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Wise Force Deleter Download For Windows

Jul 8,2019 - WiseCleaner. (Free)

1.87 MB (Safe & Secure)

Wise Force Deleter, you can unlock and delete any file within a single click in Windows. The software allows you to access it via a context menu. In Windows, when this software try to delete a file, this might see notices or errors like ‘Cannot delete the file’, ‘Access is denied’, ‘undeleted files’, ‘The file is in use by another program or user’, or ‘There has been a sharing violation!’ Wise Force Deleter is designed to fix all the issues above by terminating the processes using the file or removing file-access restrictions that prevent you from deleting a file.

Right after installing it, a new option named as Force Delete will appear in the context menu. To unlock & delete a locked file, you just need to right click it, select Force Delete, Wise Force Deleter will be launched. Then you can unlock and delete the file from your Windows system immediately.

This software also acknowledges users to delete files by drag and drop, or by browsing and adding, which is really convenient. With the tool, you will no longer be annoyed with the frustrating experience of not being able to delete a file, especially when closing the item doesn’t work.

Windows is configured to prevent the deletion of any file that is used by one of its running applications since this could result in software crashes. However, there is a downside to this might find yourself not being able to get rid of an unwanted or potentially dangerous file just because the system sees it as not accessible.

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Unlock and erase files

As its name clearly states, this software is designed to provide a safe method for you to permanently delete a file in Windows, even if it is locked by other applications or has access restrictions.

What this software does is try to forcefully terminate the processes that use the target file and immediately remove all access limitations, enabling you to freely delete it.

Access from the right-click menu

Once installed, this software adds a new item in the context menu of Windows, which can be used to quickly select the file to erase.

Unfortunately, you can only select one file at a time, although the main window of the application enables you to manually create lists and schedule files for deletion. Also, please note that this software must be closed for a newly selected file to be sent to the shredder. Once the file is displayed in the main GUI, you just have to press the ‘Unlock & Delete’ button.

Improvements required in File Unlocker

This software works like a charm with files that require administrator rights to delete, bypassing this restriction. On the other hand, during our tests, it failed to immediately delete a video file locked in a player, but permanently erased it once the player was closed.

All in all, this application can unlock some of the files you want to get rid of, but there is definitely room for improvements, considering that some of the existing functions do not work as they should. For instance, it would come in handy to identify and display the name of the application or process that uses the target file. Integrating disk overwriting and shredding options would also be an important plus.

How to Use Wise Force Deleter to Delete Locked Files

Wise Force Deleter can help you forcedly and permanently get rid of any file that can’t be deleted by Windows. What’s more, it is an easy-to-use tool for Windows users and totally free!

Notice! Before deleting any file you must be sure that this file is not needed from the Windows system or installed applications.

Step 1: Please download the program and install it on your computer. When launching this program, first to notice its user-friendly interface.

Wise Force Deleter display screen

Step 2: This software can add the file which you want to delete of course it also supports dragging and dropping it directly. If you change your mind to remain it, please select the file and choose “Remove”.

Wise Force Deleter function to add or remove the file

Step 3: Choose the file you want to delete and click “Unlock & Delete” at the bottom right. And then you need to confirm whether to delete it in the pop-up window.

 confirmation box

Step 4: After that choose “Yes”, in the successful operation information box. All added files will be deleted completely and they can’t be found in your recycle bin. In addition, please be noticed that the status of the file becomes “Deleted”.

 information box

System Requirements

Processor Pentium 233 MHz or above
RAM 128 MB or above
Hard disk space the minimum of space for installing Wise Care 365 is 10 MB

Wise Force Deleter Features

Delete Any File That Windows Can’t Delete

In Windows, when this software tries to delete a file, this might see notices or errors like this:

  1.  Cannot delete the file when the access of file Access is denied.
  2. There has been a sharing violation.
  3. The source or destination file may be in use.
  4.  The file is in use by another program or user.
  5.  Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.
Context Menu 

This software acknowledges users to access it via a context menu. Right after installing it, a new option named “Force Delete” will appear in the context menu. To unlock & delete a locked file, you just want to right-click it, select ‘Force Delete’, Wise Force Deleter will be launched. Then this software can unlock and delete the file from your Windows system immediately, which is really convenient.

Support Drag and Drop

Like all other, these software products, The interface of this software is very intuitive. Even a first-timer can get the hang of it in seconds. Better yet, it also supports drag and drop, making file deletion super easy for you.

Compatible with Almost All Windows Versions

This software is a freeware that acknowledges users to delete any file in your Windows system(64 and 32-bit). This software has been developed and fully tested to work great on Windows 10 and other Windows operating systems, from Windows XP and up. No matter what you own – a desktop or a laptop.

Screenshots of Wise Force Deleter Software

  • LockHunter
  • Unlocker
  • IObit Unlocker
  • EMCO UnLock IT
  • Lock-UnMatic

Wise Force Deleter Software Overview

Wise Force Deleter Download For PC

Technical Specification

File Size 1.87 MB
Languages English, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch(Nederlands), Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Nepali, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.
License Free
Developer WiseCleaner.


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