Yelp Search Local Food and Services near by you

Yelp for a local business search around you

In 2004, Former PayPal employees Russel Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman have founded the app to facilitate its users to find local businesses. With the help of Yelp, users can discover local businesses and services like restaurants and bars and services including home cleaning and event planning. Users can read reviews of businesses, write feedback about them, and rate them using a one to a five-star rating system.

Globally as of Q3 in 2018, Yelp has over 171 million restaurant and business reviews on its platform. Whether you’re looking for a new coffee shop, a pizza eatery nearby, a new salon, or the best dentist in town, Yelp is your one-stop city guide to finding the perfect places to eat, shop, drink, relax, visit and play.


also available Foursquare for all your local city search

Yelp main users:

  • Local businesses
  • Users who just read reviews to find recommended businesses
  • Reviewers, or content creators

Reviewers are vital for platforms like Yelp as they create content that other users consume.

Like any large platform, Yelp has changed throughout the years and expanded its feature set. Today, users can book a table and order food for delivery or take away their food or drinks. Yelp allows transactions through the website and mobile app with the help of third-party integrations.

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Yelp Key Features:

By the help of Yelp, you can easily find places nearby to eat, shop, drink, relax, visit and play, also you can read or add reviews and photos, and get directions to the place of your choice, filters include price, distance, features such as free wi-fi, printing help, and outdoor seating facility, and opening and closing hours. Check-in offers also provides in some places.

There are some cool features. With Monocle, you hold the phone in a certain direction and it displays restaurants in that area, and Talk is a forum where people get and give advice. Yelp USP features are here as under:

  • Review and rating system: This feature lets users rate places and services, leave feedback, and choose top places.
  • Geolocation and location-based search: allow a user to find places near them. With these features, the app provides choices based on a user’s location, improving the user experience.
  • Social login: This feature enables users to log in with social media accounts like Facebook. As a result, people can start using the app faster by skipping the registration process.
  • Push notifications provide users with information based on their preferences. To personalize offers for your users, you can use information from check-ins and reviews.
  • Photo/video uploading. This feature lets users share photos and videos in their reviews.
  • User accounts. Yelp offers two types of accounts: accounts for personal use and business accounts.
  • Analytics. Yelp also provides a mobile app for business owners where they can track the activity on their business page.


  • Over 171 million business reviews (As of Q3 2018)
  • 178 million monthly unique visitors across its mobile, desktop, and app versions.
  • Appears on first-page search results for any searches — general or specific
  • Employs a time tested approach (reviews) from patrons who are passionate enough to take the time to write a paragraph or two about the business
  • Good mobile web and app experience

Our Thoughts

TripAdvisor targets travelers, letting them view recommendations and write about places they’ve visited. That’s why TripAdvisor has only travel-related categories, including hotels, things to do, restaurants, and flights. On this app, you can find all of these categories but also educational and financial services, for example.

Zomato lets users rate and review places just like it does. But unlike this app, Zomato focuses exclusively on cafes and restaurants.

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