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Apr 12,2019 - Warchest Ltd. (Free)

3.6 GB (Safe & Secure)

Dirty Bomb is a first-person shooter that pushes insanely fast action by the tons. Fast forward past the game setting, theme, rules, and all that, those are pretty generic, and kind of a bad start for the game, but once you enter the playground, it doesn’t really matter.

Dirty Bomb Gameplay PC

A concoction of things that make it very good

Right off the bat, Dirty Bomb throws you right into the fast-paced madness of it all. There’s a short tutorial that explains the basics, to which you should be familiar, and after that, you’re left to choose your merc loadout and game mode.

The first great thing about Dirty Bomb is that you can create a character loadout and swap between three mercenaries while in the game. Since the game also focuses a lot on team play, this enables you and the others to constantly re-balance team composition to get the upper hand in critical moments of the game.

Each merc you have, or will have, features his or her two extra-handy skills to use in combat. Whether you throw down an ammo pack for a teammate, use a defibrillator to zap back to life a fallen soldier or order an airstrike every little input you bring to the battlefield makes a difference. The best part is that everything happens very fast.

Dirty Bombay Martini

You actually get rewarded for being a team player

In a lot of games teamplay matters but you’ll always have that one guy who goes guns blazing into the enemy base and just hands overkills. In Dirty Bomb that will still be a problem but the game has a different way of slapping them back to reality.

Besides the fact that you get experience for sticking together with your teammates, rewards are also issued for helping out a wounded ally, using your support skills, and aiding in a takedown.

Moreover, some maps are tight when it comes to space to roam around like madmen, and women, with guns and you get a lot of chokepoints. If you don’t come together as a team to outsmart or flank the enemy, you’ll just be replacing the dummies from the tutorial for that round.

Dirty Bomb Game


Minimum requirements

OS Windows XP or better
Processor 2.33 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics 512MB – GeForce 7800GTX or better
DirectX Version 9.0
Network Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive 5 GB available space
Sound Card Generic Sound Card


OS Windows 7 or better
Processor 2.0 GHz Quad-Core or better
Memory 3 GB RAM
Graphics 512MB – GeForce 7800GTX or better
DirectX Version 9.0
Network Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive 5 GB available space
Sound Card Generic Sound Card
  • Fast-paced, highly competitive teamplay that takes the shooter back to its purest roots
  • More than 20 unmistakable Mercenaries, each overflowing with their own capacities, traits and exclamations

Two game-modes:

  • Objective – Battle through pieces of the city, finishing objectives to arrive at the finale quickly
  • Stopwatch – Objective mode for competitive kinds, where groups trade sides mid-match to see who’s faster

Screenshots of Dirty Bomb

Official Video Intro Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb Kills Montage - HonourBound

Dirty Bomb FAQs

What's the difference between Stopwatch and Objective?

Stopwatch and Objective modes are two closely related game modes, but with a pair of important differences: Time and Rounds (…not the bullet kind).

Things are simpler in Objective Mode. The attackers attack and the defenders defend. The Attackers start out with a few minutes to complete their objective, and if they do it they get another chunk of time to go after their next objective, and the game ends if the Defenders manage to run out the clock, or the Attackers complete the final objective.

With Stopwatch, much of the gameplay is the same, Attackers still attack and Defenders still defend. Instead of a short chunk of time, and more added on with each objective, the Attackers are given fifteen minutes to complete them all, and the round  ends if the Attackers complete the final objective, or the Defenders run out the clock.

However, at that point the two teams switch sides, the former Attackers now placed on Defense, and vice versa. At this point, the second team is challenged to do better than their opponents did while on Offense, either completing the match in less time or progressing further on the objectives before time runs out.

There is a brief intermission between the two halves of a Stopwatch match, letting the two teams get their bearings and discuss strategy before the second half starts. Be sure to get ready for the fight!


So… which one should I play?

We recommend that players new to Dirty Bomb, or unfamiliar to a new map, stick to Objective for a while. Once you feel like you have a handle on it, strike out into Stopwatch and take on the more competitive environment there.


What are Loadout Cards and how do I get them?

Loadout Cards are a set of Weapons, Augments and Cosmetic Skins for one of Dirty Bomb’s various Mercs. While every character has a signature weapon, these Loadout Cards can give them different ones, such as a submachine gun for the normally shotgun weilding Proxy, or a fancy Cricket Bat instead of a combat knife.

Every Merc comes with a default Loadout Card, featuring their signature weapon, and you can gain more through Crates that can be purchased from the Store for 1,000 Credits. They are also randomly awarded after matches, entirely for free. Be sure to check the Crates sub-tab in the Loadout section periodically to see if you got one from your recent matches!


What's the Free Rotation?

All players will have access to two Mercenaries upon creating their account, the medic Aura and ammo supplying Skyhammer, and they can unlock more via  in-game Credits or cash shop purchases. However, its not very much fun only having two Mercs to use to start out with. As such, at least two Mercs will be usable by all players in-game, rotating new Mercs in periodically and locking away the old ones.


  • S.K.I.L.L. – Special Force 2
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Blacklight: Retribution
  • Warface
  • Argo

What’s new in Dirty Bomb 1.0:

  • Skyhammer Obsidian Operative? CHECK! Proxy Obsidian Operative? CHECK! Aura Obsidian Operative?! HELL YES!!
  • We don’t think words can explain how awesome Aura looks, so we’re going to let the above image do the talking.

Dirty Bomb Overview

Dirty Bomb PC

Dirty Bomb Game Download For PC

Technical Specification

Version Varies with device
File Size 3.6 GB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Splash Damage


It’s not perfect, but there are a few this good

Dirty Bomb is still in the works, and there is a good deal of stuff that needs a bit more sorting out. On the plus side, the game features relatively simplified gameplay that lets players focus on a handful of things, which in turn leaves the focus on the shooting and it has fewer aspects to worry about going wrong.


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