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WAMPSERVER is an application that comes in handy to help programmers in handling the design of various web applications. It comes with an interface which is simply intuitive for all users that local server that runs as a client platform. WAMP Stands for “Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.” It is a variation of LAMP for Windows systems and is often installed as a software bundle (Apache, MySQL, and PHP). It is often used for web development and internal testing, but may also be used to serve live websites.

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There is no interface to this application, just a system tray icon from where you can manage all of its components. Clicking on it will reveal a menu that offers you access to a variety of modules that will allow you to entirely manage your website like a professional. One of the items from the system tray menu provides access to the localhost, a section where you will be able to view which components are running, their version and your current projects.

The phpMyAdmin can be used for the creation and administration of MySQL databases and also, for executing SQL statements. Another item from the system tray enables you to access the “www directory”, a local folder where you need to place your projects in order to test their functionality.

The three major modules, namely Apache, MySQL and PHP, each have their designated menu in the system tray and only from here you can manually start or stop a service or check the logs for potential errors. You can choose which Apache modules should be started, you can select what PHP extension should be loaded and you will be able to start the MySQL console, to name a few operations that can be done from the system tray. It also features the possibility to stop or start all the services at once or to put the server offline.

WAMPSERVER Software Features

  • Pre-configured WAMP-System with Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Mercury/32 Mail-Server, and SQLite
  • Equally useful for developers as for productive usage thanks to switchable settings between security- and developer-functionality
  • Centralized GUI for all important features of the above applications
  • Assistant to operate the applications as a restricted user
  • Add-on system for reloading and integration of other applications (such as Tomcat, Python, SVN, etc.) from the network
  • 1-Click Installer for popular web applications such as phpBB, WordPress u.v.a.
  • Assistant for performance tuning with automatic Evaluation of the System configuration (number of CPUs, RAM, etc.)
  • Editor for the Windows HOSTS file to create “virtual domains”
  • Dynamic and automatic updates of individual components (Apache, MySQL, etc.) directly from the software
  • Focus on a lightweight and fast system – the complete setup consists of only a 33MB file


Technologies Version
 Wampserver 3.1.7 64 bit x64 
 Apache 2.4.37
PHP 5.6.40, 7.0.33, 7.1.26, 72.14, 7.3.1
MySQL  5.7.24
MariaDB 10.3.12
PhpMyAdmin  4.8.4
Adminer 4.7.0
PhpSysInfo 3.2.10



System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Window 7, Window 8, Windows 10
Hard Disk Space 200 MB Free Hard Disk Space

Technical Specification

Software Name WAMPSERVER  3.19
File Size 287 MB 
Language English, 
License Freeware
Author Wampserver www.wampserver.com

provides users with the basic server capabilities that are required in testing and maintaining a website. It comes with a satisfactory bundle of services that take very little time to deploy, unlike the situation where you have to install them separately.

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