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World Cricket Championship 2 WCC Game Download 2.9.2

Apr 17,2019 - Nextwave Multimedia (Free)

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Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after football with around 2.5 billion fans spread across 180 countries. The biggest event of cricket, the World Cricket Championship is organized by the International Cricket Council every four years, mainly played and more popular in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies and some other countries like Zimbabwe, Ireland, Afghanistan, etc. In fact, Cricket in India is popular like a ‘cult’ and former Indian legendary player and Padmashree awardee Sachin Tendulkar believed a God in cricket!

What Is World Cricket Championship 2?

World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2) is a popular mobile cricket game developed by Nextwave Multimedia. It offers a realistic and immersive cricket gaming experience for cricket enthusiasts worldwide. The game has gained a significant following and is known for its impressive graphics, intuitive controls, and a wide range of gameplay modes. World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2) has been selected as Google Play’s Best games of 2017 winner in ‘Most Social’ Category for the third consecutive year. It is one of the best cricket games for android mobile users ever with thousands of players around the world.

In WCC2, players can participate in various game modes, including tournaments, quick matches, and challenges. The game features a comprehensive roster of international cricket teams, allowing players to choose their favorite team and compete against other teams in thrilling matches. One of the standout features of WCC2 is its attention to detail and realism. The game incorporates advanced physics and ball dynamics to provide a lifelike cricketing experience. Players can perform a variety of shots, bowl different deliveries, and strategize their gameplay to outwit opponents.

WCC2 also offers player customization options, allowing users to create their own avatars and customize their appearance. This level of personalization adds a unique touch to the gaming experience, making each player feel more connected to the game. The game includes multiple camera angles, detailed stadium environments, and realistic crowd reactions, further enhancing the immersive gameplay. Additionally, players can enjoy dynamic weather conditions that affect the gameplay, adding an extra layer of challenge and realism.


WCC2 has an active and engaged community of players, and the developers regularly release updates to improve gameplay, introduce new features, and enhance user experience. The game is available for download on various mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS.

WWC2 has established itself as a top cricket game on mobile devices, offering cricket enthusiasts an opportunity to indulge in their passion for the sport while on the go.

World Cricket Championship 2 WCC

World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC)  Game features:

    1. Revolutionizing Mobile Cricket Gaming: World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2) has revolutionized the world of mobile cricket gaming by providing an unparalleled level of realism and immersive gameplay. With its advanced physics engine and lifelike graphics, WCC2 sets a new standard for cricket games on mobile devices.
    2. Extensive Gameplay Modes: WCC2 offers an impressive array of gameplay modes, catering to the diverse preferences of cricket fans. From intense multiplayer battles to challenging tournaments and thrilling scenarios, players can choose from various modes that suit their skills and interests.
    3. Unmatched Player Customization: One of the standout features of WCC2 is its extensive player customization options. Players can create their own unique cricketing avatars, customize their appearance, and even choose their batting and bowling styles. This level of personalization adds a layer of depth and immersion to the gaming experience.
    4. Realistic Stadiums and Environments: WCC2 goes above and beyond to recreate the atmosphere of real cricket stadiums. From the iconic Lord’s Cricket Ground to the vibrant Wankhede Stadium, the game meticulously captures the essence of these venues, complete with realistic crowd reactions and dynamic weather conditions.
    5. A Vast Selection of International Teams: Cricket enthusiasts can delight in the extensive roster of international teams available in WCC2. Whether you’re a fan of powerhouse nations like India, Australia, or England, or you want to lead an underdog team to victory, the game offers a wide range of teams to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
    6. Regular Updates and Community Engagement: The developers of WCC2 actively engage with the game’s community, taking player feedback into consideration and providing regular updates. This commitment to improvement ensures that players always have fresh content, bug fixes, and new features to look forward to, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
    7. Compete Globally: WCC2 allows players to compete against cricket enthusiasts from around the world. Joining online multiplayer matches or participating in tournaments enables players to test their skills against real opponents, adding a competitive element that further elevates the game’s excitement.
    8. Offline Gameplay: WCC2 caters to players who may not always have an internet connection. The game offers an engaging offline mode, allowing users to enjoy cricketing action anytime, anywhere, even in areas with limited connectivity.

By combining cutting-edge technology, attention to detail, and a commitment to user satisfaction, World Cricket Championship 2 has solidified its position as a top-choice cricket game for mobile gamers worldwide. Downloading the game unlocks a world of thrilling cricketing action, strategic gameplay, and endless entertainment.

WCC2 Game

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World Cricket Championship 2 WCC

What is a private gang and what is a public gang?

Private gangs are gangs that are not open to new members except by invitation. Public gangs are open to all players of World Cricket Championship 2.

What is Open Challenge?

Open challenge helps the player to compete against other players with similar XP points for coins. Any player can wager coins and challenge any other player to beat his/her batting or bowling performance. The winner gains double the coins and the loser forgoes his wagered amount.

What is the Shout Board?

The Shout Board is a chat room, where you can connect with other WCC users from all parts of the world. You can use the Shout Board to:

  • Chat about the game
  • Request for/send points
  • Make new friends and form your Gang

What are Hall of Fame and Hall of Bloopers?

The Hall of Fame records all your achievements in the game and the Hall of Bloopers records your not-quite-an- achievement moments.

  • Total number of Hall of Fame Achievements : 36
  • Total number of Hall of Shame Achievements : 12

What is the use of edit player name and player profile?

Editing the player gives a variety of options. You can decide if you want your player to be the captain of your team, if he is a right hand batsman or left handed. You can also make him a fast or medium fast or spin bowler. The best part is that you can edit the player’s name and customize it to create your own personal team with the names of your friends!


  • Real Cricket Premier League
  • International Cricket 2010
  • Real Cricket Champions League
  • Indian Cricket Premiere League
  • Gully Cricket Game 2017


  • Removed Location permission for WCC2 app in device app settings
  • Fixes for Crashes due to Ad SDKs

Download from Google Play Store

Technical Specification

License Free
Version 2.9.2
Latest update February 25, 2021
OS Android
Download Size 75 MB
Developer Nextwave Multimedia


With its realistic gameplay, immersive graphics, and a wide range of features, WCC2 offers an exciting virtual cricket experience.

For fans eager to dive into the action, downloading the WCC2 game is a straightforward process. By visiting the official website or trusted app stores, such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store, users can easily find and download the game onto their mobile devices.

Once downloaded, players can enjoy a plethora of game modes, including tournaments, multiplayer matches, and challenging scenarios. WCC2 provides an extensive roster of international cricket teams, player customization options, and realistic stadiums, contributing to an authentic cricket experience.

With regular updates and improvements, the developers continue to enhance WCC2, ensuring that players have access to new features, gameplay enhancements, and updated player rosters.

Whether you’re a die-hard cricket fan or simply looking for an enjoyable gaming experience, World Cricket Championship 2 offers an excellent platform to showcase your cricketing skills and immerse yourself in the world of virtual cricket.

So, grab your devices, download World Cricket Championship 2, and get ready to experience the thrill and excitement of cricket right at your fingertips!


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