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XLSTAT Data Analysis And Statistic Solution For PC 2021 23.1.1091

Apr 28,2021 - Addinsoft (Free)

154 MB (Safe & Secure)

XLSTAT is the industry’s most used data analysis and statistics solution for Microsoft Excel®. Data processing, deep learning, tests, data processing, and visualization are only a few of the statistical tools that can be found in this software.

XLStat is a Microsoft Excel add-on that improves its functionality by including advanced statistical analysis methods and a multitude of diagram and plot generators. It is feature-rich and simple to install and customize, even for inexperienced users.

This software statistical analysis add-in offers a wide variety of functions to enhance the analytical capabilities of Excel, making it the ideal tool for your everyday data analysis and statistics requirements.

The statistical analysis software is compatible with all Excel versions from version 2003 to version 2016 (2011 and 2016 for Mac) and is compatible with Windows Vista to Windows 10 systems, as well as with PowerPC and Intel-based Mac systems.

XLSTAT Data Analysis And Statistics SoftwareBecause it is powerful, reliable, affordable, easy to install and to use, It has grown to be one of the most commonly used statistical software packages on the market. Today, the community includes more than 100,000 users, businesses, and universities, large and small, in over 200 countries across the world.

Compare Version

XLSTAT-Base is a competitively-priced starter solution that includes over 100 essential statistical tools that will allow you to gain deep insight into your data. Each of the XLSTAT-Base features is also available in the other solutions.

XLSTAT-Premium: It is an advanced yet affordably priced statistical solution that includes all of the 200+ It features currently available.

XLSTAT-Sensory: It is the solution for sensory data analysts who want to gain valuable time by using the most recent methods available. Take advantage of a solution that speaks your language (products, assessors, attributes) and gives you actionable results. With XLSTAT-Sensory you can give your R&D department the power to create the right products for targeted groups at a reasonable cost.

XLSTAT-Marketing: This is the only software that allows quantitative marketers to combine the functionalities of MS Excel with the power of one of the most advanced marketing statistical tools on the market.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Storage Space 150 MB Hard Disk Space

XLSTAT Data Analysis And Statistics Software Features

  • Easy and user-friendly: XLSTAT seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Excel, making data analysis and result customization quick and easy.
  • A wide range of solutions: A variety of field-specific solutions on offer.
  • Intuitive: Dialog boxes and results are clearly organized to facilitate both data analysis and the interpretation of results.
  • Competitively-Priced: Attractively priced so that your return on investment is almost immediate.
  • Automated & Customizable: Most statistical functions can be modified and automated in VBA routines allowing you to save valuable time.

Screenshots of XLSTAT Data Analysis And Statistics Software

Official Video of XLSTAT Software

Statistical Modeling of XLSTAT Software

XLSTAT Data Analysis And Statistics Software FAQs

How Long Is The Trial Period For And Can I Extend It?

The trial version is valid for 14 days and starts when you enter your license key in XLSTAT.


Will My Credit Card Be Charged Once The Trial Is Over?

No, when you register to download our trial version, They will not ask you for any credit card details and will therefore not charge you once your trial version expires.


I Have Been Using XLSTAT For Some Time Now And Have Lost Access To Several Features?

You may have switched to the limited free version.

This can be because:

  • You may be using a version of the software that is only compatible with our previous licencing system (if the software version you are using was downloaded before August 2019).
  • Your licence key has expired. You can check your licence expiration date on your invoice or in your MyXLSTAT account.


XLSTAT Data Analysis And Statistics Software Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
23.1.1091 23 Feb 2021 154 MB Download
  • Statgraphics Centurion
  • Tableau
  • SigmaXL
  • IntellectusStatistics

XLSTAT Data Analysis Statistics Software Overview

XLSTAT Technical Specification

Version V 2021 23.1.1091
File Size 154 MB
Languages English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.
License Free Trial
Developer Addinsoft


The Excel add-on runs on a low amount of CPU and system memory, so it doesn’t interfere with the runtime or other currently active processes.


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