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Jun 23,2023 - Whatsapp Plus (Free)

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on WhatsApp Plus Apk, the modded version of the popular messaging application. In this article, we will explore the intriguing world of WhatsApp Plus, uncovering its unique features, advantages, and potential risks. Discover how WhatsApp Plus enhances your messaging experience with its customizable options, improved privacy settings, and extended functionalities. From downloading and installing WhatsApp Plus on various devices to troubleshooting common issues, we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions and valuable insights. Join us as we unlock the full potential of WhatsApp Plus and revolutionize the way you connect with friends and family.

Whatsapp Plus Blue enhances the strength of the digital realm by providing robust instant messaging capabilities, whether you wish to connect with your family, friends, or engage in business discussions with colleagues. The app’s foolproof security and privacy features make it stand out, eliminating any concerns regarding the protection of your personal information. Unlike other messaging applications, Whatsapp ensures that your data remains confidential, allowing you to share personal details without the risk of any leaks.

whatsapp-plusAdvances in science and technology are occurring at a rapid pace in today’s competitive environment. IT is no exception, as new software is continually developed and existing software is updated on a regular basis. As a frequent internet user, you’re probably aware of these developments. Messaging apps have changed substantially in recent years, with various spectacular Whatsapp mods emerging, each giving a plethora of fantastic features. Without a question, Whatsapp has effectively addressed our primary communication challenges and provided us with seamless global access. However, it has been discovered that Whatsapp lacks key privacy features.

What is Whatsapp Plus?

Whatsapp Plus, developed by Rafalete, a senior member of XDA, is a simple and customizable version of Whatsapp. It includes three fantastic mods introduced by AlexMods, Fouad Mods, and Hey Mods. Whatsapp’s immense appeal can be attributed to its extraordinary features, which have attracted millions of users worldwide. Recognizing the need to reinvent Whatsapp, third-party developers set out on a mission to produce mods that contain the missing functionalities of the original app. As a result, Whatsapp Plus has become one of the most popular modifications of Whatsapp.


Because of its special features and user-friendly interface, Whatsapp Plus stands out as a remarkable utility. It is a stand-alone application, as opposed to an add-on. Furthermore, the usage of end-to-end encryption ensures that users security and privacy concerns are not jeopardized.

whatsapp-plus interface

Features of Whatsapp Plus

Whatsapp Plus offers a plethora of incredible features that appeal to the most sought-after capabilities in messaging apps. It fills up the gaps in privacy features that existed in the original version. We’ve highlighted some of the groundbreaking features provided by this exceptional app below.

Colorful Themes

Colorful ThemesYou can personalize your conversation screen with an overwhelming selection of 700 unique themes. Unlike the official application, which simply allows you to change the background, Whatsapp Plus allows you to change the profile color and home screen. Furthermore, the app offers a constantly updated collection of themes to help you extend your library and keep your chatting experience new.


CleanerBy including a built-in cleaner within the app, Whatsapp Plus eliminates the need for third-party cleaners. This useful tool removes any unwanted contents from your Whatsapp, enabling a clean and clutter-free experience. By selecting files such as old chats, pictures, and lengthy videos, you can rest and allow the built-in cleaner perform its duty quickly and efficiently. You can effortlessly maintain a streamlined and organized Whatsapp environment with its inbuilt cleaner without the need for extra applications.


EmoticonsWhatsapp Plus takes things a step further by allowing you to communicate your emotions using symbols in a unique way. It goes above and beyond the capabilities of the official apps, providing a vast number of captivating emojis and emoticons. Whatsapp Plus, which is integrated with Google Hangout, expands your library with an abundance of wonderful emoticons and emojis, giving you an even wider range of options for conveying your feelings in a fun and engaging manner.

Customized User-interface

Customized User-InterfaceUnlike the official app, Whatsapp Plus has a fully configurable interface that allows you to customize every aspect to your preference. Custom themes are no longer the only option. You have the freedom to explore a wealth of customization options with Whatsapp Plus, from adjusting font sizes to selecting your preferred colors. Take control and modify every aspect of the app to reflect your unique taste and style.


Auto-Reply of Messages FeatureLike Whatsapp Business, Whatsapp Plus allows you to set up auto-reply messages for specific events or scenarios, making your life much easier. This feature comes in handy when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to reply to or answer to messages from loved ones. Simply enable the auto-reply option, and Whatsapp Plus automatically responds to incoming messages on your behalf, giving you more freedom and ensuring that your contacts receive timely responses even while you’re busy.

