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LinuxLive USB Creator Download 2.9.4

Aug 28,2020 - Thibaut Lauziere (Free)

5.9 MB (Safe & Secure)

LinuxLive USB Creator is a free and open-source software for Windows. It will help you in your journey of discovery with Linux. For you, LiLi creates portable, bootable, and virtualized USB sticks running Linux.

LinuxLive USB Creator helps you rapidly and effortlessly build for Linux bootable USB creator systems for a plethora of Linux distributions available on the market. Just to name a few of them, you can utilize Ubuntu (as well as Kubuntu and Xubuntu), Linux Mint, Fedora, Debian, OpenSUSE, or Damn Small Linux as the source for your bootable flash drive.


The application features one main interface window that smartly encases all the important menus and options of the program. The well-organized GUI is broken down into five steps including USB drive selection and source selection, persistence, options, and the creation button. First things first, you must make sure that you supply LinuxLive USB Creator with the necessary amount of space required by the Linux distribution.


LinuxLive USB Creator Software Features

Not only for geeks
This software is designed to be used by both beginners and geeks. If you are a beginner, LiLi will let you try Linux for the first time, keeping Windows clean of any modifications. And if you are a geek, LiLi will allow you to test almost any Linux distributions directly from Windows, or just install them from a USB flash drive instead of CDs.

Free and Open-source
It is a completely free and open-source software for Windows only. It has been built with simplicity in mind and it can be used by anyone. All you have to do is to pick up a Linux on the list and give it a try.

No reboot needed
Are you sick of having to reboot your PC to try Linux? No need with LinuxLive USBCreator. It has a built-in virtualization feature that lets you run your Linux within Windows just out of the box!

Supports many Linux distributions
Wow! Did you see that never-ending list? They are almost all there: Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, OpenSUSE, Mint, Slax, CentOS, ArchLinux, Gentoo, PCLinuxOS, Sabayon, BackTrack, Puppy Linux.

Having a Live USB key is better than just using a Live CD because you can even save your data and install the software. This feature is called persistence (available only on selected Linux).

SmartClean & SmartDownload
SmartClean uninstalls properly any previous Live USB installations and SmartDownload lets you download any supported Linux in 2 clicks automatically selecting the best mirror to download from. SmartClean also lets you clean your USB key in 1 click.

LinuxLive USB Crerator For Windows

Other Features of LinuxLive USB Creator

  • Create bootable Live USB of Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Damn Small Linux, Puppy Linux and many others!
  • Enable persistency of your data
  • Launch Linux directly in Windows with a special Portable VirtualBox
  • Hide created files on the key

You can choose to load up the source from an ISO or IMG image file as well as from a ZIP archive alongside a physical CD. Moreover, LinuxLive USB Creator comes packing a very helpful option to quickly and easily download the Linux distribution of your choice. All you have to do is select the one you want and choose to manually or automatically download it. The automated process firstly tests the connection speeds with the available servers in order to provide the shortest possible download time.

Persistence is a very cool option that comes alongside selected Linux distributions and that allows you to save your data as well as deployed software while utilizing the flash drive. You can also opt for hiding the files on the USB drive after they are being created and even enable the launch of LinuxLive within Windows.

LinuxLive USB Creator has all the makings of a great application presenting an intuitive interface packing powerful features and ease-of-use. With this particular program, you can take an ordinary USB key and turn it into a Live Linux-based environment to use whenever necessary, all of that in the least time span.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • LinuxLive USB Creator
  • balenaEtcher
  • UNetbootin
  • YUMI
  • Universal USB Installer
  • WinSetupFromUSB

LinuxLive USB Creator Overview

LinuxLive USB Creator Download For PC

Technical Specification

Software Name LinuxLive USB Creator Software For Windows V 2.9.4
File Size 5.9 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Opensource
Developer Thibaut Lauziere


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