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What is YouTube’s subscription streaming service, YouTube Premium?

In today’s rapidly evolving digital terrain, saturated with a multitude of applications, services, and streaming platforms, the challenge of navigating and pinpointing the ideal choices that align with your preferences can indeed be quite formidable. This sentiment also rings true when it comes to navigating the diverse array of offerings within YouTube’s realm. Launched by Google back in 2005, this video-hosting titan has garnered immense popularity, witnessing an astonishing influx of content at a staggering rate of over 400 hours per minute. However, the recent expansion of YouTube’s ventures, driven by the pursuit of increased revenue streams, has inevitably introduced a layer of intricacy to the experience.

In current years, a wave of innovative ventures has emerged, along with the likes of YouTube Music, YouTube TV, the now-defunct YouTube Go, and maximum notably, the buzzworthy YouTube Premium. Chances are, you’ve come across discussions about YouTube Premium quite frequently as of late. If you’re seeking clarity on the precise implications of these developments, rest assured, as we’re here to dissect exactly what constitutes YouTube Premium, provide insights into its cost considerations, and help you determine whether it seamlessly aligns with your individual preferences and requirements.


What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium stands as a subscription-centric service, originally introduced under the moniker “Music Key” in 2014. As is characteristic of numerous Google offerings, it underwent a series of rebranding efforts, transitioning from YouTube Red before adopting its current nomenclature. This service extends beyond the boundaries of exclusive music streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. Rather, it emerges as a multifaceted proposition, encompassing an array of modest yet impactful advantages tailored to elevate your overall YouTube journey. These encompass an ad-free viewing experience across YouTube videos, seamless YouTube Music streaming, the convenience of offline playback, and an exclusive gateway to premium, restricted content – often curated by notable YouTubers and influencers.


How Much Does YouTube Premium Cost Per Month?

Recognizing that many users are accustomed to enjoying YouTube’s offerings without incurring expenses, YouTube Premium takes a customer-friendly approach by extending a complimentary one-month trial. During the trial registration process, it’s worth mentioning that you’ll be prompted to provide your payment information. Following this step, a range of pricing tiers will be presented for your selection.

At the individual level, the current cost stands at $13.99 per month. This may seem a tad steep considering the full spectrum of advantages YouTube Premium brings forth. However, factoring in that YouTube Music alone demands $10.99 per month, opting for YouTube Premium emerges as an enticing proposition, granting you access to this musical realm in conjunction with supplementary video features. An alternative is the Family plan, priced at $22.99 per month (subject to recent adjustments), enabling the sharing of YouTube Premium perks among up to six accounts. While there’s been discourse regarding a more budget-friendly Premium Lite tier, its widespread availability remains pending. For eligible students, a discounted rate of $7.99 per month is in place.

It’s worth noting that beyond YouTube Premium, there exist other avenues to invest in YouTube-related services. You have the flexibility to select and enjoy numerous popular movies and TV shows, opting to either purchase or rent them at your convenience. Furthermore, YouTube extends YouTube TV, an Editors’ Choice designated live TV streaming service, priced at $73 per month.

YouTube Premium seamlessly augments your existing YouTube account, thereby extending its benefits across all platforms where YouTube is accessible. This spans web browsers, mobile devices (both Android and iOS), prominent video game consoles (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox), an array of smart TVs crafted by leading manufacturers, as well as diverse media streaming devices (including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku).

What do you get with YouTube Premium?

Certainly, YouTube Premium encompasses a host of advantageous features that we’ll break down for a clearer understanding:

Ad-Free Experience

As highlighted earlier, a YouTube Premium subscription eradicates all advertisements across the YouTube platform. This applies to both banner and video ads, whether you’re browsing via desktop or mobile, and extends its benefits to the YouTube Music app. Although the standard ad load might not be too overwhelming for some, it’s worth noting that those who employ YouTube akin to a paid music service could potentially encounter a higher frequency of ads.

Cross-Platform Ad-Free Viewing

The perk of ad-free viewing extends seamlessly across every platform where you use YouTube Premium. No matter if you’re using the web, smartphones, Roku, or any other streaming device, the ad-free experience remains consistently intact.

YouTube Originals

Although new content under the banner of YouTube Originals isn’t anticipated, the existing YouTube Originals channel, boasting over 6.7 million subscribers, continues to thrive. It offers an array of shows and diverse video content to explore.

YouTube Music Premium

While a YouTube Premium subscription previously included access to Google Play Music, the music offerings from Google have been streamlined to revolve around YouTube Music. Subscribing to YouTube Premium not only grants access to its suite of benefits but also unlocks YouTube Music Premium (typically priced at $10 per month). Much like YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium facilitates ad-free playback, offline viewing, and background play on mobile devices.

Background Playback on Mobile

A noteworthy feature enabled by YouTube Premium is the ability to play videos in the background when your phone is locked or when using other applications. This proves useful for activities such as podcast listening or playing a song while multitasking. This functionality is applicable within both the YouTube app and the dedicated YouTube Music app.