Hide Online Status

Hide Online StatusThere are instances in which you may be online but distracted with vital responsibilities, rendering you unable to respond to incoming messages promptly. This can cause confusion and inconvenience between you and your friends or family members. To avoid such situations, Whatsapp Plus has the ‘Hide Online Status’ tool, which is accessible via the app’s settings. By enabling this option, you can freely use the app without revealing your current online status to others. This helps you maintain your privacy and use Whatsapp without others knowing about your activity status, preventing any potential misunderstandings.

Message to Anyone

Message to AnyoneSending a message using Whatsapp Plus is as simple as opening the app, typing your message, entering the required phone number, and pressing the ‘Send’ button. In contrast to the official app, you do not need to add the phone number to your contact list before starting the conversation. You can send a message to someone you’re chatting with without adding them as a contact as long as they have a Whatsapp account on their device. This function eliminates the need to add strangers to your contact list, making conversation more easy and hassle-free.

Impressive Media Sharing Option


Whatsapp Plus has effectively fixed several Whatsapp sharing limits, such as is related with content quality, file compression, and size restrictions. You may now transfer large files or lengthy videos without having to compress or split them into smaller portions with Whatsapp Plus. Although the sharing procedure takes longer, it ensures high-quality transmission and keeps the shared content in its original resolution. This improvement offers a smooth sharing experience, allowing you to easily share large files or long videos without compromising quality.

Pin your Favorite ChatPin Chats Feature

You can easily pin up to 1000 chats, considerably improving your chatting experience. This feature is extremely useful for users who interact with a large number of people and belong to a variety of groups. You may ensure that essential messages are immediately accessible and receive rapid attention by pinning chats. This feature distinguishes Whatsapp Plus from the official Whatsapp, where pinning is restricted to three chats. With Whatsapp Plus’s expanded pinning capacity, you can quickly manage your conversations and stay organized, even if you have a large number of active chats.

Logs & History

Logs & HistoryWhatsapp Plus offers a feature that not only helps you save mobile data but also allows you to keep track of your online activities. This tool allows you to monitor your data usage and time spent on the app, offering valuable insights into your account activities. Whatsapp Plus enables you to properly control your data consumption and obtain a deeper knowledge of your app usage patterns by capturing and presenting these statistics.

Anti-revoke OptionAnti Revoke

Whatsapp Plus offers a convenient feature that allows you to comfortably read deleted messages from your senders. In the official app, there are instances where your friends may send messages and promptly delete them before you have a chance to read them. This can lead to confusion and pique your curiosity about the contents of the deleted message. However, with Whatsapp Plus, this frustrating issue has been addressed, enabling you to effortlessly access and read deleted messages. This feature eliminates the confusion and provides you with the ability to stay informed even if a message has been deleted by the sender.

Message Scheduler

Message Scheduler

Whatsapp Plus adds a fantastic function that relieves the hassle of sending timely and sincere greetings to your loved ones. You no longer need to remember the dates of different major events involving your friends and family thanks to this tool. Instead, simply type your best wishes in the message box, enter the recipient’s phone number or contact name, and select the date and time you like. Whatsapp Plus will deliver the message to the designated recipient on the stated day and time, with no more work or input on your behalf. This function ensures that your warm wishes reach their intended recipients quickly and seamlessly, allowing you to stay connected and convey your compassion without difficulty.

Status DownloaderStatus downloading

Whatsapp Plus includes an in-built status downloader, eliminating the need to rely on third-party downloaders. When you come across interesting stories that your friends have uploaded, you no longer need to convince them to give those to you. When you enable the in-built status downloader feature, Whatsapp Plus saves your contacts’ stories directly to your device. This enables you to download and read the stories without any difficulty or need for additional applications.

DND Mode

DND Mode

You can disable internet access for the app using the ‘DND Mode’ feature of Whatsapp Plus. This is really useful when you are engaged in vital activities and want to avoid distractions. By selecting ‘DND Mode,’ you may successfully prevent Whatsapp Plus from interfering with your workflow and focus entirely on your critical duties. This function helps you maintain a productive environment by temporarily disconnecting from Whatsapp Plus and focusing on your crucial task.

