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Instagram Paused Showing Chronological Feeds

Instagram estimates that the average user misses 70 percent of what is on their feed, with images that have accumulated a large number of likes and comments being lost as a result of time, which is a harsh dictator. According to an announcement made by Instagram, this is no longer the case. Users of the app won’t have to worry about the quirks of chronological temporality anymore.

It has been announced that Instagram would begin displaying photographs “depending on the likelihood that you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post.” The firm has stated that it will begin experimenting to determine the most effective method to optimize what is displayed and that, at least for the time being, “all of the posts will still be there; they will simply be in a new sequence.”


Instagram will start to show photos

Because of the changes, if someone with whom you often communicate on the app publishes anything throughout the night but you don’t check your phone until the morning, it will be waiting for you at the top of your feed when you do check your phone in the morning. This approach is very comparable to that taken by Facebook and, more lately, by Twitter.

In theory, it should bring to the top the photographs that you are most likely to be interested in viewing. You are able to follow more individuals without having their posts overpower those from your close pals, and you won’t have to check your phone every five minutes in the event that you could have missed a picture from the person you have a crush on.


Instagram will want feeds to be arranged algorithmically so that they can increase user engagement. If they do this, users will be less likely to leave the app and return to the real world after viewing a photo that is offensively uninteresting. On the other hand, all of this introduces a component of search engine optimization (SEO) to social media. Users will need to be concerned about whether or not the photographs they publish on Instagram are appealing to Instagram’s algorithms in order to avoid having their posts completely disappear.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the change is a good idea, or do you think it would be better if Instagram continued to display posts in chronological order?

| Update:  In an announcement made by Insta, the Chronological feed is back now.


Instagram will want algorithmically sorted feeds to increase user engagement because after viewing an offensively dull photo, users are less likely to leave the app and return to the real world. The drawback of this is that it incorporates SEO into social media. Users must consider whether the images they post will be liked by Instagram’s algorithms or they risk having their posts disappear completely.


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