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3D Builder Download For Windows 2021

Oct 19,2020 - Microsoft Corporation (Free)

35.02 MB (Safe & Secure)

3D Builder is Microsoft’s 3D modeling software that allows you to easily design a 3D model, visualize it, or make any modifications quickly. It is a free solution, installed by default on all computers with Windows 10. 3D Builder is compatible with 3D printing since it allows exporting models in STL, OBJ, or 3MF formats. Microsoft also offers a wide selection of 3D models that are ready to download for free directly from the interface. Today, this software receives many positive reviews for the numerous functionalities it offers.

3D Builder Microsoft

Take a picture with your webcam and make it 3D. Personalize 3D files by embossing your name, or combine models and pieces to make something new. Build from scratch using simple shapes. Don’t have a 3D printer? That’s okay, you can order a professional-quality print of your model from inside the app.

3D Builder

Download many kinds of 3D files and edit them using a wide range of powerful yet easy-to-use tools. Take a picture with your webcam and make it 3D. Personalize 3D objects by embossing your name on them, or combine models and pieces to make something new. Build from scratch using simple customizable shapes.

3D Builder

Features of 3D Builder Software

  • 3D Builder provides everything you need to make any 3D content printable.
  • Open 3MF, STL, OBJ, PLY, and WRL (VRML) files.
  • Add a base to uneven objects.
  • Clean up models by smoothing and simplifying.
  • Automatically repair models so that you can print them.
  • Save as 3MF, STL, PLY, or OBJ files.
  • Use the 3D Scan app to scan yourself in full color.
  • Take pictures with your webcam and make them 3D, or use BMP, JPG, PNG, and TGA files.
  • Emboss any model with text or images.
  • Drag-and-drop to build with simple shapes.
  • Supported 3D printers: and online 3D printing service
  • Print directly to supported 3D printers using multiple materials or order your model via preferred online printing service:
  • Print images of your 3D objects on paper.
  • Merge, intersect or subtract objects from each other, or slice them into pieces.

What’s New

  • Realistic rendering of materials including translucent and metallic objects
  • New layered paint tools allow stacking textures and with support for transparent texture areas
  • Generate a QR code and stamp it on your object
  • Browse for inspiring models and use the tools in 3D Builder to make them 3D printable
  • Full glTF file format support – animation pose selection, realistic materials, share with the glTF universe!Create new shapes by customizing properties of the basic shape

Pros and Cons of Microsoft 3D Builder Software For Windows

Pros Cons
Has to snap feature Not a lot of features
Can convert images to 3D objects Cannot support popular 3D rendering file formats
Simple interface Image conversion not very good
Can scan and print 3D images Not good for actually building 3D models

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10 version or higher, Xbox One, Windows 8.1
Graphics Card Integrated or discrete graphics card with the latest drivers
Architecture ARM, ARM64, x64, x86
Memory 4 GB RAM
Processor 1 GHz Processor or above

Official Video Intro Microsoft 3D Builder

Microsoft 3D Builder Tutorial: How to Create Models for 3D Printing

  • FreeCAD
  • SketchUp
  • LibreCAD
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Cura

Microsoft 3D Builder Overview

Microsoft 3D Builder Download For PC

Technical Specification

Software Name 3D Builder Software For PC
File Size 35.02 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer Microsoft Corporation


3D Builder can help all those who often work with 3D printers to efficiently and intuitively manage their objects, so as to make sure the item they are printing matches their expectations.


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