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An emulator is a software application that allows your mobile to imitate the features of any given operating system into your PC. This ensures smooth interaction between desktop and mobile devices. When it comes to Windows PC, the emulator apps you require are for the Android operating system. Now the question is – what exactly do these apps offer and why you need to install emulator apps on your Windows PC right away.

With an android emulator app on your PC, you are free to download Android games and apps from pre-installed Google Play store. With this, you no longer need to struggle with your smartphone or tab to play your games – you can easily and comfortably play the games on your PC with a keyboard and mouse. Some of these emulator apps go one step ahead and offer you custom key mapping for keyboard mapping. Quite a lot of these apps are already integrated with popular browsers (such as Chrome), making them lightweight.

The emulator apps also give you the flexibility to play multiple games simultaneously. You can also record and replay the action in real-time, as these apps offer video recording and screen recording options. These apps combine the Android ecosystem with the system interface to render a great gaming experience. If you are a hardcore gamer, you should definitely consider installing emulator apps for your Windows PC for a top-notch user experience and superior gaming performance.