Fonts & Styles

You have access to a diverse set of fonts in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Say goodbye to boring font styles, because Whatsapp Plus has a font library with over 20+ unique options right at your fingertips. Directly from the app’s interface, you may choose and customize your text with the font that best suits your style and preferences.

Hide Media Visibility

Hide Media VisibilityBeing a member of multiple groups and having a large contact list on Whatsapp can often result in a cluttered gallery because the app’s shared content is transferred there as well. However, with Whatsapp Plus, you may manage this media sharing option. You can prevent shared media from displaying in your gallery by simply disabling the ‘Media Visibility’ function in the app’s settings. This lets you maintain an organized and clean gallery devoid of unnecessary Whatsapp media clutter, providing you a more streamlined and hassle-free experience.

Hide Typing or Recording Status

Users have expressed a strong need for a specific function in Whatsapp Plus, particularly while engaged in a chat where it may take some time to respond to a friend’s message or when extra time is required for recording an audio message. Such situations can be extremely irritating, and because to the rush, typing or speaking errors may occur. To avoid these awkward moments, just use the Whatsapp Plus option that allows you to hide your typing or recording status. This allows you to take your time composing a response or recording an audio message without feeling pressured by others knowing what you’re up to.

Lock your App

Lock WhatsApp chats Feature

Whatsapp Plus has an app locker that improves the security of your conversation screen, effectively protecting it from prying eyes. To secure your app, you can use this feature to select from a variety of lock options, such as PIN, fingerprint, or a unique password. Furthermore, Whatsapp Plus goes a step further by providing the ‘Lock Specific Conversation‘ option, which allows you to lock individual chat screens for greater privacy. This comprehensive combination of features ensures that your discussions are entirely safe and unavailable to anyone who does not have the necessary access credentials, giving you peace of mind and complete control over your privacy.

Change your Whatsapp Icon

With Whatsapp Plus, you can ditch the ordinary Whatsapp icon and add a bit of fun and personality to your messaging experience. You may quickly modify the app’s icon to fit your own style and preferences thanks to a selection of over 10 fantastic icons. Explore the collection and select any of your favorite icon styles to give Whatsapp Plus a unique and personalized look that sticks out from the standard Whatsapp icon. Enjoy the opportunity to show your uniqueness and completely personalize your messaging experience.

Chat Backup

Chat BackupWith Whatsapp Plus, you can back up your important data and securely save it on your device for future use. The app’s end-to-end encryption function ensures that your data remains highly safe, giving impregnable security without granting anybody else access. Whether it’s your chat history, media files, or other essential data, Whatsapp Plus makes it simple to create backups, giving you peace of mind that your information is safe. This functionality ensures that you may securely store and access your critical data whenever you need it, without sacrificing privacy or security.

Updates Notification

Updates NotificationThrough its built-in ‘Notification’ function, Whatsapp Plus keeps you informed of any impending updates. This useful feature guarantees that you receive timely notifications about any application’s updates, saving you the hassle of manually checking for updates. You may stay up to date with the newest improvements and enhancements by enabling this option, which eliminates the need for ongoing monitoring. This simplified approach keeps you informed and enables you to take advantage of new features and upgrades as they become available, boosting your overall Whatsapp Plus experience.

Hide Blue Ticks

Blue ticks after Reply

To avoid potential misunderstandings, Whatsapp Plus allows you to customize the appearance of read receipts. When you receive a message, it is indicated with a double tick, and when you open and read the message, it is marked with a blue tick. However, if you’re not in the mood to respond or like to maintain some privacy, you can effortlessly avoid any confusion by enabling the ‘Hide Blue Ticks’ function in the Settings. The blue ticks will no longer appear, allowing you to read messages without the sender knowing whether or not you have seen them. This tool allows you to control your communication at your own speed, minimizing any unintentional expectations or misunderstandings.

Hide Profile Photo

You have a variety of privacy and customization options with Whatsapp Plus. You can hide your profile photo to prevent unknown people from accessing it, preserving your privacy. You may also ban the calling option for undesired individuals, giving you more control over who can contact you using Whatsapp Plus. Furthermore, you can hide forward tags from messages before sharing them with others, resulting in a smooth and clean sharing experience. Furthermore, Whatsapp Plus allows you to copy captions from your friends’ stories and use them wherever you want, giving you more flexibility and creativity when it comes to sharing information. These features collectively enable you to modify and tailor your Whatsapp Plus experience.

