APK has been around for many years and is run by Samuel Steiner (Administrator) and is run by LittleSquid GmbH from Switzerland. It is the #1 most trusted site for game hacking, bots and cheating in online games on every platform for quite some time.

HackerBot APK makes it easy to find cheats through their custom Search Engine that allows you to find legitimate cheats easily, as it only searches a list of well-moderated and trusted forums and sites for the cheat, hack, modded APK ect that you are looking for. – If you cannot find it on, then chances are the cheat you are looking for does not exist at all.

HackerBot APK recommends this app to anyone that is looking to get into game hacking, people trying to learn to do things themselves and even veterans that simply want to find mods quickly instead of having to go through Google and sort through all the fakes over and over to find some legitimate APK mods.

How to use HackerBot?

  1. Tap the HackerBot APK app.
  2. From the Start page, go to “Find Cheats / Find Legitimate Cheats”.
  3. Or simply choose the system you are using.
  4. Use Free Finder to find legitimate mods/cheat tutorials.
  5. Use the tutorials to learn how to cheat yourself.

Download HackerBot3. SB Game Hacker APP:

SB Game Hacker App

A very solid and reliable game hacking too for android that is very easy to use. Not quite complex enough to get the number one spot, but certainly one of the top cheating apps right now. Originally this was published in Mandarin (Chinese) but has been translated into English as well. It runs a lot more reliable and is a lot faster than other memory editors.

SB Game Hacker also offers built-in functionality to detect common and simple ways for developers to hide their values, such as simple multiplication. It is also incredibly easy to use since it guides you basically through the process from the start and requires no knowledge whatsoever. A very good app.

SB Game Hacker Features:

  • Value Scan (exact value)
  • Auto Value Type Detection
  • Hex Scans and Hex edits
  • Automated detection for multiplied and encrypted values
  • Very easy to use and beginner friendly

How to use it?
 Root your android phone and get an installer (tutorial). Or use an emulator (recommended)

2. Download & Install SB Game Hacker APK as a system app (video tutorial above).
3. Start your game and find a value (money, health, etc) that you want to change.
4. Scan for the value.
5. Change the value in the game.
6. Scan again until you isolate one single value.
6b. If you can’t isolate the value, go to options and change your value type and repeat.
7. Edit the value (or values) and Enjoy! (don’t go too high though, it may crash the app).

SB Game Hacker APP

4. Freedom APK:freedom-apk

This is an app that basically allows you to emulate in-app purchases for 0$ and therefore allows you to get a lot of free stuff in Android games. It works for a huge number of popular non-online (offline) games. However, it does require a root in order to emulate the fake purchases through the play store and enable you to get lots of free premium currency.

I like this one a lot since it enables you to hack some of the android games that cannot be hacked with simple memory editing and changing values because the values are either hidden too well, stored in the cloud or otherwise protected by checks and balances. Awesome tool and I recommend it highly. It is completely legal to use since all it does is edit data on your device.

Freedom Features:

  • Emulates in-game purchases through the play store. (Free stuff in games)
  • It generates a free purchase card for you.
  • Disables play store updates, allowing you to uninstall updates and revert to old google play versions.
  • The free core feature allows hacking even more games.
  • Subscription emulation and offline license verification can be enabled for more free premium stuff in a lot of Android mobile games.

How to use freedom?

  1. Download and install Freedom APK
  2. Go to settings and enable ‘Disable Play Store Updates’
  3. (Optional) Enable Freecore
  4. (Optional) Restart your Android Device / Emulator / Phone
  5. Go to your Settings > Apps > Google Play and uninstall all the updates.
  6. Start Freedom APK
  7. Choose your game, it will start, you can now get free stuff in the shop!
  8. Enjoy your free gems!

Download Freedom 5. Lucky Patcher:


Lucky Patcher is an important hacking app for the gaming enthusiast. This app helps to crack most of the Android games. It is also able to modify many applications. It is a license bypassing app which allows users to bypass the license verification from paid apps. There are lots of amazing and exciting features this app has making it a must-have application for android users.

