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Xshell Powerful SSH, TELNET, SFTP, RLOGIN and SERIAL Terminal 7.0

Apr 8,2019 - NetSarang Computer, Inc. (Free)

44.64 MB (Safe & Secure)

Xshell is a multilingual emulation program that supports protocols such as SSH, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN and SERIAL, offering you a command-line shell to easily and securely gain access to Unix/Linux hosts directly from your Windows PC.

The emulator adopts the standard shell appearance and integrates seamlessly with other Windows applications. Local commands, file management features, and tunneling are just some of the advantages that it brings you.

When first running the program, you have to select the session you want to connect to or create a new one. Even though this process is not complicated, it does offer you the possibility to choose from a variety of options for establishing the connection. Furthermore, you can connect to a remote computer using the default session that Xshell provides, thus saving you the time to create a new one.

For each protocol type, you have the possibility to choose different preferences. You can optionally send “keep-alive” messages at predefined time intervals, as well as use ZLIB compression in order to enhance the performance in a slow network environment.

Xshell is capable of emulating multiple terminal types, including VT100, VT220, VT320, XTERM, LINUX, SCOANSI, and ANSI. Moreover, you can customize the initial configuration of the terminal. Using the compose bar allows you to send a string of text to multiple servers simultaneously, while setting frequently used strings eases your work.

The program offers you the possibility to connect to multiple sessions at the same time. You can use it to send and receive files or upload ASCII files, while monitoring the whole transfer process. Moreover, in order to do repetitive tasks automatically, Xshell offers you the possibility to use scripts.

Xshell combines ease of use with powerful features for its professional users, such as key mapping and scripting support, dynamic port forwarding, protocol tracing and advanced security options.

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Xshell Features:


  • Supports SSH1, SSH2, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN and SERIAL protocols:
  • Runs on Windows 2000 SP4 and above
  • Supports OpenSSH and servers
  • Multi-user configuration
  • Keep alive option
  • SOCKS4/5, HTTP proxy connection
  • Supports Multi-session (Session tab, Session bar)
  • Key mapping support
  • VB Scripting support
  • Improved Links bar
  • Auto-reconnect lost connections

Session management:

  • Creates and manages session files for different servers
  • Provides Sessions dialog, address bar, local prompt, and shortcut to open sessions
  • Provides a default session for quick connections
  • Supports connecting to multiple sessions simultaneously
  • Address bar supports URL commands and allows you to connect to a remote host with or without a saved session
  • Opens sessions with Xactivator
  • Supports automatic logon and logon scripts
  • Folder and tree view support in the Sessions dialog box


  • RSA/DSA public key, Password, and Keyboard Interactive authentication methods
  • RSA/DSA key generation wizard and import/export features
  • SSH authentication agent forwarding using Xagent utility
  • AES128/192/256, 3DES, BLOWFISH, CAST128, ARCFOUR, RIJNDAEL encryption methods
  • SHA1, SHA1-96, MD5, MD5-96, and RIPEMD160 MAC algorithms
  • zlib compression
  • Host key management dialog box
  • User key management dialog box


  • Unicode based terminal buffer
  • Supports VT100, VT220, VT320, XTERM, LINUX, SCOANSI, and ANSI terminals
  • International output encoding (UTF-8)
  • Compose bar lets you send a string of text to multiple servers simultaneously
  • Scroll buffer up to 32,767 lines
  • Text searching with regular expressions
  • Scrolled copy
  • Column mode text selection
  • Multi-byte support in copy & paste
  • A delimiter is used when the terminal window is double-clicked
  • Triple click selects the whole line
  • Bold font and ANSI color escape sequences
  • Mouse support in xterm terminal
  • 256 color mode in xterm 256
  • Linux Meta key emulation
  • Supports terminal (network) printing
  • Configurable line spacing and margin of the terminal window


  • TCP/IP and X11 forwarding
  • Dynamic port forwarding using SOCKS4/5
  • Instant Tunneling
  • Tunneling bar allows you to monitor active forwarding channels and add new rules for the current session


  • Simple and powerful user interface
  • Adjustable toolbar
  • Customizable Standard Buttons on toolbar
  • Color scheme edit/import/export feature
  • Configurable cursor color and blinking speed
  • Font bar allows you to select a preferred font on the fly
  • Assign frequently used strings to Quick Command buttons
  • Status bar displays security-lock, session selection, network traffic information (up/down)
  • Full Screen view
  • Customizable transparency level

Local commands:

  • Local Xshell prompt for advanced users
  • Local commands such as open, ssh, sftp, telnet, and rlogin
  • Local Windows commands such as ping, ipconfig, netstat, and nslookup
  • Escaping to the local prompt while connecting to a remote host


  • Interoperable with Xmanager program for X11 forwarding
  • Interoperable with Xagent program for agent authentication and forwarding
  • Interoperable with Xftp program for file transfer
  • Editing scroll buffer text with Notepad
  • Menu commands to cycle through Xshell windows

File management:

  • File send and receive via SFTP
  • File send and receive via ZMODEM
  • ASCII file upload
  • Automatic session logging (including terminal code)
  • Printing selected text, screen, or scroll buffer


What’s new in Xshell 6.0 Build 0114:

  • ADD Support for ChaCha20-Poly1305 cipher
  • ADD Ability to synchronize session and hostname when creating or editing a session
  • ADD Added key mappings to enable/disable “Send Key Input to All Sessions” for the current tab
  • MOD Can choose whether or not to save when creating instant tunneling

Xshell Software Overview

Xshell Software Download

Technical Specification

Version 7.0
File Size 44.64 MB
Languages Multiple
License Free
Developer NetSarang Computer, Inc.


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