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Aug 13,2019 - Bookry Ltd (Free)

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Wavebox lets you bring all your web tools together for faster, smarter working. From web to desktop, in one neatly packaged app. Linking your favorite web tools to Wavebox is super-easy, and all have full notification support. Email Client app integrates seamlessly with your operating system to keep you perfectly up-to-date. The program is built on top of the technologies that you already use every day. Email Client app does this to leverage all the hard work that developers around the world have put into their projects and to deliver the most reliable stable experience to you when you use Wavebox.

Crafted by the original creators of the open-source WMail project. The messenger app tool is open-source and builds on the amazing achievements of WMail whilst adding support for many more services and tools. It’s the app, but your way. You can customize your notifications, how your Tray icon looks, what to do with downloaded files, and so much more. Just open the settings dialog and fiddle to your heart’s content!

Wavebox Application

Hardcore collaboration/communication apps and services that can also integrate email capabilities are slowly but surely becoming the norm nowadays.

And for good reason, since clearly, some of the popular collaboration services have played their part in changing the way we work as a team and, since email is here to stay for what could be forever, mixing them together seems like a very good idea indeed.

Wavebox Features

Extension Engine

Email Client App understands how important browser extensions are to your workflow. So far we have LastPass, Markdown Here, Boomerang, Gmelius, Dropbox, Grammarly, Mixmax, Clearbit, and Todoist. To see a list of extensions on our ‘to-do’ list, visit us on GitHub.

Link any App or Website

Use our App Directory to add your favorite accounts, and use the  ‘Any Website’ option to link ANY online account/service. Our users have linked hundreds of different websites from chat and project apps, to HR,  finance systems and company intranets.

Pinned, Recents & Tasks

Easily navigate between apps with two handy tool-tip menus. Hover over any icon to bring up a menu then use to jump to another app, a recently viewed item, to pin it for later, or even turn it into a task.

Custom Settings

Wavebox offers a comprehensive set of ‘knobs’ and ‘dials’ so you can get an Email Client App working exactly how you want it to.  Change the color scheme, upload your own icons, choose where to open links and where to place your app icons it’s all up to you.

Sleep Mode

One important Email Client App feature is the ability to ‘sleep’ apps to save machine memory. When sleeping, accounts stop using processing power, and when ‘integrated’ stay signed-in to deliver notifications. Having all but one account sleeping can save 86% of machine power.

Pop-Out Windows

Email Client App you like to compose several emails at once, or need to work in multiple apps at the same time, then this feature is for you. Right-click to pop-out any app or service in its own Email Client App window and place anywhere on your desktop.

Tray Notifications

You can easily stay informed, even when you’re not using Email Client App. Clicking on the tray icon at any time brings up the Mini Menu, which summarises unread items and recent notifications across all accounts. Click on an item to open it in the correct place in the Email Client App.

Spellcheck & Shortcuts

The Email Client App spellchecker is available across all accounts and supports more than 90 languages perfect for sending that all-important message. Email Client App also supports your existing keyboard shortcuts so there’s no need to use new alien combinations.

Wavebox Benefits

Linux, Windows & macOS

Install on your desktop, at work, and at home

Install Email Client App on your computer and add your favorite web apps, services, and websites – you can add anything with a URL. Then switch between them as you work, staying signed-in to receive real-time updates. Your Email Client App subscriptions can be used on any number of machines.

Linux,windows and Mac OS

Add Any App
That’s right, ANY app. If it has a URL then you can add it to the Email Client App

Your daily workflows probably include everything from web apps and services, to CRM systems and work intranets. So that’s why the Email Client App can support anything with a URL. Then once you’re signed in, you’ll stay signed in even across accounts of the same type e.g Gmail.


Nice and Tidy

Enjoy all your apps in one place on your desktop

Start your Email Client App in the morning with everything open, signed in and ready to roll. Organize your app icons in a way to suits your workflow you can use the sidebar, topbar, context, and tooltip menus to easily reach the content you need. Everything is in one place, nice and tidy.

web apps

Work Faster

Fed up on bloated browser tabs slowing your machine

Access all your web apps from the Email Client App window, simultaneously, and use your favorite Chrome extensions without slowing your machine. Email Client App cleverly uses your machine’s memory to improve on the browser experience by being faster, leaner and with sandboxed security.

work faster

Never Miss a Thing
Always be up-to-date across all your apps

With so many apps on the go, you could spend your day just trying to keep up. With Email Client App can unread badges, desktop notifications and tray notices (Mini Menu) will ensure you stay informed, even when it’s running in the background. Email Client App can also tailor notification settings for each account to suit your workflow. Email Client App can even mute them all with just one click when you need time to focus.


Work Smarter
Easily navigate between your favorite apps & services

‘Pin’ frequently used webpages to create bookmarks, transform them into ‘Tasks’ and quickly jump between previously visited pages using ‘Recents’.  These are just some of the advanced navigation features that will help you to save time when working between apps.  You can also use our Quick Switch feature to hop between recently used accounts.

wavebox application showing notifications

Work Together

Email Client App makes onboarding you are a team a breeze

Different departments need different apps, so as Team Admin you can set up as many Email Client App profiles as you like and link them to team members. So when a team member signs into Email Client App for the first time, all their apps and websites are pre-loaded, ready to go.

Work Together

What’s New in Wavebox:

Thanks to everyone who reported issues in the previous stable, this release fixes the following.

  • Fix PDF preview in Outlook & Office 365
  • Add Open in context menu items to the group in the same way as the service
  • Workaround bug on macOS that meant the user was not prompted for Camera and Microphone permission when required

System Requirements

Processor Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that’s SSE2 capable.
Internal Memory 4 GB+ of RAM (8 GB recommended for 4K editing, 3D titles, and 360° video editing)
VRAM 256 MB of VRAM (1 GB recommended for 4K editing, 3D titles, and 360° video editing)1
Operating System Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit
Graphics Card OpenGL-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later.
Hard disk space 3.8 GB of disk space

Official Video Intro Wavebox App

Save Time with 5 Unique Browser Features.

Wavebox App Overview

Wavebox App Download For PC

Technical Specification

File Size 78.5 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Bookry Ltd


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