However, some have voiced a more skeptical opinion, especially in adopting cloud gaming as the norm. Cloud gaming servers will only exist as long as they can remain profitable. Once they go down, they take everyone’s game collection with them. If we stream all our games we won’t have any way to preserve the code of these games and play them at a later date. In fact, we wouldn’t be owning games at all. We would simply be paying a fee to experience them.

And this is an attitude that the gaming world is rapidly gravitating toward. Games are no longer products, they are experiences that we pay to have close to their launch and then never again. Every new piece of online-only DRM, every new exclusive digital distribution platform, every action was taken against modders and home brewers is a step toward giving up control of the very games we play to the people who make them. Cloud gaming may just be the inevitable end of that attitude.

What do you think? Is cloud gaming a worthwhile technology? Is it even possible with our current internet infrastructure? Would you pay for any of these new cloud gaming services? Let us know in the comments.