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Wokamon – Monster Walk Quest, Fitness Game Varies With Device


Varies With Device (Safe & Secure)

Wokamon-Monster Walk Quest is running out of funds and they want your help! Use it in order to feed, grow and gather Wokamon. The further you walk, the further Wokamon you can accumulate along with the farther you get to learn more about the magical Woka-worlds like candies desert, the icy realm, mysterious forest and much more! Lend a helping hand and shortly you may find, the more you help, the fitter you’re getting! That implies:

Wokamon GameFun with healthy motivation:

Wokamon-Monster Walk Quest, a unique experience and clicker simulation game on Android telephones, makes walking/fitness enjoyable and enjoyable! Does not matter if you walk, run or jog, outside or onto a treadmill, even Wokamon set out to create your exercise encounter never be the exact same again: you are going to want to walk longer, daily, every day!

Wokamon also acts as a pedometer fitness game, assess your daily and weekly progress and compete with friends and family within the sport.

*Simply play with your mobile, or join with Google Fit, Fitbit and MiBand.




Wokamon-Monster Walk Quest Story

A very long time ago in a galaxy far away, in the world Laya, Wokamons lived happily with their pals, the Layabouts. They worked together and performed together, turning the Layabouts’ action output into an energy source to get Wokamon. Nevertheless, the Layabouts got too idle and finally ceased moving. Wokamon got super weak and mega miserable.

In order for Wokamon to flourish, elders chose to ship some young and courageous Wokamons to plant Earth to harness energy in the human race and also to begin their experience.


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