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VIM Text Editor Software For Windows Download 8.2

Jul 28,2021 - Bram Moolenar (Free)

8.8 MB (Safe & Secure)

Vim is a highly configurable text editor for Windows PC. built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. The program is often called a “programmer’s editor,” and so useful for programming that many consider it an entire IDE. It’s not just for programmers, though. Vim for PC is perfect for all kinds of text editing, from composing an email to editing configuration files.

The tool isn’t an editor designed to hold its users’ hands. It is a tool, the use of which must be learned. The app isn’t a word processor. Although it can display text with various forms of highlighting and formatting, it isn’t there to provide WYSIWYG editing of typeset documents. (It is great for editing TeX, though.) Vim for Windows is an advanced text editor that seeks to provide the power of the de-facto Unix editor ‘Vi’, with a more complete feature set. It’s useful whether you’re already using vi or using a different editor.

VIM Text Editor DownloadIf you’ve dealt with Vi or with Notepad, for that matter, this program will seem very familiar. Don’t be fooled by that feeling, because the bottom line is it’s neither. Tools included with this program relate to text wrapping, line counting, indenting styles, and so on. Each of these particular actions has a command attached to it.

This ultimately means that you can control this app just by using your keyboard. It, of course, implies you know these codes by heart. Regardless, the command aspect is a useful feature for developers and programmers because it speeds things up. A command looks like “set: nu!” where the first half is the general command and the second half is the more specific action.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
This software is available on most platforms and OS Steep learning curve compared to other apps
Supports multiple languages
Syntax highlighting

VIM Text Editor Software For Windows Features

Vim is rock stable and is continuously being developed to become even better. Among its features are:

  • Persistent, multi-level undo tree
  • Extensive plugin system
  • This program support for hundreds of programming languages and file formats
  • Powerful search and replace
  • Integrates with many tools

Screenshots of VIM Text Editor Software

Official Video of VIM Code Editor For PC

VIM Tutorial For PC

What’s new in this version:

– Vim 8.2 is a minor release, a lot of bugs have been fixed, documentation was updated, test coverage was improved, etc.

VIM Software For Windows Overview

Technical Specification

Version 8.2
File Size 8.8 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Bram Moolenar


Vim is a popular text editor program for a good reason. When compared to other text editors programs like Sublime Text and Emacs, It is unnecessarily hard for beginners and can quickly get you lost and frustrated if you’re not patient enough.


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