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VeePN Internet Access Software For Windows Download 1.2.7

Sep 29,2021 - VeePN Team / (Free)

47.3 MB (Safe & Secure)

VeePN is a fast, reliable, and secure Internet connection VPN software for your Windows PC that enables users of all knowledge levels to easily protect their internet connection against invasions of privacy. This VPN proxy is built on the latest encryption techniques and allows users to route their internet requests across over 2500 servers located around the world. By anonymizing their online location and encrypting all data coming down and up their PC, It can enable users to evade website, ISP, or government firewalls, unlock region-blocked content, access international versions of websites and services, unblock media streaming and ensure that their online behaviors are not logged and used to track them.

This software is can also be very important for users who are often connecting to the internet using unsecured connections, such as public Wi-Fi hotspots. By scrambling their communications with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, malicious users, websites, online services, and apps will not be able to intercept your data and invade your privacy, steal personal data, account, and e-banking information.

As an option, you can also enjoy VeePN via its premium tier of service, that that don’t have total bandwidth or transfer speed limitations, enabling advanced uses such as video streaming from some of the most popular video hosting platforms online such as YouTube, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and others. In addition to those restrictions, premium service also provides support for the simultaneous use of 10 of your devices, an expanded range of VPN servers, a guarantee of no use of logs, and more.

VeePN Secure Internet Connection Software DownloadIn addition to Google Chrome, developers of the VeePN app have also ported their service to many other platforms, including PC and Mac browsers, mobile smart devices, Linux, and even modern routers.

Like many other similar VPN and proxy solutions for Google Chrome browser, It was also built from the ground up to be very simple and intuitive for use. Downloading and activating this internet browser add-on can be done in mere seconds by first clicking on the “Add to Chrome” button on the Chrome Web Store, and then activating the VPN by clicking on its icon (designed in the form of a green or green shield) in the Chrome toolbar. Clicking on this icon will showcase a new popup window with a large “On/Off” button, country selector (only a limited number of locations are shown for free users), and Preferences link.

To activate secure browsing via active VPN, just select a location and click on the large “On” button. You can always monitor the state of the VPN service by looking at the VeePN icon in the toolbar. Green means that the secure routing is active, and grey means it is turned off.

VeePN Software For PCVeepn  Secure Internet Access Software For Windows Features

  • User-friendly, fast, and reliable VPN solution for Windows PC users.
  • Unrestricted internet access to region-blocked or firewalled online locations.
  • Route your traffic through secure servers located all around the world.
  • Switch between countries and continents in seconds.
  • Automatic encryption of all incoming and outgoing data.
  • Strict “no logs” policy.
  • Simple one-click usage, with no configurations.
  • Also available in a wide variety of browsers, home, and portable devices.
  • Optional Premium service that unlocks additional features.

The first line of defense is the 256-bit encryption, which is still one of the best methods around, as it will take a great amount of time to be cracked by the common brute-force method. Furthermore, if you go to settings>security, you can notice the VPN Kill Switch and Connect to public WIFI sliders. The kill switch, if activated, blocks all traffic if the VPN tunnel is lost.

Connect to public WIFI does a similar job as the kill switch, but it only activates the VPN when a risky or unsecured Wi-Fi is detected.

To dismiss the possibility of data theft or other exploits that some companies are practicing, VeePN proves that individual rights are still a priority and there are not going to be any activity or connectivity logs written or extracted. Also, the traffic and bandwidth are unlimited, so you can surf the Web at decent speeds. However, even with unlimited bandwidth, if you opt for a connection that adds some distance between you and its server location, you may experience low download/upload speeds.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Ensures easy navigation Limited features in free version
Comes with a no-log policy
Supports up to 10 devices
Features a kill switch

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Required Connection Internet Connection Required.

Screenshots of VeePN Secure Internet Connection Software

Video  Tutorial of VeePN Secure Internet Connection Software

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VeePN Software For Windows Overview

Technical Specification

VeePN Software Download
Version 1.2.7
File Size 48.6 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer VeePN Team


VeePN seems to be a useful app if you decide to go with it. Besides the encryption and security measures, the tool provides access to over 2500 servers located in around 50 countries (see the country list). Regarding the program’s complexity, it’s simple and straightforward enough for any user, but it will require some research if you need to get accustomed to all the technical terms and options.


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