Lucky Patcher Features

  • Allows free in-app purchases in Android apps and games.
  • Removes ads from apps and games.
  • Removes license verification from paid apps.
  • Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation.
  • Create a modified APK file.
  • Unwanted app permissions can be removed.
  • Shows all the apps installed on your Android device.
  • Backup all the apps installed on your Android device.

Download Lucky Patcher If you thinking to root your Android Smartphone So just visit Root Android Device Tutorial.

6. Bots/Macro

Automation is a very powerful tool in today’s Android mobile games, especially the online games that cant usually cannot be hacked any other way in some cases. It allows you to farm money, gems, collect daily rewards and daily quests, spend your stamina on farming items ect and all that fully AUTOMATICALLY. A bot will literally play the game for you and simple macro bots can even be created yourself for any game that you want to automate tasks in.

While setting up a game bot will take some time, it is one of the best cheating techniques out there and the closest thing to an actual money/gems generator these days with all the server-side processing of values in online mobile games.

– Works for online games

– Can be created by yourself
– Automated farming / free reward opening
– runs 24/7/365

Kinds of Bots that can be created using this method:

  • Automated farming bots for game s, such as mobile games with static interfaces (interface stays the same always)
  • Anti-AFK and button spamming scripts for more complex 3D games.
  • Chat bots that automatically use the game chat.
  • Simple trading bots (requires color recognition)
  • Simple auto looting bots (requires color recognition)
  • More kind of bots can be made as well using IF loops (advanced)

7. Cheat Engine

cheat engine banner

Download Cheat Engine and enjoy your computer games with traps and cheats. CE is an open-source software whose sole intention is to enable you to utilize traps and cheats on your most loved computer games, hence enabling you to control and change a wide range of parameters on them.

To utilize it effectively you need to run it before starting the computer game and you need to let it run in the background. While running the software, you can select different options which at that point gives you the choice of altering some factors, for example, the number of lives, or some other unlimited parameter.

Cheat engine for mac Fixes:

  • debugging/stepping with hotkeys
  • several high DPI visual glitches
  • VEH debugger reattach works again
  • The pointers resume works again
  • Stack view can now show by reference, previously it did nothing
  • disassembling imul
  • speed hack while key down option
  • assembling values with x*2/4/8
  • the “resume thread” in the thread list now resumes threads instead of freezing them
  • fixed an error popping up when editing registers with no debugger attached


8. Creehack APK


CreeHack APK is a lightweight, easy to use app that will emulate/simulate Google Play Store payments in single player games, allowing you to essentially “purchase” client-side processed items for free. – No ROOT required. While other free purchase apps do require a rooted phone, this one does not.

  • Free Google Play Store in-game purchases in games that are not server-validated.
  • Works for most popular offline games.
  • Easy to use – Install, Play, Purchase, Done.
  • 100% legal don’t worry. No one has been jailed for changing values on their own phone yet.
  • Easier than manually hacking the gems/money with a memory editor and faster too.
  • Requires root, since it accesses other apps. People that tell you it does not do it for the views.
  • No Root required for most games.

How to use CreeHack?

  1. To use CreeHack APK to emulate free purchases for you, you will need a rooted device (use an Emulator or old Phone PLEASE to avoid pricking your actual device).
  2. Simply Download the app, Install it (You cannot get if from the Play Store).
  3. Run the app, Tap “Enable CreeHack” and you are basically done.
  4. Now start your favorite single player offline game without server validated purchases. (How do you know they are not server-validated? Do you have to have the internet to buy? If yes they are.)

Download9. Game Killer:


Game Killer APK is a decent memory editor with a simple design that will allow you to find game values, such as your gems, gold and health and then change them to enable cheats. – ROOT is required.

Game Killer Features:

  • Search for exact values (standard value search)
  • Search unknown values (fuzzy search)
  • Lock and Change any memory value
  • Save/Load lists of values and memory addresses
  • Minimize Game Killer
  • HEX edit code ect.


10. GameCIH:


GameCIH is an older memory editor that has been used to modify game values for ages. The original memory editor on Android that still works well for creating your own game cheats. – ROOT is required.

GameCIH Features:

  • Search for exact game values (money, gold, gems etc)
  • Store memory values.
  • Change memory values.
  • Easy money hacks for a lot of offline games.
  • Works for older Android OS and devices too.
  • Lightweight app and easy to use.



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