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Banktivity Personal Financial Management Tools For Mac 8

May 7,2021 - IGG Software, Inc. (Free)

36.8 MB (Safe & Secure)

Banktivity for Mac (previously known as iBank) is a new standard in Mac money management. The package is the most comprehensive software with personal financial management tools available for Mac, with an intuitive user interface and a wide range of money-management functions. It allows you to easily enter and update transactions, pay bills electronically and on schedule, import online account data, review statements, and monitor your investments using flexible and powerful tools.

Splitting, scheduling, and categorizing transactions is easy in Banktivity for macOS. Using the app’s modular templates, you can generate strong, interactive reports with just a few clicks (Income and Expense, Net Worth, Forecast, and more). And Banktivity’s latest envelope budgeting feature allows you to customize your expenses while investing.

BanktivitySystem requirements

Operating System Mac OS 10.15 and higher version

Banktivity For Personal Financial Management Tools Features

  • Easy Setup: Add your first account in minutes. Connect to over 14,000 different banks. You can even track the value of your home and other real estate. If you’re moving from another finance app, the seamless import can bring over all of your accounts, transactions, categories, and tags.
  • See The Big Picture: Stop guessing about what you can and cannot afford. The app makes it easy to understand even the most complex financial situations.
  • Hit Your Goals: Everyone’s financial situation can be broken down into goals. Maybe you want to pay off your credit card debt, build up a reserve fund, save to buy a house or a new car, or save for that kitchen remodel. Whatever your financial goals are, the app helps you reach them through its powerful envelope budgeting.
  • Savings: Make sure you have an adequate emergency fund to weather the rough times. See your net worth through time to make sure you are consistently building wealth.
  • Growth: Keep track of your long-term plays like your retirement and home value. Easily see how your investments are performing. You can even update the value of your property by pulling directly from Zillow*.
  • Your Home and Real Estate: Track the value of your real estate and compare directly to how much you have leveraged. If you own property in the United States Banktivity for Mac OS can automatically show you what your current home value is worth using Zillow’s Zestimates*.
  • Stocks and Securities: Track and manage your investments like no other mac financial software. The app calculates percent gain, ROI, IRR, and more. It even allows you to choose how you want to track stock lots, either FIFO, LIFO, or custom.
  • Savings Rate: The bellwether of your finances – the app automatically calculates your savings rate so you always know how quickly you are building wealth.
  • Net Worth: The tool automatically gives you a breakdown of your net worth through time. A consistently increasing net worth is an indicator of good financial health.
  • Investment Performance: Banktivity shows you valuable investment metrics like short and long-term gains, dividend returns, IRR (internal rate of return), ROI (return on investment), and even performance of individual lots. An integrated portfolio shows you the big picture.

Screenshots of Banktivity Software

Official Video of Personal Financial Management software

How To Use Banktivity Software

Banktivity Software FAQs

What Happens If I Stop Paying My Subscription?

Your data is yours and the apps keep working in “basic mode”. That means you can keep using the apps to track your finances, but premium features, support, and connected services like Cloud Sync, Direct Access, stock price downloading, etc. will not be available unless you renew.


Is There A Free Trial?


You can try the Banktivity apps for free for 30 days. After 30 days, your credit card will be billed based on the selected tier (bronze, silver or gold).


What happens if I’m paying for Direct Access with a previous version of Banktivity and I want to move to the new Banktivity?

You can convert your remaining Direct Access time (prorated at 75% rounded up to the nearest 30 day increment) to your new subscription. Your original Direct Access time will remain accessible in older versions of Banktivity.


Can I sync my Banktivity data between multiple Macs?

Yes! Banktivity Cloud Sync keeps your documents in sync between all of your Macs and mobile devices, seamlessly. Cloud Sync is included in all of the Banktivity subscription tiers.


Banktivity Software For Personal Financial Management Tools Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
7.5.3 September, 17th 2020 22.4 MB Download
6.3.2 July, 2nd 2018 19.2 MB Download

What’s New in Banktivity Software

Banktivity 7.5.3

  • Changed data sources for real estate valuation
  • Updated the User-Agent string for the built-in browser

Banktivity Software Overview

Banktivity Technical Specification

Banktivity Software
Version 8
File Size 36.8 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer IGG Software, Inc.


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