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Watch Dogs Legion Video Game Download For PC 1.0

May 16,2021 - Ubisoft (Free)

45 GB (Safe & Secure)

Watch Dog: Legion is an online multiplayer game for pc that takes place in the near future in post-Brexit London but don’t worry, it’s not about politics. It is, instead, about the world that has emerged from the bleak wake of Brexit. In the game, London is on the verge of collapse, and an all-seeing police regime is oppressing the populace. Private militaries have taken over the streets, and a strong criminal syndicate is preying on the weak.

Watch Dogs Legion is the latest open-world game in the anarchic, tech-savvy trilogy. As part of the DedSec campaign, you’ll take to the streets of London to protest the government and private military group Albion, as well as its CEO Nigel Cass.

The online mode will bring several new features to the game like the opportunity of free-roaming in an open-world co-op where players can team up with their friends. The teams can have as many as four players as they go across London, the city where the game is set. Gamers will be able to take part in events, complete challenges, and earn rewards from side activities.

Players will be able to use new co-op gameplay mechanics to succeed in several new co-op missions where two to four players can come together.

Interestingly, the online mode is also bringing the first available Player-vs-Player (PvP) mode, called the Spiderbot Arena. In this, as many as four players will be able to take part in a free-for-all deathmatch. The gamers will have the ability to control armed spider bots in the game.


Season Pass owners will be given the chance to play two exclusive single-player missions. First is the Guardian Protocol, where DedSec will unearth an algorithm that shows that AI can override human decisions occasionally. Now, it is upon the player to stop the algorithm from getting misused. In this, DedSec discovers a group that is using their name. The secret team is following the orders of some tabloid owner who aims to gain power in London.

Any character you play will be a part of DedSec, an anonymous-style organization of hackers that resists the oppressor. Each of the characters comes with a background story that you can use to recruit them to the organization. Once recruited, you can assign them a class, either combat, stealth, or hacking.

Players can swap characters between recruits at any point in the game. The cut scenes will feature whoever it is that you are playing leaving the other members of the team go on about their tasks without your control.

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System Requirements


Windows 10 (x64)


Windows 10 (x64)


Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz, AMD Ryzen 5 1400 3.2 GHz


Intel Core i7-4790 3.6 GHz, AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.2 GHz


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/GeForce GTX 1650


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060/GeForce GTX 1660 Super


4 GB


6 GB


8 GB (Dual-channel setup)


8 GB (Dual-channel setup)

Storage Space

45 GB

Storage Space


Watch Dogs: Legion Game For Online Multiplayer Game For PC Features

Here some of the characters you can have:

  • Construction worker: This software has a wrench, nail gun, drone, and access to uniform
  • Street artist: It comes equipped with a paintball gun and paint bomb
  • Drone Expert: This software Has a shock drone, drone swarm, and hacking abilities
  • Football hooligan: It takes less damage and can rally friends to help out in a fight
  • Spy: It comes equipped with a fancy car and silencer
  • Anarchist: It has a smoke grenade to obscure enemy vision and a bandana to protect against gas
  • Paramedic: The paramedic team access to a uniform and ambulance, could be handy
  • Hitman: The hitman able to do instant gun takedowns and dodge, comes equipped with a desert eagle
  • Hacker: This game hacking abilities, increased hacking cooldown, and ability to deploy and engineer

Watch Dogs: Legion Game FAQs

Game modes – which ones are available?

Watch Dogs Legion has two gameplay modes. The first is single-player. The second is a co-op for up to four people, during which you complete missions prepared specifically for the needs of the group.

Permadeath – does the game have it?

Yes, but it’s optional and you can turn it off. Enabling it means that every character in the game world dies permanently, and you lose the ability to play it. Additionally, if a character is seriously injured, it will be temporarily unavailable.

How to get a free operator?

You can get a free exclusive operator called “El Rubius OMG”. This is a popular content creator from Spain.  After logging in, the operator will be available in the game. The operator has a unique look, and his special perks are paintball guns and calling a drone. Even if you won’t use him during the missions, you will unlock his clothes for other operators.

Can you change the appearance of a character?

Yes. In London, you can find places that will allow you to change the appearance of DedSec members.

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Watch Dogs Legion Game Overview

Watch Dogs Legion Game Technical Specification?

License Paid
Version 1.0
Languages English, French, Polish, Geek, Spanish
Developer Ubisoft


Watch Dogs Legion takes Ubisoft’s open-world hacker series online multiplayer game for pc in an intriguing new direction by allowing you to freely switch between the residents of a near-future London. There’s enough diversity in how various characters play to make it a worthwhile tradeoff for not providing a single typically advancing character with a fleshed-out personality, and playing with permadeath allowed heightens the tension of infiltrating highly guarded locations. Legion is technically rugged, but its sandbox-style approach is a smart one that distinguishes Watch Dogs’ moment-to-moment gameplay from the GTA series.


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