Offline Viewing

YouTube Premium offers the convenience of downloading videos, including entire playlists, for offline viewing. This proves particularly valuable during situations like flights or when conserving mobile data is a priority. While ample free space on your device is necessary for this feature, utilizing YouTube Music for song downloads (rather than the default YouTube app) helps mitigate storage constraints to some extent.

YouTube Premium and VPN

When venturing down various online paths, it’s no secret that YouTube can be considered a digital labyrinth fraught with potential hazards. To bolster your online safety and establish a shield of security, the adoption of a VPN is a strategic measure worth considering. It’s important to note that VPNs often encounter compatibility issues with many video streaming platforms due to their practice of geographic location manipulation, which can disrupt regional licensing agreements. However, an exception might be in play for YouTube Premium, given its close association with the YouTube ecosystem.

Curiosity piqued, I embarked on an exploration, employing YouTube Premium alongside a Windows PC linked to ProtonVPN servers. The results were nothing short of intriguing – I encountered no impediments while streaming premium content, regardless of the virtual destinations I virtually journeyed to across the global map. But, it is important to remember that this situation may change in the future. Past precedent has shown that video streaming services might react by blocking VPN traffic at a later juncture, underscoring the evolving nature of this intricate interplay between technology and content delivery.

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Accessibility and Parental Controls

YouTube Premium not only offers an elevated experience but also maintains the familiar accessibility features found on regular YouTube. This encompasses customizable subtitles, when applicable, and the option to adjust playback speed. Premium content further enhances accessibility by providing a range of language choices for closed captioning.

Turning our attention to parental controls, YouTube has already introduced a dedicated app for children, aptly named YouTube Kids. This platform ensures that young viewers are exposed to a curated selection of content, even though the algorithmic content suggestions might occasionally venture into the unexpected. By embracing YouTube Premium, parents can find reassurance in the knowledge that their children will be shielded from commercial content. Additionally, the convenience of offline downloads proves invaluable, enabling children to indulge in their favorite shows even in locations with limited or absent wireless connectivity.

YouTube Premium: Pros and Cons

Removes YouTube’s many ads Relatively expensive for what it offers
Offline downloads on mobile Little content benefit compared with free YouTube
Includes YouTube Music Unexciting original shows
Generous free trial

YouTube Premium Specs

Specification Details
Starting Price $13.99 per month
Concurrent Streams 4
Live TV No
On-Demand Movies and TV Shows Yes
Original Programming Yes
Anime Yes
Ads No
Offline Downloads on Mobile Yes


What exactly is YouTube Premium and how does it differ from regular YouTube?

YouTube Premium is a subscription-based service that offers an enhanced YouTube experience. It removes ads, provides offline downloads, includes YouTube Music, and grants access to exclusive content. It’s a step beyond the traditional YouTube platform, offering additional features and benefits.

How much does YouTube Premium cost per month?

YouTube Premium starts at $13.99 per month for an individual subscription. There’s also a Family plan for $22.99 per month, allowing sharing among up to six accounts. Students can get a discounted rate of $7.99 per month.

Is YouTube Premium only about ad-free viewing?

No, YouTube Premium offers more than just ad-free viewing. It includes features like offline downloads for mobile, access to YouTube Music Premium, and original programming.

Are there parental controls available with YouTube Premium?

While YouTube Premium itself doesn’t offer specific parental controls, it integrates seamlessly with YouTube Kids – a separate app designed for children, providing a curated selection of content for a safer viewing experience.

Is YouTube Premium worth the cost?

The value of YouTube Premium depends on your preferences. If you heavily use YouTube, enjoy ad-free content, and appreciate features like offline downloads and YouTube Music, it can be a worthwhile investment. Assessing your viewing habits and needs will help you determine its worth for you.

What is the benefit of YouTube Premium’s offline downloads on mobile?

With offline downloads, you can save videos and playlists to your device and watch them without an internet connection. It’s perfect for situations like traveling or when you have limited data access.

Does YouTube Premium include access to YouTube Music?

Yes, a YouTube Premium subscription includes YouTube Music Premium as well. This means you can enjoy ad-free music streaming, offline listening, and background play.

Can I watch YouTube Premium content on different devices?

Absolutely, YouTube Premium benefits extend to various platforms. You can enjoy ad-free viewing and other features on web browsers, mobile devices, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and media streaming devices.

What happens if I cancel my YouTube Premium subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, you’ll lose access to YouTube Premium features, including ad-free viewing, offline downloads, and access to YouTube Music Premium. However, your regular YouTube account will remain active.


Amidst the ever-changing digital landscape with countless options, YouTube Premium emerges as a versatile solution to enhance your online journey. While navigating through a sea of choices might seem overwhelming, YouTube Premium stands out by offering a wide range of benefits. From ad-free viewing and offline downloads to YouTube Music and exclusive content, it caters to diverse entertainment needs. While there’s a cost involved, its unique features and convenience can align well with your preferences. As you consider its pros, cons, compatibility with VPNs, and parental controls, the value of YouTube Premium becomes clear.


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