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Walmart Free Grocery Pickup Service

Before shopping, learn about Walmart grocery pickup! My honest evaluation, with pros, negatives, and pro suggestions.

Want to know whether or not Walmart Grocery Pickup is worthwhile? Then read my review to find out why it’s perfect for busy mothers! Want to know whether or not Walmart Grocery Pickup is worthwhile? Then read my review to find out why it’s perfect for busy mothers! Utilizing the Walmart app or Walmart Pickup is straightforward. This is the simplest way ever to utilize grocery pickup services! When you next require home necessities, ordering a Walmart grocery pickup order is a fantastic option.

Grocery Pickup Service at Walmart

I began using Walmart Grocery Pickup at our local Walmart store in June 2016. Since then, I’ve utilized it at least monthly, if not weekly, for the majority of the last year and a half.

It has drastically altered my grocery shopping and weekly planning habits.

If you are unfamiliar with Walmart Grocery, it is a service that allows you to order groceries online from Walmart and pick them up curbside without ever leaving your car.

No unbuckling children. No exiting your vehicle allowed. No need to wait in line or argue about which things to buy.

Any mother would agree that this is an exceptional service! There are shorter wait periods, and it is also an excellent method for contactless delivery. I enjoy receiving my weekly shopping orders in this manner every week. It saves me a great deal of time and stress.

Okay, so I’ve utilized this service for quite some time. Therefore, the following information pertains to Walmart Grocery Pickup. Learn more on how to navigate to the closest grocery store.


How Walmart Grocery Pickup Works

Not all Walmart locations provide grocery pickup. Click here to find if your Walmart provides grocery pickup.

The process for Walmart grocery pickup is fairly straightforward:

Step 1: You place your order online and choose a pickup date and time.

Step 2: Walmart will email or text you with any issues concerning your order, like substitutions or out of stock items.

Step 3: Walmart will email you and send you a text when your order is ready for pickup.

Step 4: You tell Walmart you’re on the way, via their app.

Step 5: When you arrive, you tell Walmart which pickup spot you’re located in and the color of your car.

Step 6: A worker places your groceries into your trunk. Before loading groceries, they discuss any substitutes or out-of-stock items.

Step 7: Sign their device to acknowledge getting the groceries.

When you sign your name, you’re charged or refunded the difference if prices are adjusted for weight, like with produce.


Pros Shopping With Walmart Grocery Pickup Service

You don’t learn how to feed your family nutritious meals on a tight budget by being careless about the food you buy and the money you spend!

Nevertheless, I’ve had a positive experience with Walmart grocery pickup thus far! Here is what they did well:

  • Most items are in stock. This is the biggest benefit while shopping grocery with walmart! They have almost everything available in their racks.
  • Acceptable substitutions. When an item is out of stock, I receive replacements that are essentially identical to the original.
  • Correct orders. Walmart maintains a high scale in delivery right and up-to-date order items and quantity. Order has never been incorrect or missing an item.
  • Free pickup on orders of $35 or more.
  • No hidden fees or shopping charges. What you see is what you get. That means it doesn’t affect your grocery budget.
  • They remember past orders. This makes it easy to update and create new orders based on your standard shopping lists.
  • You can order non-grocery items. Walmart now has a combined app for all its products, so it’s easy to pick up extra items along with your groceries.
  • You don’t have to get out of the car. Whether you have toddlers strapped in the back or you haven’t made it out of your yoga pants today, this convenience makes grocery pickup appealing.

Some Dark Sides

  • Sometimes they’re out of stock of something I need. Prepare to make a quick stop at your local favorites, like Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, or Aldi mid-week to cover your bases if needed.
  • You can’t pick the specific produce you want. Sometimes I want wrinkly jalapenos or a perfectly ripened avocado for a spicy vegetarian chili or Tex-Mex Migas this week. Sometimes I want a smooth jalapeno for a pizza topping on Friday. With Walmart grocery pickup, you don’t get to touch and feel the produce to ensure it’s exactly what you want.
  • You can’t find markdowns or clearance items. This is a big deal, because this is largely how we were able to get our grocery budget as low as it is.

How To Make Walmart Grocery Pickup A Great Experience?

  • Plan meals ahead and make your list. This way, you know exactly what you need, and you won’t buy extras or leave crucial ingredients out.
  • Order the day or night before. It’s difficult to get same-day pickup, so plan ahead.
  • Leave notes on your order if you want something specific produce-wise; slightly green bananas or ripe avocados, for instance. You’re more likely to be happy with your order.
  • Download the app when you make your first order so you can easily check in for your pickup.
  • Choose an early morning time, preferably later in the week when the store has been restocked following the busy weekend, for less store traffic and more in-stock items.
  • Edit your orders before midnight. Forget something? No problem! Just edit your order before the clock strikes!
  • Tell them you’re on your way via the app. That way, your order will be ready to go when you get there.
  • Plan to go into the store now and then to search for good deals to meet your budget.
  • Stock up on pantry staples like coffee, canned goods, and pasta, and take advantage of the low prices on these items.


Shopping Walmart grocery is always a fun and pleasure. Walmart has the best prices in town for these items, Walmart’s grocery pickup service is really convenient.


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