Share your Location

Share your LocationWhatsapp Plus includes a vital function that is extremely useful in times of distress or emergency. You may instantly share your location with your contacts with a few clicks, allowing them to correctly pinpoint your presence and provide immediate aid or support. This function is a dependable tool for protecting your safety and well-being, allowing you to seek out for assistance and receive it quickly when needed. Whether you’re dealing with an issue or in a potentially dangerous scenario, the ability to immediately share your location via Whatsapp Plus can be a valuable resource in obtaining the required help and support as soon as possible.

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Difference between Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus

Difference between Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus

Indeed, Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus are both instant messaging apps that offer comparable basic functions such as chat, audio calls, group conference calls, and media sharing. They do, however, have some differences. Whatsapp is the official app with strong security security measures, but Whatsapp Plus is a modified version of the official app with fewer security protections.

While Whatsapp as an official application follows specific laws and regulations, Whatsapp Plus, which is built by third parties, works without restrictions. Whatsapp Plus includes a slew of new capabilities not available in the original app. It allows users to, for example, hide their last seen status, hide typing or recording indicators, view other people’s statuses without their knowledge, prevent message revocation, and more. Furthermore, Whatsapp Plus includes chat screen customization options, allowing users to personalize it with numerous colors, themes, and wallpapers. These options for customization are not accessible in regular Whatsapp.

Despite their differences, both apps continue to thrive and provide their respective best services to users.

How to Download Whatsapp Plus and Install Whatsapp Plus Apk

As we know, Whatsapp Plus is the mod version and it can not download from the Google Play Store. For this purpose, you need to go to any authentic website or tap ‘Download APK’ on the page.

Step 1. Before installing WhatsApp Plus APK, make a backup of your current WhatsApp data. To protect the safety of your chats and content, follow the procedures below:

WhatsApp Plus download guid

Step 4. After that, install the APK and wait for it to complete installation.

Step 5. If you want to use a different phone number with WhatsApp Plus APK, simply enter it during the initial setup procedure. However, if you want to keep using your current WhatsApp account and restore your chat history, you can do so.


Step 6. WhatsApp Plus will verify your phone number by sending an OTP (One-Time Password) to the phone number you registered with.

Verify-Official-WhatsApp Plus

Step 7. After you’ve finished the initial setup and verification, you may customize your WhatsApp Plus profile. Set your name and profile photo.

Now you’re all set to explore and enjoy the enhanced features and functionalities offered by WhatsApp Plus.

Some Pros and Cons of WhatsApp Plus

Pros Cons
Releasing of new updates by developers is very slow. High-quality fast delivery of messages, videos, and images.
Because of DMCA rule, the modded versions are at risk, but we can’t say it is illegal. Better performance with multiple features.
Private conversations can be leaked. Anti-ban functionality.
The modded version can be banned by the official app, but the banning would be temporary. 100% safe and secure.
Not available for iOS devices.



Is Whatsapp Plus legal?

We can classify Whatsapp as a “grey list” app because it has been judged illegal by Whatsapp, but no clear stance or action has been taken by the authorities against its use. It initially was removed from Google Play, but it is now available for download again.

What is Whatsapp Plus?

Whatsapp Plus is a popular mod of Whatsapp along with multiple privacy and customization features for the demand of users.

Is Whatsapp safe to install?

Indeed, the app ensures foolproof safety and has demonstrated its resilience against any form of malware or bugs.

Can we use Whatsapp Plus for iOS devices?

Because of Apple’s device security barriers, it is not possible to utilize Whatsapp Plus or any other modded version on iOS devices. There is only one way to accomplish this, and that is to use the jailbreaking process.

Can we use Whatsapp Plus and Whatsapp simultaneously? 

Certainly, it is feasible to utilize both apps simultaneously on a single device.


Whatsapp Plus Apk for Android is an exciting option for users looking for more functionality and customization options than the official Whatsapp app offers. While Whatsapp Plus lacks the official app’s flawless security and upgrades, it makes up for it with a slew of unique features such as privacy settings, message customization, and anti-revoke capabilities. However, it is vital to know that Because Whatsapp Plus is a modified version that is not supported by Whatsapp, it may come with various risks and limits. When choosing between Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus, users should exercise prudence and make educated judgments, bearing in mind their specific needs and preferences.


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