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Sidekick – Best Browser For Mac Download 90.9.1

Jul 5,2021 - PushPlayLabs Inc. (Free)

94.9 MB (Safe & Secure)

Sidekick is a fast browser for Mac OS X’s innovative new work OS that is based on the Chromium browser. It is intended to provide the ideal online working experience, bringing together your team and any web tool you need – all in one interface!

Anyone who works in a browser nowadays has to battle to stay organized. Tabs are out of control, browser windows are scattered, and desktop apps may operate on their own, but they don’t connect well with the rest of your web work.

SideKick For Mac Browser Download

Never again will you have to rummage through your browser history. With a single shortcut, you may use Sidekick’s built-in search bar. In seconds, you can search across all of your applications, tabs, and workspaces. This is the fastest Browser for Mac that automatically keeps your open tabs as a session while you work.

When it comes to performance, Sidekick addresses the inherent inefficiencies of in-browser programs by immediately suspending tabs you’re not currently using, and if you have many comparable tabs open, memory usage should be considerably decreased.

You’ll find that pretty much all popular web apps can be added directly from the browser’s collection. You can also create new apps from a tab or URL, and the process could not be simpler. If an app doesn’t support multiple accounts natively, Sidekick can get around that by running separate instances in Private Session mode, allowing you to use different credentials for each one.

Once you’ve set up your workspace and have everything you need at hand, you can save everything to a session, which you can then open at any time with a single click, or switch to a different one when necessary.

Since the developers don’t rely on ad revenue, they have no incentive to collect your data. Your personal information is only stored locally, including your searches and browsing history.

It comes with a built-in ad and tracker blocker, which should improve your browsing experience considerably while also minimizing the amount of personal data that is leaked to third parties.

System requirements

Operating System Mac OS 10.9 and higher version
Processor 64-bit processor

SideKick Fast Browser For Mac Features

  • Block trackers: It doesn’t have an ad-based business model, so it can block ads and trackers without compromise.
  • AI-based tab suspension: It saves memory by automatically suspending tabs that you don’t need at the moment.
  • Improved tab memory management: The app uses significantly less memory when you work with similar tabs.
  • Give your apps a home: Pin your apps in the Sidekick sidebar. Access them instantly and never lose them again.
  • Search any app: Apps have their own history. Search them quickly with their dedicated search field.
  • Control your notifications: Configure each app to alert you with badge notifications for new messages and updates.
  • Switch between accounts with a click: It allows you to have multiple logins simultaneously in all the apps whether they support it or not.
  • Block data-grabbing ads: Sidekick software for Mac blocks virtually every data-grabbing ad and tracker. Even the ones that other browsers say “respect your privacy.
  • Respected privacy: The program never sells access to your data. That includes your searches, your browsing history, and your personal information.

Screenshots of SideKick For Mac 

Official Video SideKick Fast Browser For Mac

SideKick Browser Video Presentation

SideKick Browser FAQs

How Can I Report A Bug / Suggest A Feature?

Best way is by clicking “?” in Sidebar -> Feedback. This will all send browser version to help us reproduce the error.


How Can Install An Extension With Custom New Tab Page?

Currently, this browser does not support customizing NTP. It’s on the roadmap.


How Can I Import My Chrome Extensions?

You can either do it during import when you first create account or add them manually through Chrome extension/app store.


How Can I Prevent A Site From Suspending?

You can set up suspender in settings available on Sidebar.


How Do I Enable Workspaces For Personal Use?

Workspaces are a bit experimental at this point. We will enable them as soon as they reach production quality.


How Is Sidekick Different From Chrome?

Sidekick is built on top of the latest version of Chrome and supports all Chrome features and extensions. However, as a browser focused on productivity Sidekick adds

  • an application Dock (Sidebar) so you can access your most-used apps quickly

  • the ability to search through all your documents and applications

  • the ability to use multiple accounts simultaneously

  • deep integration with popular SaaS tools that gives them superpowers


SideKick For Mac Download Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
90.9.1 June, 16th 2021 94.9 MB Download

SideKick Browser For Mac Overview

Technical Specification

SideKick Download
Version 90.9.1
File Size 94.9 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer PushPlayLabs Inc.


If collaboration with others is crucial to your work, you can opt for additional features that will allow you to use shared apps and bookmarks, take advantage of built-in video call functionality, and share passwords with others securely.

Sidekick isn’t the first app to try to bring all your web apps together under one cozy roof, but it’s probably the best one I’ve tried so far. It just works, and the experience is markedly superior to the one you get in a run-of-the-mill browser.


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