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Write! App – Free Text Editor For Windows PC Download 1.65

Mar 22,2021 - HamsterCoders Ltd (Free)

78.8 MB (Safe & Secure)

Write! App is a super region to draft a weblog post, maintain your notes prepared,  collect inspirational thoughts,  or maybe write an ebook. guide for the cloudlets in you have all this in a single location. Write! is the coolest, quickest, distraction-free write app around!

Write! is a simple text editor with a modern look, perfect for those who fancy the Windows 8 interface. Combining a modern look with a user-friendly and accessible layout, this application can be the tool you need in situations when you want to take notes while browsing or check the spelling of your documents.

Note Taking App DownloadThe application outputs files in its proprietary format only (WTT), but it also enables you to import and export documents from and to TXT, RTF, or MDOWN formats. The standard toolset of a text editor is available, which allows you to change text style, insert hyperlinks, customize text color, create lists and search for words online.

It can duplicate documents and is capable of creating file drafts, which are automatically remembered by the application and retrieved at next launch, without you having to save the document.

Aiming to provide an enhanced experience, Write! features text folding, helping you structure your documents, and comes with a tab-based GUI that enables you to work with multiple files simultaneously.

And if you have to deal with a large document with numerous pages, the integrated navigator will surely come in handy. Plus, the application’s search function allows partial keyword matching, also providing support for regular expressions.

One important feature of Write! is its spell-checking options. What is interesting is that you can define a specific language for any document section, varying in size from a simple word to the entire text. Furthermore, Write! can suggest you the language to switch to while you are typing.

Of course, Write! has a long way to go before it can call itself a reliable text editor that can meet the requirements of all users, but its feature set is promising. For instance, it would be great if its range of supported file formats would be extended.

With lots of potential in its hands, Write! can be the text editing and note-taking application every user wants. It is simple, yet comes with a few features that can enhance productivity, such as the self-learning dictionary.

Features of Free Write App

  • Native Cloud: Your documents are always at hand both on Windows and Mac. No third-party apps are required to sync between devices.
  • Writing Sessions: Organize multiple tabs into cloud-synced sessions. Jumping between sessions re-opens all documents at once.
  • Quick Document Publishing: Publish your documents on the web and share a link to them directly from Write!
  • Preset Text Styles: Give your documents a stylish look by applying one of many hand-picked presets. Enjoy the seamless experience as both a reader and a writer.
  • Note Taking: A compact view that moves tabs to the side to take less screen space. Works perfectly well with the Alt +` shortcut that brings Write! instantly from the system tray.
  • Text Formatting: A multitude of formatting tools. Some are applied via the context menu, some only via shortcuts like Cut (Ctrl+C) or Paste (Ctrl+V).
  • Cross-Document Search: Seamlessly surface both local and cloud-stored documents in active tabs as well as in the cloud.
  • Markup: Write effectively using Markdown, Wiki, and Textile syntax that can be combined across the document. Get maximum efficiency from your fingers creating headlines, links, or lists just with a few marks never leaving the home row.
  • Focus Mode: Fade out all paragraphs except for the one you are currently working on to stay in the flow and focus.
  • Productivity Counters: Set daily goals, track statistics, and improve the overall productivity of your writing.
  • Intelligent Spellchecker: Check your writing for errors, several languages at a time.
  • Configurable Autocomplete: Boost your writing speed with self-learning Autocomplete that analyzes the structure of your document and gives you options as you type.

Screenshots of Write! App

Official Video Intro Write! App

Write! Text Editor Software Introduction

Write! For Free WriteApp FAQ

How To Write Any Document With Write

All developer team working on making Write! available in other languages. It’s not a priority at the moment.


Is There Any Student Discount?

Go to, and follow the instructions to get a discount.


Is Internet Access Required To Write Article?

You’ll need Internet access upon first startup, so we verify your license and log you in to Cloud. After that, no Internet connection is necessary to run Write! When running offline, all Write! documents are saved locally, and will be pushed to Cloud once a connection has been established.


How To Change Typewriter Scrolling Position?

Go to Settings > General > Typewriter scrolling. There are three options you can choose from: 30% from the bottom, 15% from the bottom, and bottom.


What Is Focus Mode And How Do I Turn It On?

Focus Mode is a feature that dims all paragraphs except the one the cursor is on. This allows you to center your attention on what you’re writing at any given moment. Turn it on by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F on Windows or ⇧⌘F on macOS.


Write! App Overview

write app software
License Free
Version 1.65
File Size 78.8 MB
Language English
Developer HamsterCoders Ltd


Write! is a free writing app tat has a long way to head earlier than it can name itself a reliable text editor which could meet the requirements of all users, however its characteristic set is promising. for example, it might be tremendous if its range of supported document formats might be prolonged.

With lots of ability in its fingers, Write! may be the text editing and word taking application every person desires. It is straightforward, but comes with some capabilities that could decorate productivity, which includes the self-getting to know dictionary.


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