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Upgrade Your Chrome With All New Password Manager

Oct 20,2020 - (Free)

(Safe & Secure)

Emails, shopping, streaming — all of these services require a unique username and password. The list of login details slowly piles up until you throw caution to the wind and start rotating the same three passwords over and over again. However, falling into this habit is the perfect way to make yourself vulnerable to cybercriminals. Once they’ve figured one of your passwords, how many accounts are now compromised?

Smarten up and take a step towards reinforcing your online defenses. Protecting your browser’s security with a chrome password manager is a modern solution to the contemporary problem of password reuse.

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Here’s what a password manager for chrome can do for you

Convenience is key when it comes to innovation. Whether it be grocery essentials, clothes, games, or furniture, the convenience of ordering items from the comfort of your own home is one of the best benefits of modern living. With such a reliance on online shopping, it becomes a hassle to keep up with all your different login details. A chrome password manager is a must if you want uninterrupted browsing or shopping experiences.


A chrome extension password manager is a handy solution for memorizing lists of jumbled letters and numbers. It will store auto-generate, and auto-fill passwords. All these passwords will be locked up and stored inside an encrypted vault, accessible only to you.

When logging into an account, all you need to do is accept an on-screen prompt, and you’ll never have to enter your login details for that account again.

And let’s not forget the first hurdle when creating a new account online – thinking up a strong password. Scratching your head and trying to figure out a unique password that’s entirely memorable but also has the correct amount of uppercase and lowercase letters is now, thankfully, a thing of the past.

“If I wanted to see your emails or your wife’s phone, all I have to do is use intercepts. I can get your emails, passwords, phone records, credit cards.”

-Edward snowden

Innovative security

A tool that claims to keep your passwords and other sensitive information safe needs to boast some of the best security on the market, as storing your details requires a large amount of trust. To test this, we looked at one of the market leaders, NordPass, and popped the hood on their security measures to see the best industry standards.

The developers behind NordPass have chosen to run it on the XChaCha20 encryption rather than the more commonplace AES-256 you’ll see most cybersecurity firms use.

Why use XChaCha20? It runs smoothly on most platforms, and it is much easier to avoid making errors when implementing the code. Alongside the ease of use and the lack of reliance on hardware support, XChaCha20 is what most mobile platforms are moving towards. If Google is adopting this type of encryption for their systems, it’s good enough for us.

Not just passwords

Despite the name, don’t be fooled into thinking Google chrome password managers are one-trick ponies. They can hold a plethora of other important information. Here’s what else they can store:

Other passwords. Just because a password is electronic doesn’t mean it’s only for online activity. It could be a PIN, a Wi-Fi passcode, or maybe even a password for an old work phone or laptop.

Sensitive information. This can range anywhere from important medical records to passport and insurance numbers. Anything you want away from eyes other than your own can be stored in the vault.

Miscellaneous notes. Many managers allow you to store small, personal messages or even card numbers in its encrypted vault.

Don’t wait any longer

Nordpass, one of the best free password managers for chrome is a no-brainer if you want to live conveniently in this modern age. But how do you know which one to pick? We recommend you do your research to find the right password manager for you, but here are the features of one of the leading password managers on the market, NordPass.

With NordPass, you can store an unlimited number of passwords and notes completely free – creating an account will cost you nothing. The subscribed option allows you to branch out across up to 6 devices and even share an account with someone else, enabling safe coverage of an entire household and potentially more. NordPass also has a built-in generator of randomized and unique passwords, a literal anti-frustration tool.



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