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Mobile Gaming Has Just Become a Lot Richer

Sep 22,2021 - (Free)

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For more than 15 years, mobile device users have turned to their phones and tablets for their entertainment needs. Some use their mobiles to browse the Internet, some use them to get in touch with their friends or family members, and some use them to play games. In order to accommodate the needs of mobile users, software developers work tirelessly to create newer and fresher software, and, on most occasions, the newer the software is, the more commercial it is. However, sometimes, getting back to the basics is just as popular and just as profitable as making state-of-the-art software.

Final Fantasy Mobile Gaming

Mobile device gaming has a steadily growing audience, attracting more players every single day. From popular online casino games like Live Blackjack to Pokémon Go and to pixelated remasters like Final Fantasy, there is a game for every player and for every age group. These games do not require expensive consoles and fancy laptops or desktop computers. All one needs in order to run a relatively light software is a decent mobile phone with enough memory and battery life. If your device ticks these two boxes, then you can play your favorite mobile games whenever you want and from wherever you are.

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Remakes Are Great but Some Players Prefer Sticking to the Originals

The increasing sales of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster show that gamers feel a need to reconnect with the basics and to understand why the original RPGs became so popular. It is not a lie that modern games and remakes generate a lot more money than the releases of retro games, but in all honesty, some games should not be modernized. The first six Final Fantasy titles could create amazing remakes, which could probably sell more than Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but the Square executives feel that the players will get more from being able to play the originals via Steam and via using mobile devices.

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Remastering the Pixels Is Not as Easy as People Think

Understanding how the remastering process works is not something that average players care about. Most players simply want to start the game through their browser or through the application, but for this to happen, developers have to put in a lot of work and jump through a lot of hoops. In the case of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection, this implied working on six titles of different gaming generations at the same time and even though modern coding makes everything easier, getting a 1990 game to run on a 2021 environment is far from simple.

Why Is Final Fantasy So Popular?

Even though there is no connection between the Final Fantasy stories, there are always certain similarities in the FF universe’s background. No matter if the heroes are former soldiers, mages, or summoners, they are always in need of finding a family. These families of individuals who have no prior connection to one another embark on journeys that define the future of entire planets. During their adventures, they take on powerful villains, retrieve energy crystals and become better warriors by learning new abilities. The stories are normally pre-set, but the RPG element of each game gives players the illusion that they control everything move.


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