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Virgin Atlantic WiFi

Virgin Atlantic Airways stands as a prominent global airline enterprise, tracing its origins back to the United Kingdom. The airline efficiently operates flight routes connecting more than 30 nations. Committed to enhancing the onboard experience, Virgin Atlantic offers passengers the convenience of Virgin Atlantic WiFi, enabling them to stay seamlessly linked with the world while airborne. Delve further into this article to gain comprehensive insights into the offerings of Virgin Atlantic WiFi and its array of accompanying services.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic Airways Entertainment Vera

Virgin Atlantic Airways presents complimentary inflight entertainment to cater to its passengers’ entertainment needs. Branded under the name “Vera,” this inflight entertainment system offers a comprehensive selection of content aimed at elevating your flight experience. Indulge in a variety of highly-desired Hollywood films, enthralling television series, revitalizing music, interactive games, and a plethora of other exhilarating choices.

Distinguished as the sole British airline to forge a partnership with HBO Max, Virgin Atlantic Airways grants you exclusive access to HBO Max’s premium content while virgin atlantic onboard wifi. Whether you’re embarking on a family journey, rest assured that Virgin Atlantic Airways has curated a diverse assortment of kids’ TV shows, movies, audio selections, and interactive games to keep your young travelers engaged and entertained throughout the flight.


In conjunction with these remarkable features, you’ll have the ability to craft your own personalized playlist, implement parental access controls for your child’s viewing, and conveniently charge your electronic devices—such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops—during the flight, thanks to our in-seat power facility.

Vera extends its offerings beyond just entertainment, encompassing a spectrum of audio clips designed to promote relaxation, meditation, or restful sleep during your flight. This ensures you arrive at your destination refreshed and prepared for your endeavors. Moreover, Vera magazines enrich your journey with top-tier travel articles, comprehensive listings, insightful guides, and more, enhancing your overall virgin inflight internet experience.

Virgin Atlantic WiFi

Virgin Atlantic offers a paid inflight WiFi service, powered by Gogo, ensuring swift and seamless internet connectivity for passengers throughout the duration of the flight. Procuring virgin-atlantic-wifi during your inflight experience is a convenient process, as it can be acquired using major credit cards or debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and UATP.

You can connect to virgin atlantic wifi on plane service on all your devices equipped with WiFi capabilities, ensuring your continuous connectivity and engagement throughout your airborne experience. Moreover, passengers aboard A330s, A340s, and 747s aircraft are treated to the added advantage of unlimited WiFi access, further enhancing their connectivity options during the journey.

Virgin Atlantic Inflight Wifi Price

Virgin Atlantic Airlines provides the following selection of Wi-Fi passes and subscriptions for your consideration:

Wi-Fi Light

  • £4.99 for 40 MB data usage (Offer 1)
  • £4.99 for one hour of Internet access (Offer 2)

Wi-Fi Max

  • £14.99 for 150 MB data usage (Offer 1)
  • £14.99 for full-flight Internet access (Offer 2)

Messaging Pass

  • £2.99 for messaging access throughout the duration of the flight.

Please note that Offer 1, available for both Wi-Fi Light and Wi-Fi Max services, pertains exclusively to flights utilizing the 787 aircraft. Conversely, Offer 2, encompassing both Wi-Fi Light and Wi-Fi Max services, as well as the Messaging Pass, is accessible for flights operated on A330, A340, and 747 aircraft.

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How To Connect To Virgin Atlantic Wi-Fi?

  1. Enable Wi-Fi: Turn on your device’s Wi-Fi.
  2. Select Network: Choose the Virgin Atlantic Wi-Fi network from available networks, connect to the “Virgin-Atlantic” or “gogoinflight” Wi-Fi network.
  3. Open Browser: If not redirected, open your browser and type in the address bar.
  4. Login/Signup: Log in or sign up on the prompted page.
  5. Choose Plan: Select a Wi-Fi plan that suits you.
  6. Payment: Enter payment details if required.
  7. Connect: Click “Connect” or follow provided instructions.
  8. Enjoy: Once connected, enjoy the virgin airlines internet services.

Virgin Atlantic Wi-Fi coverage

Virgin Atlantic is thrilled to provide Wi-Fi across its entire fleet of 39 aircraft, making sure clients can live connected throughout flights to and from locations such as US, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. internet on virgin flights service is available when flying above altitudes of 10,000 feet.

In a deliberate effort to provide exceptional Wi-Fi performance and connectivity, the airline has diligently chosen two industry-leading Wi-Fi service providers: Panasonic and Gogo. Passengers on 787 aircraft can enjoy virgin atlantic inflight internet powered by Panasonic technology, while those aboard A330s, 747s, and A340-600s will experience connectivity through Gogo’s advanced solutions.

Customer Support Service

If you need more help or want to learn more about virgin airlines wifi services, please reach out to our Virgin Atlantic Customer Service Support.


Contact Number:

01293 747373

Please note that certain limitations might apply. Offers are subject to potential modifications. Kindly visit the Virgin Atlantic website to review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more details.


What is Vera and what does it offer in terms of inflight entertainment?

Vera is Virgin Atlantic’s inflight entertainment system, providing a wide range of Hollywood movies, TV shows, music, interactive games, and more to enhance your flight experience.

How does Virgin Atlantic collaborate with HBO Max for inflight entertainment?

Virgin Atlantic is the exclusive British airline partner of HBO Max, offering passengers access to premium HBO content during their flight, including exclusive shows and movies.

Can I control what my child watches during the flight?

Yes, Virgin Atlantic’s inflight entertainment system allows you to set parental access controls to ensure a safe and appropriate viewing experience for your children.

Is there a cost to access virgin airlines wifi?

Yes, Virgin Atlantic offers paid inflight WiFi services. Different plans are available, including Wi-Fi Light and Wi-Fi Max, each with specific data limits and access durations.

How can I connect to Virgin Atlantic WiFi during my flight?

To connect to wifi on virgin atlantic, enable your device’s Wi-Fi, select the Virgin Atlantic Wi-Fi network, open your browser, log in or sign up, choose a plan, provide payment details if required, and enjoy seamless connectivity.

What are the pricing options for Virgin Atlantic WiFi?

Virgin Atlantic offers Wi-Fi Light and Wi-Fi Max plans with varying data allowances and access durations. Pricing details can be found in the article.

Can I access Virgin Atlantic WiFi on all aircraft?

Yes, Virgin Atlantic aims to provide WiFi coverage on all of its aircraft, with unlimited WiFi available on A330s, A340s, and 747s.


Virgin Atlantic’s comprehensive inflight offerings, including the Vera entertainment system and seamless WiFi connectivity, reflect the airline’s commitment to enhancing passengers’ travel experiences. With diverse entertainment options, convenient WiFi plans, and a forward-thinking approach, Virgin Atlantic ensures travelers can stay entertained and connected throughout their journey.


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