Zabbix Network Monitoring Software

19/04/2019 - (Freeware)
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Zabbix is a Powerful open-source application that mainly designed for the successful and clean monitoring of network resources. It is a unique solution for network monitoring and it features advanced visualization options and info tools like overviews, maps, graphs, screens and more.

Network monitor also allows for the monitoring of various devices on the network by automatically detecting their presence on the network. Web monitoring, as well as monitoring of VMware virtual machines, is possible with it. It can automatically discover network servers and devices, as well as perform low-level discovery with methods of automatically assigning performance and availability checks to discovered entities.

Zabbix is extremely easy configured and it can be used by both experienced and beginner administrators. It offers a centralized model for monitoring which allows storing of all data it acquired into a database for later processing. Both configuration and performance data can be stored in a single database.

This software has separate sections for monitoring, inventory, reports, administration, and configurations. Apart from this, it stores the collected data in its own private relational database, so that you can access and process it quite easily.


Features of Zabbix

  • Visualization


  • Effortless deployments
  • Metric collection
  • Notification and remediation
  • Problem detection
  • Distributed monitoring
  • Zabbix API
  • Security and authentication
  • Auto-discovery

Benefits of Zabbix   

The main benefits are its cost less platform, reliable features like this software agent, notification and remediation module, and easy-to-use and robust GUI.


Money Saver

It gives businesses and individuals the freedom to utilize an open-source platform with source code that can be accessed for free and without vendor lock-in. Businesses that are planning to use a monitoring platform, hence, do not need to spend a steep amount. The software also enables a seamless and fast set-up and configuration.

Zabbix Agent

It provides dependable features and tools that help users monitor everything in a network from servers to databases in a seamless and efficient manner. It’s Agent is one of the platform’s noteworthy modules. It features infrastructure management capabilities and provides dependable tools for network monitoring that allows users to strategic their capacity expansion.

Notification & Remediation Module

This functionality enables an all-inclusive communication flow and supports proactive notifications as well as automatic actions. With this module, users can receive notifications. The important information is escalated to responsible staff, so they can also take whatever step is needed. With the notification and remediation module, users can script and tailor the content of notifications depending on its context. Users can choose to receive it either via email, SMS, Jabber, and Ez Texting.

Robust and Easy-to-use GUI

with its easy-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI), it can be easily navigated even without much technical knowledge. The platform supports vivid visualization with huge-scale configuration functionalities. Users can have access and see a visual overview of the whole IT environment in numerous ways such as a widget-based dashboard, graphs, slideshows as well as drill-down reports.

What’s new in Version 4.2

It comes with all the bells and whistles a modern monitoring system should: data collection and processing, distributed monitoring, real-time problem, and anomaly detection, alerting and escalations, visualization and more.

In addition to existing official packages and appliances, Version 4.2 now also caters to the following platforms:

  • RaspberryPi
  • SUSE Enterprise Linux Server
  • Agent for Mac OS/X
  • Agent for MSI for Windows
  • Docker images

Zabbix Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons
Simple and easy to use That needs a deep knowledge to setup that
Minimal system requirements  Improve the UI but it’s a very good tool
Maintenance costs required for the app are very less It needs to provide more training videos and documentations
You’re offered complete assistance if there is any problem Some of the data can be a bit intimidating, but that’s really a user issue.
Features a flexible user permission schema
Supports web monitoring as well as monitoring of VMware virtual machines
Offers an efficient all-in-one business solution

System Requirement

Processor Pentium IV or equivalent
RAM 64 MB minimum(256 MB recommended)
Disk space 10 MB minimum(100 MB recommended)

Technical Specification

Title Zabbix
File Size 533.00 MB
Requirements Windows,Linux,IBM AIX,IBM Power 8,Mac,HP-UX,NetBSD,FreeBSD
Language English
Available Language English, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese,French,Polski
License Free
Date Added Jul 31, 2019
Author Zabbix LLC


Download for WindowsdownloadDownload for Mac


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