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Eclipse Open Innovation And Collaboration Software Download 2021

Apr 12,2019 - Eclipse Foundation (Free)

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The Eclipse software development environment provides programmers with the means of creating client-oriented applications within an IDE, along with a comprehensive plug-in system. It is based programming language is Java. However, thanks to several dedicated plug-ins, it can also be utilized to work with other programming and scripting languages, such as C, C++, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Ada, or COBOL.

Eclipse Open Innovation And Collaboration Software Download

IDE dedicated to Java developers

The IDE targets Java developers who want to create multi-platform software applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux distributions and even Solaris. It includes the Eclipse Java development tool made from an incremental Java compiler and a complete set of Java source files that help you analyze code and perform advanced refactoring techniques.

Support for numerous platforms and servers


Various platforms are provided, such as the Rich Client Platform (RCP) and Server, Web Tools or Modeling components. The RCP consists of Equinox OSGi, the core platform, Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), JFace, and the Eclipse Workbench for viewing and editing perspectives.

Development support is supplied for a plethora of servers, like Tomcat or GlassFish included in the Server platform, while the Web Tools Platform is an extension with the necessary tools to create web and Java EE software products. It contains multiple source and graphic editors for easy development, as well as tools and APIs for everything you need to deploy, run and test your applications.

Rich and user-friendly client-oriented tools

The Modeling Platform consists of several official project categories of the Eclipse Foundation that set their sights on model-based development technologies. Model Transformation, Model Development Tools, Concrete Syntax Development, Abstract Syntax Development, Technology, and Research, together with Amalgam are included.

RCP developers are greeted with a set of features that focus on the model-based interface and the CSS-based declarative mechanism needed for putting together a stylish UI. Designing and customizing app interfaces is a flexible job, while the services-oriented programming model helps you run Eclipse platform services discreetly.

Overall, a necessary package for Java development

In the wide range of Eclipse-based software tools, you can find 2-plan Desktop, Acceleo, Adobe Flash Builder, Aptana, Bioclipse, CityEngine, IBM Lotus Notes, RSSOwl, Talend Open Studio, Xmind, Zen Coding, and Zend Studio. All in all, the Eclipse SDK provides a necessary Java IDE with all the right ingredients for developing truly great programs.

Eclipse Open Innovation And Collaboration Software FAQs

What Is The Eclipse Foundation?

The Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit, member-supported corporation that hosts the Eclipse projects. The Foundation provides services to run the IT infrastructure, perform IP due diligence, mentor open source projects, and provide marketing and business development support for the Eclipse community.

It is important to realize that the Eclipse Foundation does not actually develop the open source code. All of the open source software at Eclipse is developed by open source developers, called committers, which are volunteered or contributed by organizations and individuals.

How Do I Get In Contact With Other Eclipse Users?

The best way to get in touch with other Eclipse users is via our forums and Bugzilla database. This is typically where people ask and answer questions about their favourite Eclipse projects. You can also find individuals blogging about Eclipse on

What License Does Eclipse Use?

Eclipse uses the Eclipse Public License (EPL). The EPL is a commercially friendly license that allows organizations to include Eclipse software in their commercial products, while at the same time asking those who create derivative works of EPL code to contribute back to the community.

Where Do I Get Support?

Everyone is free to open bugs and ask questions on our forums. There are also companies that offer commercial products built on Eclipse and Eclipse distributions. Many of these organizations are able to provide commercial -level support.


Technical Specification

Version 2021
File Size 110 MB
Languages Multiple
License Free
Developer Eclipse Foundation



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