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XMPlay Music Player Free Download For PC

May 16,2019 - Un4seen Developments (Free)

382 KB (Safe & Secure)

Various players have made a name for themselves throughout the years. It’s pretty hard to convince an avid computer user to abandon the favorite audio player and try something else. But not if we’re talking about XMPlay.

Highly customizable interface

Because this is a light audio player that has the power to fight with any other similar app on the market, as it offers users basically all the things they would ever want from such a software utility.

You may find XMPlay quite unattractive and a lot of users saying that if there weren’t the skins, they would most likely go back to Winamp. Well, XMPlay supports skins too, so the way it looks isn’t that important, as every user can make the app look just the way they like.

XMPlay Audio Player Download For Windows

Providing a complete set of tools

Excellent audio quality, the ability to play files straight from archives, thus helping you save some time, shortcuts, interpolation and ramping to be sure XMPlay is one of the best tools of its kind.

The program boasts a huge settings menu so you can change basically everything, including file associations, output options, playlist configuration, titles and other appearance settings.

Compatible with foreign plugins

The real goodie is that XMPlay also supports Winamp plugins so if all these aforementioned features aren’t enough to convince you, well, you can always teach the app new things with the help of plugins.

XMPlay has so many things to offer, so it’s pretty impressive that it remains so light on computer resources all the time, beating most of the other tools in the same software category.

Amongst the best of its kind

The good thing about XMPlay is the fact that it excels from most points of view, providing an unrivaled sound quality with excellent and well-developed features. If we were to name a bad thing, we would mention the fact that it didn’t work with the multimedia keys on your keyboard, but a plugin would most likely solve the problem.

XMPlay Audio Player features

Balls-on accurate
  • Plays the way nature intended
  • 32/24-bit & multi-channel output:
  • Take advantage of supporting hardware for ultimate quality
Gapless output
  • Gapless playback of all supported formats, crossfading
  • Interpolation & volume / pan ramping:
  • For output that’s smoother than a baby’s arse!
  • Automatic gain control (and Replaygain), 9 band equalizer, reverb, plugin support
Net streaming
  • All supported file types (including MODs and archives) can be streamed from FTP and HTTP servers (inc. Shoutcast/Icecast/Icecast2), optionally writing a copy to disk, FTP directories and HTML webpages can be scanned for playable files
Track information
  • Displays file/format information, messages/tags, and instrument/sample texts, open webpages from the texts
Title formatting
  • You decide how you want the track titles to look, title updating from ‘net streams and CUE sheets
  • A database of your tracks, with directory monitoring, for quick and easy access to the tracks you want to play
Saved/preset settings
  • Save settings (DSP/etc) to be automatically used each time specific tracks or file types are played, save presets for quick application at any time
Disk writing
  • Write 8/16/24/32-bit WAV files, use external encoders (MP3/OGG/etc), optional level normalization, dithering & noise shaping, individual MOD instrument writing
Keyboard shortcuts
  • Fully customizable shortcuts, including global hotkeys
  • Open files/folders from Windows Explorer, drag and drop files/folders/shortcuts/URLs, monitor the clipboard for playable URLs, drag and drop tracks from XMPlay into other programs, icon customization
Archive plugins
  • Archived/compressed files can be loaded just like normal files, including support for nested archives
Unicode file support
  • Support for Russian, Chinese, etc.
  • Compatible with Sonique plugins, fullscreen display, includes a MOD pattern view

Screenshots of XMPlay Audio Player

XMPlay Audio Player FAQs

How Can I Determine The Exact Version Number Of XMPlay?

There are two places for looking up the exact version number of XMPlay. The first one is the lower right corner of the “Options & Stuff” window, the second one is the file properties dialog of xmplay.exe – there you’ll find the full version number on the “Version” tab. Alternatively, you can hover over xmplay.exe in Windows Explorer and see the version number in the tooltip.


How Do I Minimize XMPlay To The System Tray?

By right-clicking the Minimize button located in the top right corner of the Main Panel.
An option to have XMPlay permanently in the system tray is available under the Miscellaneous tab in Options.

Tip: The default Shortcut “Shift+N” also minimize’s to the system tray.


How Can I Keep XMPlay On Top Over Other Windows?

By default XMPlay is only on top while in its Mini-Mode, this can be accessed by double clicking the main interface.
An option to have XMPlay permanently on top is available under the Miscellaneous tab in Options.

Tip: The default Shortcut “M” switches between Full and Mini mode.


Can XMPlay Be Used To Edit The Information Tags In OGG/MP3 Files?

Yes. First, install the appropriate Tag Editing Plugin. Then you can edit the tags via right-clicking the file in the playlist and chosing “Plugin file info”.


How Can I Skip Past A Song To A New Random Track?

Right-clicking on the play button will go to a random track in the playlist.

Tip: The default Shortcut “End” will go to a random track in the playlist.


XMPlay Older Versions

Version Name Size Download
xmplay 335 KB Download

XMPlay Audio Player Overview

XMPlay Audio Player Download For PC

Technical Specification

Version 3.8.5
File Size 382 KB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Un4seen Developments


You must give XMPlay a shot. It’s not as popular as Winamp, but it surely deserves a try. It does not take any time to accommodate with its features since it provides all it needs and you are already familiar with. It uses little of your system’s resources and gives you quality in return.


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