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OP Auto Clicker Software Free Download For Windows (7/8/10) 3.0

Jun 21,2021 - AutoClicker Team (Free)

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Have you ever considered purchasing software to help you complete your tasks? Certain tasks can be so tiresome that you become exhausted. There are numerous IT-related tasks and games that necessitate repeated mouse clicks in different locations. The art of performing tasks is being updated as technology advances. IT technicians and software developers have always worked hard to create the best auto clicker for windows software, which has made our lives a lot easier by saving us from doing tedious tasks manually. Let me introduce another piece of software that has made many people’s lives easier: “Auto clicker software.”

The auto clicker downloader allows you to completely automate your mouse clicks at any location. It can carry out the action in two ways. One method is to use auto-clicking at dynamic cursor areas or specific locations, which can also be defined with a time limit and number of clicks. This allows you to get quick clicks automatically and with maximum efficiency. Furthermore, hotkeys for automatic clicking can be defined. Hotkeys function in the background. Installing this auto clicker downloader into your system will allow you to reap its benefits.

Auto Clicker Software Download

Simple and advanced, both auto clicker software types are available to download. The complexity of their functions differs. Simple or generic auto clickers simply imitate recorded mouse clicking. This simple auto-clicker software can also work along with the already running program in your computer and acts like a mouse is being clicked. However, advanced or updated auto clicker software is a bit more complex than simple auto clickers and can be customized to use for more than just programs and memory reading. In spite of the updated features of advanced auto clickers, simple auto clickers have gained more popularity.

Ways to Use Auto Clicker Software


Auto clicker software, although, has the simplest user interface, its correct usage still should be taught to ensure the best performance. In order to relish the astounding benefits of auto clicker software you will have to follow the given below step-by-step instructions; Download auto clicker software in your system. Check out here to know more about the auto clicker software.

  • After completion of installation, open auto clicker software.
  • Auto clicker software window will pop up on your system screen.
  • You can see multiple options like click interval, click options, cursor position, Start/Stop etc.
  • From click interval option, based on the action you require, set each click duration, which is basically the time duration between two clicks
  • Wide-ranging time interval from milliseconds to hours allows to opt for a time interval of user’s choice
  • In click options, you can opt for the mouse button (left or right) and click type.
  • In Click repeat, you can select how many times you want to repeat the clicks
  • Cursor position options allow you to pick a new location or select the current
  • Once you have completed all the settings you can either start the action using the “Start” button or you can use the “F6” key.
  • Hotkey settings can also be changed and you can assign any key of your choice.

Enticing Features of Auto Clicker Software For Windows

Repetitive mouse clicking has certain problems such as it can cause mouse damage leading you to purchase a mouse again and again. Your hands, fingers, and wrists can become numb and swollen.  In such a scenario, you must give a look at the enticing features of Auto Clicker Downloader, which are mentioned below:

  • You can predefine clicking location, number of clicks, and time interval.
  • You can also set the mode to follow dynamic cursor location for automatic clicking
  • The number of clicks has no limit, you can set any number you want
  • Select the mouse button for clicking, i-e left-click or right-click
  • Choose any one option among single clicks, double clicks, or triple clicks
  • You can change hotkeys as per your choice
  • When an application is running in the background, hotkeys can still work
  • It is very convenient to use
  • You can get an auto clicker downloader for free
  • It has minimal CPU usage
  • User Interface is very simple to use
  • There are no malware or advertisements on it
  • It’s portable and virus free

OP auto Clicker Software For PC FAQs

What Are Hotkeys?

These are the quick keys to start or stop the automated clicks. F6 is the default set key but you can change the same, as you want.

Is OP Auto Clicker Allowed In Roblox?

Yes, you can use it in Roblox. There are no such restrictions on using such auto clickers to avoid the monotonous task of clicking

For Which Platforms Is This Auto Clicker Available?

It is available for all Windows operating systems, ranging from Windows XP to that of the latest version.

OP Auto Clicker Software Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
3.0 February, 20th 2021 844.06 KB Download


  • Mouse Recorder.
  • GS Auto Clicker.
  • XuMouse.
  • Mouse Jiggler.
  • Mousotron.

Tech Specification

Version 3.0
File Size 844.06 KB
Languages English
License Free
Developer AutoClicker Team


Now you are good to go. Perform as many clicks as you want without the need of pressing mouse buttons. You rarely have experienced such a user-friendly interface. Automatic clicker software has the ability to copyright clicks and left clicks on any window or screen you want.  You just have to give instructions to this software once, after this, it will do automatic clicking as per recorded clicking. Moreover, it shows the accurate X & Y coordinate of the clicking point. Multiple clicking points can be recorded and can be kept saved as scripts for employment in the future for similar tasks.  This saves you a lot of time and you can focus on other productive tasks or you can spare time to enjoy your life.


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