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Lucky Patcher APK Download For Android Device 9.6.1

Oct 21,2018 - ChelpuS (Free)

18.7 MB (Safe & Secure)

Lucky Patcher APK is an important hacking app for the gaming enthusiast. This app helps to crack most of Android games. It is also able to modify many applications. It is a license bypassing app which allows users to bypass the license verification from paid apps. There are lots of amazing and exciting features this app has making it a must-have application for android users.

Lucky Patcher Download

Lucky Patcher APK can hack many games easily even it can be modified many apps and games with this free to use the tool. Get free coins and money in the games. Also, block unwanted ads from apps. You don’t need root to use the mods, but it is recommended. Lucky Patcher will scan through your android apps after it’s installed to see what apps can be patched. Then will recommend what patches are available for what apps. You can also remove the verification of licenses so you can use a paid app without a problem. There’s also an option to change the permissions of intrusive apps.

It is not only restricted to removing the license, but it also allows you to block all types of ads from free applications. The app also lets you take a backup of all the apps downloaded on your device and enjoy using it.  It also lets users uninstall or remove the preinstalled app on their devices which cannot be removed directly.

What exactly is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is an essential hacking app for all intrepid gamers. This app assists in modifying most Android games so that they can be fully enjoyed. It also allows us to modify various applications in a variety of ways. Lucky Patcher is a fantastic tool that allows you to block advertisements, remove system apps, modify system apps, bypass licence verification, and modify app permissions, among other things. Despite the fact that Lucky Patcher requires root access, you can perform a number of tasks without rooting your device. However, in order to use all of the features of this cracking tool, you must first root your device. There are several methods for rooting an Android device. On the XDA-Developers Forum, you can learn how to root your Android phone.

Most Android users want to customise games, but there are too many processes. Lucky Patcher is a simple utility that modifies game rights in a few steps. Lucky Patcher can root Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Hill Climb Racing, Rail Rush, Highway Rider, and more. Lucky Patcher skips Google play’s credit verification. So, you may buy in-app games without spending money.

In addition to customising the software, you can remove advertising from installed apps & games. This tool works on rooted Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and above smartphones. It uses 6.5 MB of RAM. The app’s multilingual feature is great. Lucky Patcher can unlock premium versions of numerous apps. Lucky Patcher isn’t a virus, but Google thinks it is. This mod tool is safe for any device.

Lucky Patcher Features

Lucky Patcher is a fantastic tool that allows crazy gamers to play any game with unlimited resources. This app is regularly updated to support the majority of Android devices. This app has the following features:

It eliminates advertisements.

Most of us are irritated by irrelevant ads that appear whenever we play a game or open an app. These advertisements frequently disrupt our gameplay. You no longer need to be concerned because Lucky Patcher can easily remove the unwanted and irrelevant ads. It only takes a few clicks to get rid of annoying ads. Removing advertisements also improves your gaming experience.

It enables free access to paid apps.

We frequently use the web to download paid apps for free, but we are unable to launch them due to licence verification issues. Lucky Patcher includes custom patches that can bypass almost any application’s verification process. As a result, you can use even paid apps for free.

It facilitates obtaining unlimited coins, gems, and other game resources

This incredible tool allows you to obtain an unlimited number of coins, keys, and other resources in any game. By modifying your app with Lucky Patcher, you can easily play any level, use any character, weapon, car, or game resource.

It aids in the transfer of apps to the memory card

If your smartphone’s internal memory is nearly full, you can free up some space by moving heavy applications to the memory card. This is simple to accomplish with the assistance of Lucky Patcher.

It is useful for backing up important files

Using Lucky Patcher, you can easily backup your important files. Its ‘take backup feature’ allows you to save the app’s backup in an external file. This can then be uploaded to the cloud or to your computer. You can easily retrieve the data from the saved locations later on.

It facilitates in-app purchases

Lucky Patcher works around Google’s billing system. This allows you to buy paid apps and make in-app purchases for free.

It has the ability to convert any app into a system app

If you want to keep an application on your Android phone indefinitely, you can use Lucky Patcher to convert it into a system app. It lets you copy any app to the system’s folder and convert it to a pre-installed app.

