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Useful Apps to Manage Your Mental Health

May 5,2022 - (Free)

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A few years back, mental health was not something that people would discuss openly in public. But now, people are advocating for mental health as much as they encourage people to be physically healthy.

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There are various initiatives you can take to care of your mental health. These include seeing a therapist, journaling, talking to a friend, or simply taking a nap. Besides that, there is also a long list of mental health services that you can choose from, although it may be a bit intimidating.

Nowadays, through many mental health apps, there are many options of tools and activities that can help in managing our stress. So, if you can access your phone or tablet, you can easily manage your issues and stress wherever you are.

In addition, some apps are also tailored specifically for a specific condition which makes it easier for the users. However, bear in mind that despite being a useful tool to support your mental health issues, these apps are not intended to diagnose a condition or replace the expertise of a licensed therapist.

Below, we have rounded up the best mental health apps that you can use:


Moodfit is a free app available on Google Play Store and App Store that tracks your moods and provides activities to help you deal with negative feelings. It is designed to help you feel better, whether you want to understand your moods or suffer from anxiety, depression, or stress.

Through this app, you will have to answer some questions that will help you further determine the severity of your issue. Apart from that, it also provides some audio and articles that you can use to understand what you are experiencing.

Moreover, Moodfit allows you to understand your therapy clearly. It aids in determining the things that affect your mood and which therapy options are most effective, allowing you to understand better how to alleviate your problems.


Talkspace is one of the best apps for therapy because it has this feature where you can connect and talk to any mental health professionals. In addition, Talkspace’s therapists have all completed their clinical training and have been meticulously trained to help with online therapy.

The therapist will be able to understand your situation and provide you with the best possible solutions. The good thing about this is that the conversations are completely safe and confidential.

The subscriptions for this app vary but start at $65 for unlimited messages. It may be expensive, but you get to communicate with your therapist in different ways with this app. However, it is best to note that the therapists’ style might not suit you well or they may not be the best match for you.


calm app for mental health

Calm differs since it offers a variety of anxiety-relieving treatments and individual exercises, specifically meditation. In addition, it makes meditation easier through its audio classes and programs which are tailored toward a better sleep quality, breathing exercises, and relaxation.

Apart from that, you will not feel lonely when using the app as it provides a variety of calming sounds and music that you can play while meditating or trying to sleep. Even if you are a beginner, you will find that this app is very easy to use, and it provides useful information for your learning process.

You can choose different sessions to fit your schedule where the length of a session varies from three minutes to one hour. In addition, the app also offers a 7-day free trial before you decide on subscribing for $70 annually.


Shine is committed in supporting the well-being of colored people. The founders of Shine came up with an app that targets exclusively BIPOC people, which stands for Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

Shine offers access to community support to improve the BIPOC’s mental issues. Not only that, but it also provides self-improvement tools and activities that empower individuals. Other features available for the users are daily meditations and motivating messages sent through text and audio.

The creators stated that this app is backed up with Scientific reasoning, which shows that the information provided can help the users feel better. In addition, for Apple Watch users, the app offers integration between the watch and Siri.


mental health app happify (1)

Happify is a user-friendly game app that encourages you to engage with your thoughts and feelings using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and positive psychology techniques. The games are scientifically backed and are developed by therapists and coaches to help you manage stress, improve resilience, and battle negative thoughts.

Although the focus is to keep you happy, there are various tracks that focus on different aspects of life. For example, you can choose to work on tracks such as improving your coping mechanism when feeling stress, managing negative thoughts, and increasing self-confidence.

Just like any other app, the free version of Happify allows you access to only certain information but you can purchase the full information for $14.99 per month. It takes only a few minutes to complete the games and they are easily accessible on any gadget.


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