How To Use WeTransfer?

What is WeTransfer and How to use WeTransfer?

WeTransfer is an internet-based computer file transfer service based in the Netherlands. The company was founded in Amsterdam by Bas Beerens and Nalden. A free service is offered, with more features available for premium accounts. Free users can send files of up to 2 GB the paid-for WeTransfer ‘Pro’ allows users to send up to 20 GB at a time and offers features like password protection, profile page customization, and 1 TB of storage. In October 2018, WeTransfer relaunched its app with the name “Collect by WeTransfer”. In May 2020 India banned the WeTransfer app, citing security reasons.

WeTrasfer For PC


WeTransfer is one of the simplest ways to transfer files online and its free version does not even require users to register. The solution differentiates itself by allowing users to send large-sized files, up to 2 GB when using the free service, and up to 20 GB for WeTansfer Plus. It’s a simple-to-use online file-transferring platform that allows sending files without any hassle.

WeTransfer Plus allows transferring full HD videos, huge photo collections, and other files. Users can transfer a whole 20GB in one attempt, and keep their files available for as long as they want to. The Plus service also allows customization and presenting downloads with custom backgrounds and URLs. Users can add up to three backgrounds and customize their emails as per their requirements.

WeTransfer Features

  • Large-size file transfers in on go
  • Android and iOS and Mac apps
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Non-intrusive ads (Free version)
  • Customizable backgrounds, URLs and emails (Plus)
  • Password protected transfers (Plus)
  • Long term storage
  • File comments

How to send your video by the use of WeTransfer

To send us your video, you must use a secure website called WeTransfer using the instructions outlined below.
This is free to use and enables large video files to be transferred securely over the internet.

Using a PC or SmartPhone to send your video

  • Step 1: Go to the WeTransfer its website
  • Step 2: Complete the details on the screen as follows:
WeTransfer - Welcome screen with red arrows and text
  • Step 3: Your video will now be sent to the production company, Alto Films.
The file will begin “Transferring” and will say “Transfer complete” when this has been done.

Transferring …


Transfer complete

Transfer complete

  • Step 4: You will receive a confirmation email confirming that your video has been received by Alto Films.
Thanks for using WeTransfer
Using an iPad or iPhone to send your video

Important note for Apple iPad or iPhone users

If you are sending us your video using an iPad or an iPhone, you will need to download the free WeTransfer iPad or iPhone App to your device.

WeTransfer iPad App drop shadow

Then follow Step 2 to send your video.

Due to their large file size, video files can take a long time to upload and send over the internet. The time it takes will depend on your connection and broadband, 3G,4G or wifi speed.

Video Tutorial of WeTransfer

Conclusion of How To Use of WeTransfer

We recommend that you do this during a quiet time of the day, perhaps when your internet connection is not being shared with others, in order to complete this part of the process as quickly and easily as possible. Now you are ready to transfer any large file from your PC by the use of WeTransfer.

Thank You!