VLC Media Player Download

VLC media player download (formerly VideoLAN Client) to access an open-source, cross-platform and widely popular free multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, MP3, and OGG, as well as for DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. VLC player download for windows 10  is the best media player format.

VLC has got a 12-band equalizer for adjusting frequency sliders from fine-tuning the sounds. This media player capable of connecting you to hundreds of free internet radio stations so that you can stream radio online whenever you like. It also can be used as a server for unicast or multicast streams in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network. 


Additionally, VLC media player for windows also plays incomplete files which can be very useful to check the authenticity of any video without downloading full video. It is a versatile, user-friendly media player with the most basic UI.

VLC Media Player UI

VLC Media Player for pc features

  •  Plays everything – Files, Discs, Record Webcams, Devices, and Streams.
  •  Plays most codecs with no codec packs needed – MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3…
  •  Runs on all platforms – Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, Android …
  •  Completely Free – no spyware, no ads, and no user tracking.

Fast – Hardware Decoding

VLC has hardware decoding on most platforms. It supports 0-copy on the GPU and can fall back on software when required.

Advanced control

VLC has the most complete feature-set over the video, subtitle synchronization, video, and audio filters.

Plays all formats

MPEG Layer 1/2, MP3 – MPEG Layer 3, AAC – MPEG-4 part3, Vorbis, AC3 – A/52, E-AC-3, MLP / TrueHD>3, DTS, WMA 1/2, WMA 3, FLAC, ALAC, Speex, Musepack / MPC, ATRAC 3, Wavpack, Mod, TrueAudio, APE, Real Audio, Alaw/µlaw, AMR (3GPP), MIDI, LPCM, ADPCM, QCELP, DV Audio, QDM2/QDMC, MACE.

Play Internet Radio

VLC provides Internet Radio channels on its Playlist sidebar for you to browse and search for online radio stations. If the provided stations don’t interest you, you can play your favorite channel by getting the station’s URL and opening it using Media > Open Network Stream.

Audio  and Video Effects

VLC gives you a multitude of tools that allows you to editing video and audio of any given media. To see the tools available, go to Tools > Adjustments and Effects. From here, you will see tabs that contain the A/V manipulation tools. On the video side, you can adjust colors, crop, rotate video, add filters, etc. With audio, you get the usual equalizers to tune your music.

Add Watermarks on Video

You can add your own watermarks on video through VLC, bypassing a need for a dedicated video editor to do so. Do remember though that you will need to use VLC’s recording feature to save the video with the watermark.

Subscribe To Podcast

If you are looking for a very simple podcast subscription app, VLC can fill that need. You can use the app to subscribe to your favorite video and audio podcast and view them all within the app.

To subscribe to a podcast, got to the Playlist sidebar, under Internet, there is a Podcast option. Hover your mouse cursor over it and a + will appear. Click on it and add the RSS for your podcast. On the Mac version, go to the Podcast option and press Subscribe to add the RSS URL.

Video Wallpaper

Ever wanted to have a video playing as your desktop wallpaper? There is a simple way to toggle this using VLC. Go to Tools > Preference. Click on Video and under the Output drop-down box, select DirectX (DirectDraw) video output. Save and restart VLC. The next time you play a video, an option will appear on the right-click menu under Video to play as a Set as Wallpaper. Choose it and the video will then start playing as your desktop background.

Play Archived Media Files

If you have a ZIP or RAR file that contains a media file, you can actually play them within VLC without extracting them. Simply open them with VLC and it will play all of the files contained within.

If the file is broken up into pieces, just open the first part of the archive in VLC, making sure all the files are within the same place. This is a good tip when you don’t want to waste space decompressing the video.

Scrobble To Last.fm

If you are a heavy Last.fm user, you can scrobble the music you play through VLC. To enable it, got to Tools > Preference. On the Show settings radio box, click All. Click on Interface > Control interfaces and tick the checkbox for the Submission of played songs to Last.fm. Then, under Interface > Control interfaces > Audioscrobbler, enter in your Last.fm credentials.

Other Highlights

  • Creating Audio and Video Effects
  • Record Your Desktop
  • Convert Video Files
  • Stream Media over Network or Internet
  • Works as a Graphic Equalizer for Your Music
  • Rip a DVD
  • Record your webcam
  • Subscribe to Podcasts
  • VLC plays Files, Discs, Webcams, Devices, and Streams.
  • Add Watermark on Video
  • Subscribe to podcasts
  • No spyware, No ads, No user tracking.
  • Debanding, grain, denoising, and anti-flickering filters.
  • Deinterlacing filter, including an Inverse Telecine algorithm.
  • Resamplers for higher quality audio.
  • Activate Audio Normalization to Protect Your Ears
  • Dynamic range compressor and karaoke filters.
  • Simplification of the audio core for faster processing.
  • Audio outputs for iOS, Android and OS/2.
  • Multi-threaded decoding for H.264, MPEG-4/Xvid, and WebM.
  • Support for 10bits codecs, WMV image, and some other codecs.
  • Rewritten support for images, including jpeg, png, xcf, bmp etc.
  • Important changes in RealVideo and Real Format support.
  • CrystalHD cards and Android OpenMAX support for hardware
VLC Media PLayer set up
VLC Tools setting

Technical Setup Details

  • Software Full Name: VLC Media Player
  • Setup File Name: vlc-3.0.8-win64.exe
  • Full Setup Size: 39.9 MB
  • Compatibility: 64 Bit
  • Developers:  VideoLAN