The following are the minimum requirements for installing Lucky Patcher:

Check that your device meets the system requirements before installing the apk file. Only if these conditions are met will the app perform optimally. The following are the prerequisites for installing Lucky Patcher:

  • Because it is a modding tool, the Android device must be rooted before installing it.
  • It is compatible with smartphones running Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or higher. It also works with Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • It requires at least 2GB of RAM to function properly.
  • The app requires 10 GB of free internal storage to function properly.

Furthermore, this app requires some permission from your Android device. These are the following:

  • Permission to draw on other apps and change system settings.
  • Permission to read the memory card’s contents
  • Permission to modify or delete the SD card’s contents
  • Permission to estimate the location.

How To Install Lucky Patcher APK App

1. Open Lucky Patcher Installer.

2. You will find the following dialog “Do you really want to install the Lucky Patcher v8.0.0?”. You have to click on the “Yes” button.

LP Installer

3. Now the Installer will prepare all the required files and components to Install the Original Lucky Patcher app on your device.

Preparing Application

4. If you see this wizard, you have to allow install unknown apps from this source. Click on “Settings” and switch on “Allow from this Source”.

LP Settings

Now go to “Settings” and click on the toggle to allow from this source.

Allow From This Source

5. Now you can find the Install button. Just click on the install button and wait a few moments until it’s done.

This Update Reqires No New Permissions

6. Congratulations!! You have successfully installed the lucky patcher app.

Lucky Patcher App Installed

7. Now Open the Lucky Patcher app and click on “OK” to Uninstall the “LP Installer” app.

Do You Want To Uninstall This App

Here are the steps to follow in order to download Lucky Patcher for Android devices, let’s get to the steps;

  1. Before downloading Lucky Patcher, make sure that Unknown sources are enabled for that follow these steps; Go to Settings >> Security >> Enable Unknown Sources.
  2. Download the APK file from above.
  3. Ones the file is downloaded, open the file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.
  4. After that, you will have the Lucky Patcher icon on the home screen of your device


Several interesting applications and games are becoming increasingly popular. The only issue that the majority of Android users have is that the applications and games require in-app purchases. Users must spend money in order to enjoy all of the features of any app or to unlock game resources. As a result, they look for various tools and methods to hack the apps. However, hacking is not a simple task. Hacking any app is a difficult task due to the numerous complicated steps involved. Lucky Patcher, fortunately, is available.

It is a hacking tool capable of patching any game or app and circumventing its billing system. Furthermore, hacking is accomplished in a few simple steps. This useful app, in addition to hacking the billing system, assists in removing unnecessary ads for the apps. It’s also used to get rid of unused permissions, system files, and Google’s licence verification. I hope you enjoyed our Lucky Patcher walkthrough.

This cracking tool is compatible with almost all Android devices starting with Android 2.3.3. The only requirement for this app is root access. To ensure that the app works properly, you must first root your device. You can, however, use this app on non-rooted devices. Some Lucky Patcher features are also available on non-rooted devices. Overall, it is an essential app for anyone who wants to enjoy uninterrupted gaming and access to premium apps.

Developer credit: Techylist

Screenshots of Lucky Patcher APK App

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How To Use Lucky Patcher In 2021

Lucky Patcher App FAQs

How To Install Lucky Patcher App?

After downloading the Lucky Patcher apk file, just open it. If install are blocked, go to settings and allow installation of unknown sources. Then open the file again to install the Lucky Patcher app.


Can Lucky Patcher Hack All The Games?

No, Lucky patcher can’t hack all the games. Nowadays many popular games are based on internet and they use their own server. So, most of the online games can not be hacked with Lucky Patcher.


What Is The Actual Purpose Of Lucky Patcher?

Chelpus made the app just for hobby. His main motives are to help the normal Android users and stop the greedy app developers.


Is Lucky Patcher A Safe App To Use?

Lucky Patcher doesn’t collect any sensible user data. So, it’s safe to use. However you should only download the app from our site. Sometimes Play Store defines the app as harmful because actually Google hates Lucky Patcher!!! 😛


Why Does Lucky Patcher Take So Much Times To Get Installed?

It actually depends on your device. If you have a faster device it will be installed faster.


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Lucky Patcher Overview

Lucky Patcher

Technical Specification

Version 9.6.1
File Size 9.4 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer ChelpuS


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